Forth of July Events!

Hello all,

Today is Forth of July, or the American Independence Day! As an American-based server, GunColony will celebrate this holiday with two limited-time events, where you will learn about American history and get to use American weapons, all while having great fun!


  • High intensity free-for-all combat on distinctly different maps: Volcanic, Nuketown, and Hardhat (new)
  • Your shop will contain a huge array of American weapons
  • Regular Free For All game rules apply
  • Vote for Free For All – Scenario Mode to play the event


  • We have released the Volcanic map to celebrate Forth of July!
  • 5 new Bosses that reflect various events in American history – see them for yourself!
  • 4 new boss skills, mostly focused on summoning abilities and are most dangerous with multiple players in the match
  • 7 new mini-bosses – there is now a mini-boss wave before each boss wave! Eliminate the mini boss before the main boss spawns to avoid having to deal with both of them at once
  • 3 dangerous new mobs: cowboys, fast leather cap zombies, and shielded vindicators


  • Volcanic will be removed from PVP soon due to its release as a new Mob-Arena map; this is the last call to play it!
  • Blackheart removed from Mob-Arena lobby rotation; you can still access it with the join command
  • Improved layout of the Lab map, fixing an exploit, reducing instances of stuck mobs, and giving the player a lot more information of their surroundings to act ahead
  • Boss projectile skills (Arrows, Fireballs, etc.) are now slightly easier with lower player counts
  • Being above or below the Wall skills (Wall, Wall of Frost, Shockwave) will no longer result in being hit (you need to be at least 2 blocks above or below the wall’s starting location to avoid damage)
  • Mob aggro range increased to 80 blocks from 64 – this makes ghasts lock onto players a lot more quickly. Mob spawning range remains unchanged
  • If a Mob-Arena wave specifies custom spawnpoints, its mobs will now spawn at every one of these spawnpoints regardless of if a player is within proximity or not
  • Fixed a bug where the custom spawn feature in Mob-Arena sometimes has no effect
  • Fixed a bug where stone head mobs never lose the degraded cobblestone head until dying
  • Fixed a bug where the Shockwave skill did not properly make the boss retarget onto the player like intended
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would sometimes attempt to chase spectators after killing them for long periods of time

3rd Anniversary Update

Hello all,

We have put together our largest update ever to celebrate our third anniversary. The update includes a new spawn, a new gamemode called Hostile, and various other changes to professionalize our server.

Here I thank you for sticking with us through our third year – let’s make the next year even more amazing!


We have added a new spawn for the server. Now it not only has a more professional look, it is also larger and lighter on bandwidth (~80% bandwidth savings compared to the previous spawn design). This will help improve our new player impressions and increase accessibility and stability of the server.

The new spawn also features NPCs. Right clicking them lets you join a lobby or customize your loadout quickly.


We have updated the Minecraft server version to the latest, 1.12.2, and updated our plugins to work with the new version.


Hostile is a new Kit-PVP gamemode that provides a unique open-world experience. Players jump down from a plane into a large map (currently the old spawn) to loot and fight.

Every respawn players will be able to select a kit to bring into battle. Additional items can be obtained through the Supplies system in the Hostile menu. You can also move items freely in your inventory.

Weapon stats are very different on Hostile compared to other gamemodes. Armor also works differently than vanilla and in the same way as Mob-Arena or Infected.  Fall damage is disabled, but if you die, you (currently) drop everything, so be careful out there.


We have changed the art of our server list and website – in case you haven’t noticed already!

We have also done some other changes to them:

  • Changed server list MOTD to notify players of the new update
  • Added a cheeky feature to the server list MOTD to remind players to move the server up in their server list (in an effort to improve player retention)
  • Increased font size of some text elements in our blog
  • Reduced amount of latest forum posts shown on our homepage from 8 to 5


We have added new elements to our HUD:

  • A new notification element displayed on the top right corner of the screen. It is activated when the bomb is planted or defused in Defusal, and when new waves begin and when bosses spawn in Mob-Arena.
  • A new skull icon effect displayed below the crosshair. It is shown when your team wins a round in PVP, or if players defeat a boss in Mob-Arena.



