ABANDON Updated!

Hello all,

Introducing the new Fire Launcher, and the new Abandon map!


The Abandon map has received a new makeover. Now, it features 50 waves in Normal mode and 51 waves in Hard mode. Normal zombies and skeletons spawn in the earlier waves, but zombies will begin to spawn with armor in the later waves.

The new Abandon has all the new features that you'd expect from an updated map, such as mobs spawning over time, boss waves spawning other mobs, etc. But that's not all - the new map brings a brand new concept of Mini-Bosses, which I will elaborate on in the next section.

By the way, the new Abandon map tells the story of how players abandoned Mr. Volvo...


While fighting bosses in the new Abandon map you will encounter some mini-bosses. These elite monsters are summoned every once in a while in boss waves and provide an extra challenge. They have a lot more HP than regular mobs, and their HP also increases with the number of players in the map as well as the difficulty, much like normal bosses. In the image above, the Iron Golem is a mini-boss.

Mini-bosses are also able to use boss skills much like the regular boss, so you need to eliminate them quickly. The exact skills used depends on the type of the mini-boss encountered.

Currently, mini-bosses are present in Wave 30, 40, and 51 in the newly updated Abandon map. However, we do plan on adding them to other maps soon. Stay tuned!


The Fire Launcher has been totally revamped. Instead of creating a wildly inaccurate (and extremely buggy) bomb barrage, it now fires 3 projectiles in a triangular pattern every shot, with 4 rounds in each clip. If all 3 projectiles hit a player and at least one (most likely the topmost one) strikes either the head or the chest, it will result in an instant kill. The projectiles fired by this weapon travel very slowly, but in return it is much more accurate compared to shotguns and obviously occupies only the secondary slot. This weapon also has a Mob-Arena damage multiplier of 2X, so it can be used quite effectively as an emergency weapon against monsters.


We have added a new Discord chat channel called "#server-chat". This channel allows players in Discord and the server to chat with each other!
(The Discord #server-chat channel follows the same rules as the Minecraft server chat. Intentionally bypassing the in-game filter through Discord is NOT allowed.)


  • Added a new boss skill: the Invisibility skill, which turns the boss invisible for a few seconds and is used by the Wave 51 final boss in Abandon
  • The Laser boss skill now initiates faster in Hard difficulty, giving players less time to dodge the laser
  • The Teleport To Player boss skill now removes the boss's target temporarily, so the boss does not immediately hit the player that it teleported to
  • Blizzard arena reduced to 40 waves (41 in Hard).
  • Updated difficulty ratings for several arenas in the Mob-Arena lobby
  • Reduced the amount of mobs spawned in certain waves in Graveyard
  • Replaced the Heavy kit's Super Heal Potion with a golden apple
  • Replaced the Shooter kit's heal potions with 2 splash Regeneration potions plus the Super Heal Potion
  • Replaced the Hunter kit's Splash Weakness Potion with two 8-minute speed potions
  • Upgraded the SWAT kit's chestplate to Thorns VI instead of Thorns III
  • Added an extra 3-minute Strength potion to the Sprayer kit

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The Fundamental Update

Hello all,

Today I finished up moving the server to the new machine, and also worked on some gameplay changes. This update includes a new wallbang system and several important bug fixes.


The block penetration system has been totally redone to be more intuitive and consistent. Wallbang damage used to be calculated solely based on how many blocks the bullet went through (and the type of these blocks). This meant that barely clipping through a block by a corner had the same damage reduction as shooting a bullet through the entire block. It was unrealistic and also inconsistent. Our new system ensures that the bullets will penetrate blocks much more realistically, as it is now based on the distance the bullet has travelled inside the block as well.

We have also tweaked the penetration values of weapons and blocks so it is generally easier to penetrate stiff surfaces but harder against previously soft surfaces. This means that shooting around corners should now be viable no matter the type of block in the way (iron blocks and similar will still almost completely block bullets, of course).


I have done some adjustment to our shooting mechanics today, aiming at making them more balanced and also less buggy-feeling.

