Forth of July Events!

Hello all,

Today is Forth of July, or the American Independence Day! As an American-based server, GunColony will celebrate this holiday with two limited-time events, where you will learn about American history and get to use American weapons, all while having great fun!


  • High intensity free-for-all combat on distinctly different maps: Volcanic, Nuketown, and Hardhat (new)
  • Your shop will contain a huge array of American weapons
  • Regular Free For All game rules apply
  • Vote for Free For All – Scenario Mode to play the event


  • We have released the Volcanic map to celebrate Forth of July!
  • 5 new Bosses that reflect various events in American history – see them for yourself!
  • 4 new boss skills, mostly focused on summoning abilities and are most dangerous with multiple players in the match
  • 7 new mini-bosses – there is now a mini-boss wave before each boss wave! Eliminate the mini boss before the main boss spawns to avoid having to deal with both of them at once
  • 3 dangerous new mobs: cowboys, fast leather cap zombies, and shielded vindicators


  • Volcanic will be removed from PVP soon due to its release as a new Mob-Arena map; this is the last call to play it!
  • Blackheart removed from Mob-Arena lobby rotation; you can still access it with the join command
  • Improved layout of the Lab map, fixing an exploit, reducing instances of stuck mobs, and giving the player a lot more information of their surroundings to act ahead
  • Boss projectile skills (Arrows, Fireballs, etc.) are now slightly easier with lower player counts
  • Being above or below the Wall skills (Wall, Wall of Frost, Shockwave) will no longer result in being hit (you need to be at least 2 blocks above or below the wall’s starting location to avoid damage)
  • Mob aggro range increased to 80 blocks from 64 – this makes ghasts lock onto players a lot more quickly. Mob spawning range remains unchanged
  • If a Mob-Arena wave specifies custom spawnpoints, its mobs will now spawn at every one of these spawnpoints regardless of if a player is within proximity or not
  • Fixed a bug where the custom spawn feature in Mob-Arena sometimes has no effect
  • Fixed a bug where stone head mobs never lose the degraded cobblestone head until dying
  • Fixed a bug where the Shockwave skill did not properly make the boss retarget onto the player like intended
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would sometimes attempt to chase spectators after killing them for long periods of time

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