First and foremost you should notice that the Mob-Arena lobby is now set during the day. After a game begins, it will stay day if on Easy mode, but a new animation will play turning it gradually into night on Hard mode.

Why did we have to do that? Actually, we also decided to ramp up the difficulty of Mob-Arena Hard mode by a lot, and add some new mobs from 1.11 and 1.12. So we added the weather changes so you are properly warned and won’t get spit to death by llamas in Wave 1!

  • Fixed a rounding error that caused too few mobs to spawn. The result is that a lot more mobs should spawn than before, especially with a low number of players.
  • Additionally increased the spawn amount of mobs in Hard difficulty to make it even tougher
  • Evokers, Vexes and Llamas added to Graveyard
  • Skeletons replaced with Llamas in Suburb
  • Vindicators added as a possible spawn in special waves in Abandon


We have changed the display names of many weapons to be more realistic. Notable changes include “AWP”->”AWM”, “PP-Bizon”->”PP-19 Bizon”, and “Type 92″->”QSZ-92”, but there are many other changes.


We have differentiated weapon penetration values based on their caliber. Larger caliber weapons can now penetrate objects better than before, while smaller caliber weapons might perform a bit worse.


We have done another round of balance changes to improve our weapon balance. Details can be found on our forum post.

Most notably we have totally overhauled the M40A1. It is now much cheaper and handles better, but its damage has been reduced greatly to put it in line with other 7.62x51mm weapons such as the M24. Also, the SR-3M was reworked to have much less damage but better accuracy.


A handy improvement to Defusal.

  • Added a bomb tracker to Red team players in Defusal so they can locate dropped/planted bombs more easily
  • The “bomb dropped” message now also displays when a player drops the bomb voluntarily.


We have simplified the process of leaving a game and added a reminder for players to use the leave commands.

  • Added a door item to Mob-Arena and PVP lobbies which lets the player leave the game when clicked
  • Added an auto-leave timer of 10 seconds after a match of Mob-Arena ends.
  • Changed the text of the Disconnect button to remind players to leave their lobbies using /leave
  • Coordinates removed from the “bomb dropped” message


We have added a new chat plugin that enables cross-server chat. Use /channel <channel> to switch the chat channel:

  • /channel global: Global channel. Chat with everyone else and Discord.
  • /channel server: Server channel. Chat with players on the same server. If you are on GunColony, Hostile players won’t hear you.
  • /channel map: Map channel. Chat with everyone within a 500 block range. This generally means that they have to be in the same map in order to hear you.


Anti-Cheat, HUD changes, new plugins, and more:

  • The server now uses the “Reduced Debug Info” gamerule. This causes F3+B hitboxes to no longer work, helping us enforce the rules and provide a fairer play environment.
  • Removed the tokens system as the underlying plugin that handled it was not updated to 1.12. (Tokens have already been useless for months anyway.)
  • As a compensation to players who might have had accumulated the most tokens, players who had bought the AK-103 from the token shop are given one for free in their inventory
  • Removed “no modifications” text in lore of weapons and spawn items
  • Weapon modifications that are not unlocked now show as gunpowder in the weapon modify menu
  • Removed /enderchest to reduce illegal item abuse which compromised server stability
  • All servers now have max RAM assigned by default. This should help significantly with lag spikes
  • Added a server analytics plugin that allows us to collect data on player activity
  • Added a new cross-server punishment plugin that allows syncing of mutes and bans across servers

For details please view the patch notes in our forums.


We have fixed 9 major and minor issues in our server. For details please view the patch notes.