  • Shotgun spread is no longer reduced by 35% when ADS (this was unrealistic). Instead it is now reduced by 20% compared to before no matter whether you are aiming or hip firing. This means a wider spread than before in ADS, but a tighter spread in hipfire.
  • ADS recoil is now reduced by 25% instead of 35%. We felt that since all guns can aim down sights now, this bonus was a bit too much and made the recoil too low compared to before.
  • Shotguns no longer zoom out like a bolt-action rifle after firing a round. They're, after all, not snipers.
  • We felt like we could take some more liberties to make the damage mechanics more realistic. From now on, chest shots do 125% damage against players, and torso shots do the normal 100% damage. In return we have made the chest shot cutoff a bit higher so the chest is now smaller in relation to the torso.


Following recent discussions about Bolt-Action rifle damage in MA we investigated the system and spotted that the Mob-Arena damage modifiers were not working at all. Now they should work once again. Here are the new weapon damage multipliers in Mob-Arena:

  • Rifles: 1.0X
  • SMGs: 1.0X
  • LMGs: 0.8X
  • Semi-Auto Shotguns: 1.1X
  • Pump Shotguns: 1.25X
  • Semi-Auto Snipers: 1.25X
  • Bolt-Action Snipers: 1.75X
  • Pistols: 1.25X
  • Specials: 1.0X
  • Knife: 2.0X


We have done some tweaks to our special weapons in an effort to make them more useful.

  • Laser-451: Damage increased, no longer inflicts fire (was buggy)
  • HV Gloves: Reload/recharge speed doubled
  • Flamethrower: Damage increased


We have tweaked our particle effects so wounding an enemy is now more noticeable.
  • More blood particles spawn now
  • Blood particles now fly farther than before, especially for headshots
  • Changed blood particle of zombies to lily pad instead of cactus


  • Fixed rare occasions where blood particles would not spawn
  • Fixed the server not recognizing player votes due to moving the server to the web panel earlier today
  • Fixed a rare issue with excessive projectile velocities freezing/crashing the server by loading chunks - this should solve all server freezes and crashing issues

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New Server Machine!

Hello all,

After all that has been done to improve GunColony, there is little left before the server is ready for large-scale consumption. As a result I am proud to notify you that the server will be moved to a new machine soon, both as a measure to solve our lag issues and as a gateway to expand our server to offer wider services to a larger playerbase.

New Server Machine Specifications:
  • Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 hexa-core CPU, 3.9 GHz all core boost (up from quad core 3.3 GHz)
  • 48GB (6*8GB) quad channel DDR3-1866 memory (up to 10GB dual channel DDR3-1600)
  • 250GB Solid State Drive (up from 120GB)
  • 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive (up from 256GB USB flash drive)

Edit 3/16: The server and website have been successfully moved to the new machine. Do note that the server is currently running on bash scripts because I could not get the server panel set up tonight, but you should nevertheless see the performance improvement.

Edit 3/16 #2: The server is now converted to run on the dedicated control panel so I can now access the console from the web. Sorry for the downtime and thanks for your understanding!

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The Spring Update

Hello all,

Welcome to the largest GunColony update yet in 2018! This is a comprehensive revamp to many of our game systems, and you will immediately notice the changes once you hop into your first game and fire your first shot - or even before that, because we have tweaked the lobbies themselves, and even the spawn!


Just in case you haven't caught on yet, we've had an Alpha test of an Infected mode for a few days. It's similar to the old school Infected but with a few significant changes. Go check it out!


In all lobbies, you will now receive hotbar items to quickly access the map vote and to change your loadout. We have also changed the map vote menu for the Mob-Arena lobby, adding an icon to all maps and showing an estimate of the map's difficulty level so you can choose accordingly. An update ago we have also added tips to the top of the screen when you are in a lobby.


This is a COMPLETE overhaul of our Mob-Arena system, and while it is easy to list all the changes, you should still try out each Mob-Arena map to see for yourself what is different (spoiler alert: a LOT is different!).

First of all, in the image you can see me shooting a cow - yes, a cow. We have added disguised mobs that look like animals, but are actually dangerous monsters that will pursue and hit you just like any other monster. On a side note, Wither Skeletons, Husks and the like are now displayed properly to players using MC1.11 and above.

