To better satisfy and protect our players and to promote a fairer game experience, we have a set of rules that all players on the server must follow. They are designed to be reasonable, but we reserve the ability to punish people who abuse leeways in these rules.
Rules updated July 16th, 2020.

Chat Rules:

1. No spamming. This includes sending meaningless jumbled messages like “asdpifuvnyowie”, sending multiple messages with the same meaning consecutively, posting off-topic statements excessively, or sending multiple short messages to flood the chat in circumstances where fewer, longer messages would suffice.
Example: “omg
i got
so many
kills, wow”

2. No excessive caps.

3. No discrimination or offensive language that may make others uncomfortable. This includes racial slurs and personal attacks.
We do not have any tolerance for offensive content. Violations of this rule will be punished severely, including a permanent mute no later than third offense. Staff members who break this rule will be demoted on first offense.

4. No NSFW or adult/suggestive language.
Example: “no balls gg ez”

5. No discussion of controversial topics (politics, religion, etc.) or promotion of illegal activities.

6. No swearing/cursing. This includes using swear words that are not in the filter.
Example: “Your mom needs a trauma”

7. Be respectful to other players. No offensive language.
Example: “My team is full of noobs”

8. Do not attempt to circumvent the filter. Do not complain about the filter or server rules in public chat. Message staff members about complaints instead.
Example: “F u c 1< this game” “why is j3rk censored”

9. No non-English languages in public chat.
Example: “先輩”

10. No advertising or self-promotion, except for content related to GunColony. Do not excessively mention other servers.
Example: “Join hapickle now!!! Lets go play skywars!!!”


Discord Rules:

1. All chat rules apply.
Example: “lobavilis in stsschestvuyuschy” (No foreign language in public chat)

2. Keep discussions in the correct channels.
Example: do not start a lengthy weapon balance discussion in #general, use #weapon-balance or #suggestions-discussion instead.

3. Quickly swapping voice rooms is not allowed.

4. No NSFW content. This includes gore as well as mentions of illegal drugs. Please check that your content has no components or details that are NSFW before posting.
As this is a sensitive topic, we assume malicious intent especially on repeat offenses and will punish harshly. (See chat rule #3.)

5. No “earrape” or other noises that make others uncomfortable.
Example: loud, distorted music in voice chat or in a video posted by a user.

6. Do not use #server-chat to evade an in-game mute.

7. In #creative-work you may post your own personal creations, but please do not advertise another game or server while doing so.

8. The #memes channel has different rules than other channels in Discord.
The rules are listed below. If a rule is not specifically mentioned, always assume that it is the same as elsewhere on the server and Discord.

Discord #memes Rules:

  • No Spamming; No Excessive Caps; No discrimination or offensive language; No NSFW content; No promotion or imagery of illegal activity; Respect Other Players; No Advertising Other Servers.
    • Trends in multiple pf a user’s posts will be considered as well as the content in individual posts. If you “walk the line” consistently we may decide to punish you.
  • Breaking the above rules in #memes will result in the same level of punishment as breaking them elsewhere on Discord.
  • Moderate swearing is allowed as long as it doesn’t break any other rule.
    • Memes that are too “edgy” will be moderated based on the discretion of staff.
  • Do not have gameplay discussions in #memes. Treat it like an off-topic channel.


Forum Rules:

1. All chat rules apply.

2. Only posts relevant to the discussion section. All posts un-related to GunColony like Minecraft redstone discussions or forum games should go into the Off-Topic section.
Example: Post related to Call of Duty gameplay found in General Discussion

3. Do not triple-post.
Example: Quoting 3 people using 3 separate posts in one thread

4. Words censored by the in-game filter are also not allowed on the forums.
Example: “He’s such a **** to me and should be perm banned”

5. Do not repeatedly post same/similar content in an unreasonable time frame. Saying something every few hours in the in-game chat could be okay, but it would not be welcomed on the forums.
Example: Replying to multiple posts in a single day proposing a new gun suggestion

6. Non-English videos are fine as long as the thread itself is in English (or partially English) and you include in your thread title the language the video is in.
Example: PSY- Gangnam Style

7. Do not necropost. Necroposting is when a forum user posts on a thread that has been “dead” (or hasn’t had a reply since 2 weeks or more).
Example: *User posts on a thread* -> Thread is 2 months old.