Patch Notes & Discuss this on our forum

4/30-5/6 Devblog

Hello all,

This week we have added a new Mob-Arena map, complete with brand new mobs and bosses. We have also done some balance changes and bug fixes to help keep the game dynamic and bug-free.


Lab - Monsters are launching an invasion on an underground university laboratory, a high-value research center for advanced anti-monster weapons. Move in and defend the laboratory from mobs approaching above. Shoot through glass if you must. Fall back to the bottom floor for breathing room.

The Lab map features 35 waves (36 on Hard), 5 new and unique bosses, 5 new mini-bosses (2 of them spawn in regular waves), 5 new mob types, and a new mechanic called restricted zones. Restricted zones are areas where only monsters can move through, not players, and they are marked with a red boundary around the entrances of the zone.

The map is also unique in that more than half of the waves are custom-coded, meaning that there are unexpected ambushes and change in spawn locations throughout the game, so be sure to watch out for them. Also, since many monsters come from above, players have a period of relative safety where they can fire at the monsters through glass while they try to reach the entrances.


  • Rebalanced number of monsters spawned in regular (non-boss) waves. For most maps this means that FAR MORE monsters will spawn in regular waves, especially in the early waves. These changes are meant to keep the game challenging throughout the match.
  • Slightly reduced points gain from regular (non-boss) mobs so the rate of earning EXP does not become ridiculously high after the amount of mob spawns are increased
  • Replaced Infection Wave 71 boss (Unstable Sorcerer)'s Low Gravity skill with Seismic Slam


  • SR-3M: Armor penetration reduced by 3


  • Modified Red team spawn on Outpost
  • Changed Tablist aesthetics, now has 4 rows
  • Reduced animations in Tablist to reduce bandwidth usage (only animated parts left are the server name and time display)
  • Fixed a bug where name tags for teammates did not show properly
  • Fixed a bug where firing at a brewing stand causes console spam until the server is restarted

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4/23-4/29 Devblog

Hello all,

This week has seen relatively few changes to the server because I had taken some time working on a different project. Nevertheless we have added a few new additions to the server, including a new Tablist and a staff build server.


After last week's anti-xray fixes it became quite evident that the Anti-Xray plugin's side effect of removing players from the tablist was becoming unbearable. As a result we have added a new tablist plugin that not only solves this problem, but also shows players in all current and future servers in our network. It is also animated and looks a lot cooler!


We have added a new creative plots server, currently for staff members only. This will be the new place for our staff to work on maps. Since this server is powered by plots, we can safely give every staff member access to World Edit, which should speed up the building process and make it much more enjoyable to build on GunColony. This will also be the place for staff members to work collectively on any large build projects that arise (hint: there is one!).

There is currently no cross-server chat, but that will be coming soon.


  • Fixed a bug where modification unlock levels for some of the new Legendary weapons were incorrect

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4/16-4/22 Devblog

Hello all,

This week we have added a brand new Mob-Arena respawn system, as well as additional improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes to several areas of our game.

First of all, let us congratulate ourselves for hitting 30 concurrent players, the highest since 2016!

Our forums have also reached 5,000 forum posts - huge thanks to everyone in the community for making both milestones a reality!


We have added the ability to respawn in a Mob-Arena match. After a boss is defeated, all players in the spectator area will now respawn. However, every respawn players are penalized by having one heart removed from their maximum health, down to a minimum of 5 hearts.

Now you can also join a Mob-Arena match in the middle of the game now, from a new menu we have added to the Mob-Arena lobby at spawn. However, you will also spawn with reduced health depending on how many boss waves have already passed in the match.


Your experience bar in Mob-Arena now indicates the progress of the current wave. When the experience bar fills up, the next wave will spawn (unless there's a boss alive). You might notice that the progress seems to go faster over time - this is because the spawn speed of the next wave depends on how many mobs are still alive, and as you kill the mobs the wave will progress faster.

The name of bosses are now bolded to make the boss monster easier to locate. This does not apply to mini-bosses.