Second, we have tweaked the way waves spawn in Mob-Arena. Now, instead of spawning all at once, monsters will spawn over a few seconds. Some waves are even broken down into smaller "sub-waves" that spawn different monsters at different locations and different times. In a boss wave, minions will spawn from all spawnpoints naturally and do not have to be summoned by boss abilities, but in return, all minions will now die when the boss itself dies.

Third, we have done a total makeover to our bosses. Boss skills have gotten new visuals, such as Fire Aura actually looking like a ball of fire, and the Wall actually looking like a stone wall approaching your way. Furthermore, we have fixed many issues in our boss skills, such as Wall skill hit detection. Finally, we have added a Laser skill where the boss will aim a laser at where/who it is facing, which is easy to avoid but can do a lot of damage if you aren't careful.

And last but not least, we have redone many of our Mob-Arena maps. Similar to the old days, now they all have different wave counts and time between waves. The Easy mode is also removed from lobby voting (though you can still pick it by manually joining a map), and the difference between Normal and Hard mode has also been reduced, so the challenge level of the game now depends more on the map than the difficulty. Hard mode, however, does have an extra boss in a unique and challenging final wave.


We worked on new visuals for guns that both improves performance and looks much prettier than before. The bullet tracer is now an entity that actually moves at the speed of your bullet, rather than a line of particles that flashes then disappears. This also means that less particles needs to be sent from the server to players, thus greatly reducing the bandwidth usage of the server and ensures that players with slower internet can still have a good connection. Also, the muzzle flash and impact particles now have a more vivid color, and we have added new sounds to aiming down sights.


This is the a very important change that represents a shift in direction in our development doctrine. Many of our players have recently been agreeing that gaining more new players is more important than keeping a high skill ceiling, since the two can not coexist, and popularity is what makes a server more fun in general. In response to this attitude we have rolled out a significant change to how our guns work, so the mechanics are now simpler, more familiar, and more easily understood by new players.

  • Sneaking now causes the player to aim down sights. This works with all weapons.
  • When not aiming down sights, the player is very inaccurate (except when using a SMG, pistol, or shotgun).
  • When aiming down sights, the accuracy penalty for automatic fire is greatly reduced.
  • Movement penalty and weapon recoil have been decreased.
  • The G11 can now use a burst-fire mode by left clicking, since the scope is now bound to the sneak key.
  • Various other balance changes.

Just note that this is still far from point-and-click like Call of Duty: the spread and recoil from shooting is still there, albeit lower, and by learning to control the recoil and limit the spread by burst firing, you can still gain a significant edge over your opponents. Also, we have decided not to bring back sprinting for now, though we might consider it again in the future to cater to new players even more.


Oh boy, you need 25,000 EXP to level up a gun now? Yes and no. Yes because the number is indeed 25,000, no because the old XP and new XP don't nearly mean the same thing.

Each weapon you find in a crate now gives you 10 XP for a common, 100 XP for a rare, 1000 for epic, and 10000 for legendary. The level-up XP requirements has been scaled up to accommodate this reward change. Your existing progress towards the next level will also be kept in the form of an EXP conversion.

We have chose to keep the last one or two levels about the same as before, but you may find the lower levels more challenging to attain. This is because we felt like the lower levels were too easy to progress through, causing most players to get stuck in the last few levels unable to advance.

Now, you have another way of earning that precious Weapon XP to get to your next level. You can now earn experience for a weapon simply by using it in game - one Weapon XP every 5,000 points in Mob-Arena, or 15 weapon XP every kill in PVP or Infected. Pick up your favorite weapon and level it up now!


We have changed the crate opening menu a slight bit. It now shows how many more weapons you need to find in crates in order to get a level up, and if a level up is available, it will show an emerald block to inform you so. It also notifies you with a new sound when you unlock a new weapon that you haven't had before.


We have updated signs in the server spawn to align with our recent updates. This includes changes to the holograms as well as the tips signs.


