4/2-4/8 Devblog

Hello all,

From now on I will be making announcement posts in a weekly devblog format. We make changes to the server (sometimes multiple times) every week, and it is very time consuming to write a changelog for each of them, so we are instead switching to a weekly format for our announcements.

This week I have made even more changes to our gun mechanics including a new view recoil system and some other tweaks, as well as changes to some maps and the spawn.


We have done a good number of changes to how our guns work in an attempt to balance the gameplay.

First, we have added a new recoil system to the game which is similar to games like Battlefield in that it works by affecting the direction of your aim. For Rifles, SMGs and LMGs this recoil will follow the weapon's spray pattern, while for other weapons it will go mostly in one direction with some randomness.
This new recoil system will make the game much more skillful since you will have to learn and compensate for the recoil pattern of weapons once again, while still making it manageable (and most importantly, easily understandable) for new players. It will also help boost single shot guns like bolt-action snipers since they are affected least by the recoil.

We have also tweaked our spread indicator system, which tells you how accurate your weapon is in response to your actions. First of all, there are now 32 steps to this spread indicator, which means that it will portray your weapon accuracy much more precisely. Second, the spread indicator will now display even when scoped, but in a black color (red for the G11 scope), helping you judge, for example, how long it takes to become accurate after scoping in with your sniper.

Another new feature we have added is an improvement to semi-automatic weapons. Now, when you click your mouse faster than the semi-auto weapon's maximum rate of fire, it will no longer skip shots, but it will rather fire the semi-auto weapon at its maximum rate of fire as if it were full-auto. This should eliminate glitches caused by holding down the mouse button with some semi-automatic weapons, and also make them more intuitive to use. This new feature affects semi-automatic snipers, pistols, and burstfire weapons.

Finally, we have done many balance changes to the weapon categories as well as individual weapons.
  • Semi-Auto snipers now fire much faster than before
  • Semi-Auto snipers now have much more recoil than before
  • Rifles now have less damage dropoff than before
  • MGs now have more damage than before
  • MGs now have more damage dropoff than before
  • AVT-40 is no longer fully automatic and renamed SVT-40
  • USP-S, P2000, Glock-18, XD armor penetration reduced to better balance them in pistol rounds
  • Burstfire mode rate of fire for burst weapons is now affected by rate-of-fire altering modifications

You can find a clip that showcases most of these new additions here: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/NauticalUnfortunateIslandcanary


We have tweaked the Mob-Arena Infection map, and improved both aesthetics and gameplay. The map is now much more open and players can traverse around it more easily.

Some buildings as well as the graveyard have been removed and a large bridge is established in its place.

The subway deep underground was removed and now there are only a few rooms below ground, including the bomb shelter and the subway station.

Having mycelium everywhere could start to look bland sometimes, so more vegetation has also been added to the map to add more variation to the colors.


We have improved how our lobbies look in the spawn. Those new beautiful lobbies will get you combat ready!


We have launched a private test server, currently only available to staff members. This will help reduce the need for multiple server restarts during our updates.


  • Fixed a bug where the Living Bomb boss skill griefs Mob-Arena blocks
  • Fixed a bug where the Flamethrower shoots at an extremely high rate of fire
  • Fixed a bug where the Beretta 90two was broken in Arms Race
  • Slightly cleaned up internal code of Inventory system to prepare for future updates

Edit 4/21: Changed name to align with the new title format for devblog names

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