Additional changes:
  • Since we added the ability to respawn, to balance things out you now take 15% more direct damage from everything except TNT and charged creepers. (Indirect damage from fall, fire, potions, etc. are also unaffected.)
  • Earlier waves in most maps now spawn more mobs to make them less boring
  • The last few bosses in most maps are now easier because they were too hard compared to regular waves
  • Removed Summon Minions skill from Wave 5 boss in Graveyard to reduce the insane minion spam in that wave
  • Moved the spectator area in Blizzard for a better view of the entire map


We have added a new Defusal map, Mill, featuring a unique close-quarter combat experience, along with plenty of pathways to navigate around the map or catch enemies off guard from behind.


We have improved the visuals of the Graveyard map, adding a lot of decoration outside. We have also opened up the spectator area to connect with the lobby and allow for a better view of the map.


We have tweaked our crate reward algorithm to give more rewards especially for longer matches.

  • There is now a chance to receive more than 1 crate when earning more than 400 EXP in a match. (Earning more than 1500 EXP in a match will always give 2 or more crates)
  • Quality of crates earned now increases much faster by the amount of EXP earned
  • The Double EXP booster now increases the amount of gained EXP used in crate calculations by 1.25X instead of 2X in order to keep the crate quality gains roughly the same
  • The EXP gained from voting is no longer affected by the Double EXP booster

We have also dramatically increased the points you can gain from bosses in Mob-Arena (by 200-300%) to additionally increase the reward of the gamemode.


We have fixed the "Go Back" button in many of our GUIs so they actually take you back to the menu you came from. Opening a crate from the crate menu will also take you back to the correct menu now.

In addition, unlocked weapons in the Tech Tree menu now display the same way as they do in the inventory menu, so you can now manage your weapons from the tech tree the same way as in your inventory.

Finally, at the beginning of a PVP match there will now be a chat prompt with rules of the current mode.


We have tweaked the weapon stats of select weapons, particularly Light Machine Guns and newly released weapons:

  • SR-3M: Spraying accuracy substantially reduced, damage slightly reduced
  • Negev: Damage slightly reduced
  • MG34, MG3: Damage slightly reduced (more so on the MG3), accuracy slightly increased
  • KSG-15: Damage significantly reduced, movement penalty reduced


We have done a number of other changes to the server, particularly to optimize the network performance so the server can support more players without lag.

  • Fixed AK-103 not appearing in the Arms Race weapon pool
  • Added a new scenario mode that takes place on Jungle Map in TDM, with Vietnam War weapons
  • Fixed the Anti-Xray system not working properly
  • Barriers should no longer act as a solid block to the Anti-Xray system
  • Muzzle flash effects can now be seen from much further away
  • Blood effects can now be seen from much further away
  • Reduced amount of weapon tracer particles in third person for better performance
  • Muzzle flash is no longer shown for other players if they can't see it due to an obstacle
  • Bullet block impact particles are no longer shown for other players if they can't see it due to an obstacle (this is disabled for the shooter to reduce artifacts)
  • Bullet block impact particles are no longer shown if the block is surrounded by 6 solid blocks around it (this applies even for the shooter)
  • Seismic Slam boss skill particles are no longer shown for a block if both the block above and the block below are solid
  • Arrows produced by Deadly Arrows skill are now removed after 0.75s to improve performance

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4/9-4/15 Devblog

Hello all,

This week we have released a new Tech Tree reward system, along with several new weapons and a new, huge round of balance changes. Check them out in-game now!


We have added several new weapons to the game - finally!

AK-103 - Rifle, Legendary
Designed by Kalashnikov, the AK-103 is a modernized version of the AK family with increased power and an attached 4x ACOG scope.

SR-3M - SMG, Common
A modern 9x39mm submachine gun developed in Russia, the SR-3M is extremely powerful but has a low muzzle velocity.