  • Brand new server list MOTD design
  • Updated the Resource Pack to improve performance and reduce download size
  • Updated Tec-9 model
  • Fixed a glitch where menus can fail to open right after a server restart
  • Note that WWII scenarios may be broken for now, expect a fix soon

Followup Update 3/6:
  • Fixed PVP mistakenly giving Weapon XP to the person you killed instead of yourself
  • New display scheme for items in the inventory GUI
  • Modified Volcanic for more cover and better aesthetics
  • Modified TheLastOfUs to make the fountain area easier to breach, but also to add one new camping spot
  • Modified Jungle to add a few more open areas
  • Modified Subway to change spawns so most players now spawn on the top floor (snipers can still fight out on the bottom if they want)
  • Modified Stalingrad to slightly restrict player movement and reduce the amount of surprise spots
  • Removed aimpunch for scoped rifles
  • Reduced aimpunch for sniper rifles
  • Raised price of AVT-40 to $2000 (from $1750)
  • Raised price of M14 EBR to $2450 (from $2150)
  • Changed the effects of many weapon modifications. For example, the Laser Sights now provides extra hipfire accuracy instead of moving accuracy
  • Fixed weapon statistics in Scenario Mode
  • Fixed a bug where players spawned with the wrong Mob-Arena kit

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New Backend Mob-Arena System

Hello all,

I have put in some work on Mob-Arena's backend code today. There's little actual change gameplay-wise, though, at least for now. We are planning on a huge update some time very soon that will do nothing short of totally revamping the server, and this new Mob-Arena rework will be one part of it, so stay tuned.


  • Added many new mobs that utilize Libs' Disguises plugin.
  • Fixed a display bug on Husks, Strays, Wither Skeletons and Elder Guardians which caused them to display as their normal counterparts.
  • Added an extensive system of over-time spawns and ability to put multiple spawn groups of mobs into a single wave. This allows us to fine-tune exactly when and where the mobs spawn, and even allow us to create bosses with nonstop-spawning minion mobs in the background.

For now we have tweaked the Nether map to incorporate these new features as a proof-of-concept. Feel free to try it out, or wait for our big updates to roll out in a few days. As always, please report feedback and bugs on our forums.

Edit 3/3:

We have tweaked the Starter, Nether, Suburb and Infection maps. They are now much more different than before and takes advantage of the new Mob-Arena features. Be sure to check them out!

  • The number of waves now depends on the map, and they are the same as the original Mob-Arenas from before they all got normalized to 100/50 waves.
  • The time between waves now also depends on the map.
  • Armored mobs are now very rare, and their armor level no longer depends on the difficulty.
  • In return, most mobs now have double health.
  • Mobs in a single wave no longer spawn all at once. Instead, they spawn over a few seconds. This reduces strain on the server's hardware and also makes it more forgiving to be in the open.
  • Boss waves will now spawn minions nonstop (but rather slowly) so long as the boss is still alive. The type of minion depends on the boss.
  • The bosses now delay 10 seconds before spawning to give players time to prepare and allow a few minions to spawn in first.
  • Added many types of new mobs, including disguised mobs which look like animals. One of the bosses is even a pig!
  • Revamped visuals on boss abilities!
  • A new ability: Laser!
  • The rest of the map changes will follow up soon.

The Mob-Arena lobby has also gotten a visual revamp. Now, the lobby shows the icon of each map in the voting menu, the number of waves, and a good estimate of the map's difficulty.

We have also removed Easy mode from the Mob-Arena lobby because it is rarely played, but you can still vote for it if you choose to manually join a match.

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Infected Alpha Improvements

Hello all,

Today's update builds off of yesterday's addition of the Infected mode, aiming to make the Infected experience more balanced and diverse.


We have tweaked two Infected maps, Deserted and Oasis, to provide a more balanced and even experience. Images of the new maps can be found here:


We have made many balance changes to Infected and implemented more features. Note that the mode is still in Alpha and imbalances/bugs may still exist, so do not hesitate to report them in the forums.

