Temporarily Disabling 1.11/1.13 Support

We have temporarily removed ViaVersion version support plugin from BungeeCord to see if it would resolve our current lag issues.

This was done due to reports that our previous attempts at mitigating performance issues did not solve all instances of crashes/freezes which still occurred when players joined. This was not a network or database issue – we had already fixed unrelated performance problems related to our database which also caused freezes. Since the main server’s timings also did not show anything abnormal, so we concluded that the lag was probably caused by the BungeeCord proxy. Ultimately, we suspected that the joining players used a particular version of Minecraft (1.13?) which caused ViaVersion to freeze up the server, which caused us to make this decision of removing ViaVersion from the proxy as a temporary experiment.

If you are using 1.13, or a lower version of Minecraft such as 1.10/1.11 (these are already unsupported versions), you will not be able to login for the time being. If you are having problems, please switch to Minecraft version 1.12.2.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary test. If the performance does improve as a result of this change, we will probably not attempt to re-implement 1.13 support, and we will look into an alternative method like ProtocolSupport to re-allow lower versions. Otherwise, we will revert the change and continue to investigate into possible sources of our performance issues


[9/8 – 9/9 Update] 2 New Maps and Event Guns

Hello all. That's how I start one of these posts right? Welcome to my (Rijam) first ever update post.

New maps:
- Mannerheim

Mannerheim, made by Arhippa, is for TDM Scenario. It takes place durring the Winter War (1939-1940). Blue team in Finland, Red team is Russia (Soviet Union). It also features new event guns.

- SteamTunnels

SteamTunnels, made by pale1, is for demolition. It takes place in the middle of a city.

New event guns:
- New event guns are L-35, P38, KP-31, AVT-40, PPD-38, PPD-40, MP-28, G98, and M1918 BAR.
All of them except the M1918 BAR is available in Mannerheim. The G98 and M1918 BAR are available in Normandy.
Finally blue team has an automatic rifle in Normandy.

Other map changes:
- Aztec is now available for TDM.
- Outpost, Sparity, and Bureau are now available for defusal.
- Slight subway rework. Moved spawns back down, and added a train in the middle. (Credits to pale1)

Gun changes:
Minor gun changes
- Suppressed guns no longer have any muzzle flash.
- New swap sounds for: SPAS-12, M1919A4, RBB-451, High Voltage Gloves, and Flamer.
- Changed the pump sound of the Remington.
- NS2000 reload is different. It's now slighty shorter, but the mag ready time is longer. Also there is a pump sound while shooting.
- Added new explosion sounds to the grenades (still WIP).
- Added knife swoosh sound when back stabbing.
- Gold knife now has a different kill icon.
- Made MP5k reload and swap sounds slightly higher pitch to differentiate with the MP5.

Misc. Changes:
- /join now has Competitive and Hostile. Infected has been removed from it.
- /rules now displays the rules and a link to the rules page.
- Fixed one of the missing holograms in Hostile. (Credit Breaks for this one.)

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PVP Update

Hello all,

Today's update includes some hefty PVP changes, like a new Competitive PVP Lobby, a new Practice Mode, and several new maps. We have also conceived some stability improvements to address lag issues.


This competitive lobby is for serious players only - level 20 and above. It is found at the left side of spawn and offers a different set of gamemodes and different rewards.

The Competitive Lobby:
  • Features Defusal, Elimination, and Practice modes, as well as the Dust II scenarios
  • Has 25% higher post-match rewards per game
  • Will penalize you if you quit mid-game by forfeiting 50% of your earned rewards

The normal PVP lobby:
  • Features Demolition, Team Deathmatch, Arms Race, TDM Random Spawns, and Free-For-All modes, as well as all other scenarios
  • Will no longer penalize you by subtracting 20% of rewards if you quit mid-game

There is currently no stat tracking or ranking systems yet, but they are due to come in a future update.


The Practice mode is a variant of the Team Deathmatch mode. It can be accessed only in the Competitive Lobby, as it has more complex rules. It can be played on: Dust, Dust II, Train, Cache, Overgrown

The game lasts up to 4 rounds, but it will end after 3 if one team manages to snatch 3 wins in a row. The team that scores the most kills in each round will win the round. In the first round, everyone starts with $2000 to distribute to their loadouts. Every additional round, everyone earns an additional $2000.

Winning in this mode requires understanding of different weapon types and loadouts, and because it involves such a wide range of combat scenarios, it is a great way to practice for competitive play.


The Demolition mode is identical to the previous Defusal mode, but it occurs only on one-bombsite maps. Unlike Defusal, it is available only in the normal PVP lobby rather than the competitive lobby, as its simple mechanics are suitable for casual play. It can be played on: Lake, St. Marc, Shortdust, Shorttrain, Bank


A military port-styled map set on the Hostile island. It features a variety of environments, from close-quarters tunnels to utterly wide-open areas, to make room for a diversity of playstyles.

NEW MAP: AZTEC (Defusal)

A temple-themed Defusal map based on the map formerly available in CS:GO.

NEW MAP: BLACKGOLD (Defusal, Arms Race)

A Defusal and Arms Race map set on an oil rig, based on the Operation Hydra map from CS:GO.


Previously showcased in the Independence Day event, this Call of Duty inspired map features a complex layout and a lot of open areas for all kinds of weapons to excel in.


Previously showcased in the Independence Day event, this map is set at a volcano and greatly emphasizes long-range combat.

REWORKED MAP: DUST II (Defusal, Practice, Team Deathmatch, TDM Random Spawns, Scenarios)

Dust II has gotten a new makeover to improve both its aesthetics and gameplay. The remake is inspired by the new Dust II map from CS:GO and is sure to make your Rush B experience that much better.

The map also features reworked spawns for the TDM Random Spawns mode, and both its normal and scenario versions have been added to Practice Mode.


  • Hydrodam: No longer available in Team Deathmatch
  • Cache: Now available in Defusal
  • Bank: Now available in Demolition
  • Normandy: No longer available in Elimination
  • Stalingrad: No longer available in Elimination


  • Fixed Team Deathmatch sometimes reporting the wrong winning team
  • Added a team kill counter that displays at the end of a Team Deathmatch or Practice Mode round
  • Defusal Mode now uses a Defuse Kit as its icon
  • Temporarily removed Infected for a future rework and to free up space in spawn for the Competitive Lobby
  • Ended the Independence Day event
  • Removed block editing permissions from staff members in the arena world to prevent griefing map objects like paintings, item frames, or armor stands (temporary solution to stop DustII from being de_stroyed, until we figure out something better. This also fixes staff going through restricted areas in Mob-Arena maps)
  • Added some security measures to the Wordpress website to avoid brute-force attacks, which should in turn reduce strain on the MySQL server and resolve lag spike issues

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