AKS-74u - SMG, Legendary
Short carbine version of the AK-74. Compared to a full sized rifle this weapon lacks range but allows for greater mobility.

KSG-15 - Shotgun, Legendary
Pump-action shotgun with a high ammo capacity of 14 rounds, for improved sustained combat capability.

Lewis Gun - LMG, Epic
Light machine gun used by Britain during World War I. The Lewis Gun has a sturdy design and slow fire rate which gives it a high accuracy in automatic fire.

All weapons have a unique 3D model and new sounds, and unique Mob-Arena kits (except the Lewis which shares the Trench kit with the M1915). The AK-103 also comes with a new scope visual:


Our new Tech Tree system is now finally live! Access it by following these steps:

1. Right click the book in your inventory at spawn, which reads "Progression & Rewards", which brings you to this new menu:

2. Click the Iron Horse Armor in the center that says "Tech Tree", which shows you all currently available tech trees:

3. Click on any weapon in the above menu to access the menu of its respective tech tree:

The Tech Tree system works by restricting your weapon unlocks by which weapons you already own. Weapons now have an unlock requirement: you must unlock the previous weapon and upgrade it to a certain level in order to reach the requirements for the next weapon. Once that requirement is reached, it is then possible to find the item in crates.

This way, weapons are no longer locked behind Player Level, and it is now possible to unlock a weapon you want much more quickly than before, by playing with the prerequisite weapon(s) and earning Weapon EXP for them in order to progress down the tech tree faster.


In addition to our new GUIs associated with the tech tree system, we have also tweaked the existing GUIs.

First of all, as you might have noticed above, the experience info and inventory viewer were moved to the Rewards menu. Therefore the loadout customization menu now only consists of three items to allow you to configure your loadout for our 3 different modes.

Second, we have revamped our level information GUI. Now you can not only view the size of crates in the crate tiers, but also the rewards you can get by reaching a new level. Yay!


Stunning visuals and dangerous ambushes await you in the Swamp, our new Mob-Arena map featuring a fast-paced gameplay with 40 waves and intermediate difficulty. The map also comes with 5 new boss fights, 3 new mob types, and 2 new boss skills!

Boss Skill: Seismic Slam
The boss jumps high into the sky and slams back at the ground. Damages and knocks back any players caught in the vicinity of the attack. On Hard difficulty, the radius of the damage effect increases.

Boss Skill: Speed
The boss throws a super speed potion at the sky, giving it and any nearby mobs a very high speed effect. On Hard difficulty it also makes the boss immune to knockback for a while.

New Mob: Miner Zombie
This zombie is better equipped and also faster than regular zombies, and will spawn in one of the boss fights on the new Swamp map.

New Mob: Knight Zombie
This zombie is better equipped and higher armored than regular zombies, and will spawn in one of the boss fights on the new Swamp map.

New Mob: Undead Horse
The undead horse is here to wreak havoc upon the arena! The horse has 50% more health and 25% more speed compared to a normal zombie, and its attacks also have a knockback effect. It will spawn in the final boss fight on the new Swamp map, but also appears as a mini-boss in an earlier boss fight.


We have remade the Townhall map so it is now much more open and offers a unique fighting experience. There are also a high number of spawns in the map which reduces camping and spreads out players more effectively.


We have released a huge round of new balance changes, especially taking a look at the SMGs, LMGs, and Snipers. Notably we have removed the aimpunch on most Snipers and increased recoil on SMGs and LMGs.