  • Implemented Zombie Healer and Zombie Grenades. The healer is much faster than before, but requires a 3 second swap time before the zombie can begin healing. The grenade, on the other hand, works pretty much the same. Both gadgets require reaching a certain Infected level to unlock.
  • In matches of at least 4 players, one of the starting zombies will start at Level 3, meaning that it will have a speed boost, chainmail helmet, and the healer. Any other starting zombies will only start at Level 1 with a gold helmet.
  • Rebalanced zombie kits, and reduced the speed of all zombies.
  • The Heavy zombie kit now disguises as a Husk, and the Vampiric kit now disguises as a Wither Skeleton, so all Infected players now show their armor and therefore their level
  • Headshot multiplier in Infected reduced to 2X
  • Bolt-action snipers now deal 1.5X damage in Infected (NTW-20 only does 1.2X)
  • Weapons now start with less ammo, but when other human players are infected, you gain extra ammo up to a maximum cap
  • The stun effect is greatly reduced when fired upon rapidly or by multiple players compared to before (affects both Infected and PVP)


We have also decided to tweak the balance of weapons to make them behave more realistic.

  • Gravity of all guns reduced by 75%. This makes the bullet trajectory in the server far more realistic (in fact, the new bullet drop is still higher than real life values, even when not considering zeroing) and also easier for new players to pick up.
  • Tavor X95-R damage dropoff increased by 20% to make it behave more in line with other SMGs.

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Killing Monsters & Being a Monster

Hello all,

Today we have brought back an Alpha version of our popular Infected game, plus a change in the damage calculation method in Mob-Arena to make the gamemode more immersive and balanced.


The Infected mode is finally BACK!

This is an alpha test of a reboot of the classic Infected mode launched approximately 2 years ago in GunColony. If you are familiar with the old mode, you will find most mechanics similar to before, but with Infected gadgets like zombie grenades temporarily unavailable (we will bring them back soon).

Most maps are the same as before, and playable under the same criteria. Enjoy the nostalgia playing in these familiar maps.

The classic Dust II map also received a different, more connected layout in Infected mode to give a fresh feeling and extra challenge. Major defensive positions after the revamp can be viewed in this album: https://imgur.com/a/H5Rar


The damage calculation in Mob-Arena has been changed. The old damage calculation involved using the vanilla damage algorithm but with armor penetrating weapons dealing bonus damage to armored mobs to simulate a defense-ignoring effect. This did not play out well, especially with Minecraft 1.9's new damage system.

The new damage calculation algorithm is completely custom and uses exponential decay to calculate the damage absorption of armor. It is calculated as follows:

  • Each armor point and Protection enchantment level will count as 1 point of armor, up to 36 for a perfectly armored mob, but expect around 15-20 for most mobs in Hard difficulty.
  • Every 20 points of armor will cause damage to reduce to 50-65% of normal depending on the weapon (35% damage for 0 armor penetration, towards 65% for 100 armor penetration)
  • The damage reduction is exponential, which means that the higher the mob's armor points, the greater the effect of your weapon's armor penetration.
  • The new Infected mode also uses the same algorithm for damage absorption. Usually raw damage is more important than armor penetration in this mode, but higher AP really benefits when fighting the Tank zombie class.

  • Added Infected Alpha lobby at spawn
  • Added a single block of water at spawn to prevent players from being kicked for flying while logging into the server
  • Fixed a glitch where Strength and Weakness (from witches) effects affected weapon damage unusually much due to the vanilla implementation of +3/-4 damage system (you can still punch for 4 damage while reloading without problem)
  • Fixed a glitch where Communism boss skill only spawned 1 mob
  • Reduced Zombie and Zombie Pigman health in Mob-Arena to 25 back from 30
  • Added a 1.8 PVP plugin which helps preserve the old PVP mechanics for Infected mode, and prevents guns from bobbing when being left-clicked
  • Added an Auto-Reconnect plugin that allows the server to restart without players being kicked out

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Small Quality-of-Life Update

Hello all,

It’s almost the end of February, so to celebrate the start of the spring we’ve rolled out a small update that adds/fixes a few things here and there. Hopefully this bit of attention-to-detail should make the server look more thematic and professional.


It’s probably best to just list all the changes, since there isn’t really a central theme in today’s update.