Game Modification Rules:


  • APIs that support other allowed mods, such as Forge, LiteLoader, bskprsLib, etc.
  • Performance enhancement mods like Optifine, BetterFPS, FoamFix, VanillaFix, and FastCraft2
  • Any shader pack that does not give a large unfair advantage:  most shadows, color palette tweaks, screenspace godrays/reflections, volumetric clouds, antialiasing, etc.
  • In-game HUD mods like 5zig PVP Mod, In-Game Info Mod, ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, WAILA, HWYLA, The One Probe, etc. as long as all functionalities to see player/mob information (including health/armor indicators) are disabled
  • Zoom mods
  • Chat macros (rules against spamming still apply)
  • Full bright mods, as long as their only feature is fullbright
  • Any mod that only affects the environment, like sound, clouds, as long as they do not make sounds audible from further away or let you see through something you normally can’t see through
  • Non-Minecraft clients whose only function is to chat and send commands manually (e.g. Minecraft Console Client and MineChat)
  • Vanilla setting tweaks like setting brightness and FOV to weird values are allowed

Explicitly not allowed:

  • Hacked clients or other cheat mods, including x-ray
  • Movement mods
  • Any damage indicators
  • Macros that affect gameplay controls (recoil macros, etc.)
  • Mods/firewalls that selectively block packets or the effects of them
  • Block transparency (X-ray) resource packs
  • Resource packs with custom entity models that are significantly bigger than normal
  • Resource packs that make multiple layers of leaf blocks too easy to see through
  • Outrageous shaderpacks: acid shaders, arbitrary sun positions for very long shadows, or raytracing/RTX-based reflections that give information about players/mobs that one can not directly see. (Non-screenspace AO/reflections are fine if they ignore entities in their raytracing algorithm)


Gameplay Rules:

1. All mods other than those listed in the “Allowed Mods” section are not allowed. This includes “hacked clients” or cheat mods.

2. No transperant/xray resource packs.

3. Do not abuse bugs and exploits, e.g. “Speed Glitch”.

4. Do not use F5, F3+B (hitbox), or Sound Subtitles to spot enemies that you can not directly see. This rule does not apply in Mob-Arena.

5. Do not evade a ban or mute in any way, including with the use of alt accounts. We will double the punishment for your main account and permanently ban any alt accounts involved.

6. You may download and modify the GunColony resource pack as long as you do not use it on other servers or for economic gain. Piracy of models and textures in the resource pack is strictly forbidden.

7. If you try too hard in VS/Arcade and give newbies a bad time, we reserve the right to exclude you from playing in the lobby. You are welcome to tryhard in PVP and Comp however you like.


Typical Punishment Durations

This section is intended as a guideline for staff members. Please note that punishment durations can vary slightly based on a staff member’s discretion.

First Offense

Staff members can use their own discretion on whether an unintentional rule breach counts as an offense, if the player in question has never broken a similar rule before. If you decide not to punish, please issue a warning for the player so that other staff members can see the records later on if the player breaks a rule again.

Regular Chat Rules (In-Game/Forum/Discord)

All durations are for mutes, and the moderator can halve or double the duration at their own discretion based on the severity of the offense.
First Offense: 3 days
Second Offense: 7 days
Third Offense: 30 days
Fourth Offense: 6 months
Fifth Offense: Permanent

Severely Punished Chat Rules (offensive/NSFW/discomforting content, advertising)

First Offense: 30 days
Second Offense: 6 months
Third Offense: Permanent
Fourth Offense: Permanent with no possibility of appeal

Gameplay Rules

All durations are for bans, and the moderator can halve or double the duration at their own discretion based on the severity of the offense.
First Offense: 7 days
Second Offense: 30 days
Third Offense: 6 months
Fourth Offense: Permanent

Severely Punished Gameplay Rules (cheat mods/hacked clients)

First Offense: 30 days
Second Offense: Permanent
Third Offense: Permanent with no possibility of appeal


Builders are allowed to “minimod” moderately and remind players of the server rules if they think that doing so can help stop the offense. They may also forward any rule-breaking player activity directly to moderators or admins.


Please additionally remember that any punishment can be at any admin or moderator’s own discretion. If you think you have been banned unfairly, please contact an admin  (PM on discord, etc.) with sufficient evidence to appeal your ban. Remember, we ban reasonably, and if you actually did break the rules we will not unban you manually – you have to wait it out.

The rules are subject to edits made by the consent of the owner.
By playing on GunColony or viewing the forums ( you automatically agree to the server rules and any updates made to it.

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