  • SG 553: Vertical recoil reduced by 6%, recoil pattern increased by 25%
  • G36: Increased linear spread recovery to -0.16/s from -0.1/s to improve burst accuracy
  • STG-44: Vertical recoil increased by 5%
  • XM8: Increased linear spread recovery to -0.27/s from -0.2/s to improve burst accuracy, hipfire spread reduced by 10%
  • AR-57: Move penalty increased by 10%, jump penalty increased by 25%, spraying penalty on spread recovery reduced to 20% from 25%
  • M249: Damage -1 (31 from 32)
  • Vector, PPSh-41, Negev: Recoil pattern increased by 20%
  • Thompson: Recoil pattern increased by 33%
  • P90: Added linear spread recovery -0.14/s to improve overall accuracy, recoil pattern increased by 40%
  • Tavor X95-R: Vertical recoil decreased by 20%, recoil pattern increased by 50%
  • Mac-10, MP5, MP5KA4, MP7, MP9, P90, PP-Bizon, TMP, UZI: Recoil pattern increased by 50%
  • MG3: Horizontal recoil now starts much sooner
  • L86 LSW: Vertical recoil reduced by 18%, recoil pattern increased by 20%, time after moving before weapon becomes accurate increased by 11%
  • RPK: Recoil pattern increased by 13%
  • QBB-95: Movement penalty increased by 50%, spread increase increased by 20%
  • MSG90 A2, SIG 550, SSG-08: Bullet velocity increased by 10%
  • M24, M40A1, M82, SCAR-20: Bullet velocity increased by 11%
  • G3SG1, NTW-20, SVD: Bullet velocity increased by 12%
  • CheyTac, K98k: Bullet velocity increased by 13%
  • AWP, Scout: Bullet velocity increased by 14%
  • AWP, CheyTac, G3SG1, K98k, M24, M40A1, MSG90 A2, SCAR-20, SSG 08, SVD: Aimpunch completely removed (Only snipers left with aimpunch are M82, NTW-20, and SIG 550)
  • M82: Aimpunch can now be mitigated completely by standing still for 1.5s (previously this only prevented 80% of aimpunch not 100%)
  • Remington 887: Damage reduced by 18%, spread between pellets reduced by 25%, spread pattern size reduced by 25%, spread recovery reduced by 14%, flat spread recovery removed (previously -0.26/s), damage dropoff reduced by 10%, hipfire spread increased by 67%. Description changed to match new stats
  • M3: Hipfire spread increased by 11%
  • SPAS-12: Greatly reduced legacy type recoil so shots land closer to the crosshair in consecutive shots
  • Double Barrel: Vertical recoil increased by 100%, horizontal recoil increased by 100%, spread increase reduced by 50%
  • Walther PPK: Vertical recoil increased by 50%, horizontal recoil increased by 50%, spread increase reduced by 43%
  • R8 Revolver: Price reduced to $650 to match CS:GO, added linear spread recovery of -0.2/s to raise overall accuracy
  • Desert Eagle: Spray penalty on spread recovery increased from 15% to 20%
  • Tec-9: First shot spread reduced by 20%, exponential spread recovery reduced by 20%, linear spread recovery increased from -0.14/s to -0.16/s
  • Five-SeveN: Reload speed increased by 0.2s to fix the reload sound ending too early
  • Flamethrower: For now, no longer sets targets on fire and instead deals 50% more damage to undead mobs until I can figure out a better idea on how the flamethrower should work
  • M1911 (Scenario): Damage dropoff reduced by 10%
  • Maxim Gun (Scenario), M1919 (Scenario): Recoil significantly increased


  • The Mob-Arena game counter now shows the number of players in Mob-Arena games in addition to the number of matches.
  • The Mob-Arena game counter no longer counts maps in the pre-game lobby (in "Starting!" status) as in-game.
  • Slight further tweaks to the Infection Mob-Arena map to improve mob pathing and aesthetics (no layout changes)
  • Switched our Anti-Cheat plugin to Anti-Aura. This should reduce false-positives greatly and therefore allow for smoother movement compared to our old Anti-Cheat solution.
  • Greatly reduced the width of the Shockwave boss skill effect so it is now much easier to dodge
  • Greatly reduced the knockback from the Propel boss skill effect
  • Charge skill no longer gives the boss knockback resistance
  • Spawn Pumplings and Spawn Slimes boss skills now throws the mobs into the air instead of spawning them right on the boss
  • Removed the lines "New Weapons Unlocked!" from level up messages since leveling up the player EXP level does not unlock new weapons anymore
  • Added functionality to allow the adding or tweaking of weapons, maps, or inventory system settings without a server restart
  • Fixed a bug where the new spawn system did not function properly and still allowed players to spawn on top of each other in FFA and TDM Random Spawns
  • Fixed a bug where the Low Gravity boss skill causes players to jump extremely high and therefore suffer insane fall damage