  • The spawn now uses mostly vanilla blocks, so it looks more normal to players who have not loaded the resource pack yet
  • Changed the layout of the Loadout Configuration menu
    • Removed the bricks that allowed you to switch between loadouts – they are now in a separate menu
  • Added a new Loadout Presets menu that allows you to more intuitively change the old-system loadouts used in Mob-Arena and some PVP modes
  • Removed the individual Mob-Arena join options from the join menu. You can still join any arena you like using /ma join
  • Changed the icons of lobbies in the join menu to skulls
  • Added 19 lines of tips to the PVP Lobby
  • Mob-Arena tips now also show in the Mob-Arena voting lobby
  • Fixed a glitch where kill assist info did not reset at the end of rounds
  • Fixed a glitch where minions summoned by Reinforce Military skill did not count as minions
  • Fixed a glitch where Deadly Arrows skill only shot arrows into the ground
  • Fixed a glitch where Spawn Pumplings skill from certain bosses were omitted, also causing them to cast other skills too quickly
  • Tiny slimes (which do no damage) should no longer spawn from the Spawn Slimes skill
  • Rebalanced amount of arrows/fireballs shot from bosses
  • Rebalanced amount of minions summoned from bosses
  • Bosses now use skills faster the more players are in the arena (they were previously too hard to beat solo, and too easy to beat in a group)
  • Changed layout of Nuke to correspond with recent CS:GO updates
  • Various aesthetic improvements to Nuke
  • Removed Blackheart Extreme mode to end the Valentine ’18 event

Mob-Arena Lobbies + Much More

Hello all,

Today we have rolled out a MASSIVE update to Mob-Arena, containing a brand new lobby system, new class equipment, and better game balance. Hopefully this update will freshen up the Mob-Arena experience for everyone!


We have opened the new Mob-Arena lobby, which you can use to quickly vote for and join matches. It also allows players to group up more effectively (everyone who joins the lobby ends up on the same map), making games larger and promoting teamwork.

Once inside the lobby you will be greeted with the map vote screen. This new voting system allows you to vote for both the map and the difficulty in one sitting. After 60 seconds you will be sent into the match along with any other players that have joined.

The preparation timer in the lobby is reduced to 30 seconds. You can take advantage of this time to make final changes to your loadout and class before the game starts.


We have made significant changes to the player classes in Mob-Arena.

First off, armor for all classes is reduced. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re weaker – we have also added special enchantments onto your chestplates which vary by class!

We have added new toys to everyone’s arsenal, including lingering potions, a Instant Health III potion, and milk buckets. These tools should help you survive a lot better.


  • The damage multiplier for Rifles, SMGs, LMGs and Snipers have been increased.
    • Rifles: 60% -> 65%
    • SMGs: 60% -> 65%
    • LMGs: 45% -> 50%
    • Semi-Auto Snipers: 80% -> 90%
    • Bolt-Action Snipers: 120% -> 135%
  • The health of some mobs have been tweaked.
    • Adult Zombies now have 30 HP
    • Adult Zombie Pigmen now have 30 HP
    • Spider and Cave spider HP now increases by difficulty
    • This also means that killing them will now grant more XP than before
  • The armor and weapons of mobs have been tweaked
    • Armor and weapon strength no longer depends on wave number. Now it only depends on the difficulty level
    • This makes earlier waves much harder but later waves easier, so the entire playthrough is more interesting and challenging
    • Armor and weapon strength have been tweaked to differ between mob types much more significantly – for example, zombies have higher armor and zombie pigmen have better weapons.
  • The Scoreboard title now shows the map name and the difficulty, so it’s easier to tell which difficulty you are playing on.

  • Player names in the scoreboard now properly grays out when someone leaves (but didn’t die).
  • Infection’s wave 10 zombie boss now casts skills much slower to slow down the zombie summoning, decreasing the difficulty and compensating for the increased zombie HP
  • Fixed Suburb’s round 20 Ghast boss spawning outside the arena
  • You can now sprint normally inside lobbies and when flying as a spectator in PVP
  • Now you immediately receive crates from PVP and no longer have to quit the lobby for them to update