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4/2-4/8 Devblog

Hello all,

From now on I will be making announcement posts in a weekly devblog format. We make changes to the server (sometimes multiple times) every week, and it is very time consuming to write a changelog for each of them, so we are instead switching to a weekly format for our announcements.

This week I have made even more changes to our gun mechanics including a new view recoil system and some other tweaks, as well as changes to some maps and the spawn.


We have done a good number of changes to how our guns work in an attempt to balance the gameplay.

First, we have added a new recoil system to the game which is similar to games like Battlefield in that it works by affecting the direction of your aim. For Rifles, SMGs and LMGs this recoil will follow the weapon's spray pattern, while for other weapons it will go mostly in one direction with some randomness.
This new recoil system will make the game much more skillful since you will have to learn and compensate for the recoil pattern of weapons once again, while still making it manageable (and most importantly, easily understandable) for new players. It will also help boost single shot guns like bolt-action snipers since they are affected least by the recoil.

We have also tweaked our spread indicator system, which tells you how accurate your weapon is in response to your actions. First of all, there are now 32 steps to this spread indicator, which means that it will portray your weapon accuracy much more precisely. Second, the spread indicator will now display even when scoped, but in a black color (red for the G11 scope), helping you judge, for example, how long it takes to become accurate after scoping in with your sniper.

Another new feature we have added is an improvement to semi-automatic weapons. Now, when you click your mouse faster than the semi-auto weapon's maximum rate of fire, it will no longer skip shots, but it will rather fire the semi-auto weapon at its maximum rate of fire as if it were full-auto. This should eliminate glitches caused by holding down the mouse button with some semi-automatic weapons, and also make them more intuitive to use. This new feature affects semi-automatic snipers, pistols, and burstfire weapons.

Finally, we have done many balance changes to the weapon categories as well as individual weapons.
  • Semi-Auto snipers now fire much faster than before
  • Semi-Auto snipers now have much more recoil than before
  • Rifles now have less damage dropoff than before
  • MGs now have more damage than before
  • MGs now have more damage dropoff than before
  • AVT-40 is no longer fully automatic and renamed SVT-40
  • USP-S, P2000, Glock-18, XD armor penetration reduced to better balance them in pistol rounds
  • Burstfire mode rate of fire for burst weapons is now affected by rate-of-fire altering modifications

You can find a clip that showcases most of these new additions here:


We have tweaked the Mob-Arena Infection map, and improved both aesthetics and gameplay. The map is now much more open and players can traverse around it more easily.

Some buildings as well as the graveyard have been removed and a large bridge is established in its place.

The subway deep underground was removed and now there are only a few rooms below ground, including the bomb shelter and the subway station.

Having mycelium everywhere could start to look bland sometimes, so more vegetation has also been added to the map to add more variation to the colors.


We have improved how our lobbies look in the spawn. Those new beautiful lobbies will get you combat ready!


We have launched a private test server, currently only available to staff members. This will help reduce the need for multiple server restarts during our updates.


  • Fixed a bug where the Living Bomb boss skill griefs Mob-Arena blocks
  • Fixed a bug where the Flamethrower shoots at an extremely high rate of fire
  • Fixed a bug where the Beretta 90two was broken in Arms Race
  • Slightly cleaned up internal code of Inventory system to prepare for future updates

Edit 4/21: Changed name to align with the new title format for devblog names

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