Update 1.7: 7th Anniversary Update Part 1

Hello all,

Today is the 7th anniversary of GunColony! This update adds a new Scenario system as well as the ability to log in with offline accounts in case you couldn’t migrate earlier this year.

This update is only the first part of the Anniversary update and it is not as elaborate as previous years. This is because we first had to allocate time to adding the offline support to allow for testing with alt accounts, which prevented us from adding as many features as we hoped. However, now that the testing issue is sorted out, we will be releasing additional parts of the update in the coming days with many more new exciting changes.


We have added a new scenario system in this update. This scenario system uses Supply similar to other PVP gamemodes, instead of the old Competitive-style loadouts.

Additionally, this system is now much more flexible and allows for changing the availability of armor, killstreaks, and grenades in different scenarios. For example, in World War II scenarios, body armor is no longer available and helmets have been changed to more authentic variants. The loadout shop also shows weapon descriptions now, giving more information and leaving less guesswork to the player. Furthermore, the starting loadout of each scenario can also be changed, instead of the player always starting with a pistol and nothing else. Another benefit is that you can now equip two of the same grenade as well as purchase killstreaks like you can in other PVP gamemodes.

Instead of gaining $25 per kill like in the previous Scenario Mode, you will now gain 1 Supply every 4 kills. This amount can also be changed per map.

This new system also supports changing the killstreak shop in individual maps even outside the Scenario Mode, which we plan to use in the future to give various maps different killstreaks depending on the game they originate from or whether they are outdoors or not.


The new scenario system is currently available on the Normandy and Stalingrad scenario maps.

Many changes have been made to both WW2 scenarios to make them more historically accurate and improve the gameplay experience.

  • The loadout menu now shows the team name, such as “German Army”, “Allied Forces”, or “Red Army”
  • Body armor has been removed
  • Helmets have been replaced with appropriate WWII versions and made cheaper but also weaker
  • The Incendiary Grenade has been replaced by the Molotov
  • The Molotov is cheaper for the Soviet team in Stalingrad
  • The HE Grenade and Flashbang have been removed
  • The Frag Grenade has been replaced by faction-specific variants
  • The Bandage has been added
  • The STG44 has been renamed to MP43 and made more expensive in Stalingrad
  • The PPSh-41 (Captured) has been added to the German team in Normandy
  • The ZH-29 (Captured) has been added to the German team in both maps
  • The Lee Enfield has been added to the Allied team in Normandy
  • The Thompson (Lend-Lease), M1903 Sniper (Lend-Lease), and M1919A4 (Lend-Lease) have been added to the Soviet team in Stalingrad
  • The Lewis Gun has been removed from the Soviet team in Stalingrad
  • The Flamethrower has been added to both teams in Stalingrad
  • Lend-Lease and Captured weapons cost more Supply than their normal counterparts

More scenarios such as Mannerheim, Hoth, and AtlanticWall will be converted to the new system soon, and unique, authentic killstreak layouts will also be added for scenario maps soon.


To showcase the new scenario system, the following limited-time scenarios have been added to PVP:

  • Normandy TDM
  • Normandy Kill Confirmed
  • Stalingrad Kill Confirmed


We have released a new trailer on our YouTube channel! Thanks to Mohorowe for making the trailer. Check it out below:


Since March 10th, Microsoft has mandated the account migration to a Microsoft account, and disabled access to accounts that have not been migrated. This meant that many players are now no longer able to play Minecraft even though they own the game, as a result of various reasons such as losing access to the original account email or not wanting to migrate due to privacy reasons. Therefore, as we announced in the Discord server in early March, we planned to allow offline players to play on GunColony soon after the forced migration went live.

The update to add this support has been delayed a few times due to the need to find a proper login plugin, but we have finally added the feature now. You are now able to register and login the game when using an offline account. Unfortunately, unless you reached out in March to transfer your progress, you will have to start a new account from scratch. If you are playing on an offline account, you must use a username that is not already used by any premium accounts (you can use NameMC to check it).

If you already migrated to a Microsoft account, then this will not change your experience at all. You will not have to use register and login commands and can play normally without any loss in progress.

This feature is only intended for players who lost the account due to the forced migration, and not meant to support pirating Minecraft. As such, we put a clear warning in the register screen telling players to leave the server if they do not own Minecraft.

To help combat cheating, if you play on an offline account, you have to be level 8 and link a Discord account in order to play in any PVP modes. Alternatively, being level 40 will also unlock the PVP modes without linking Discord.


  • Welrod: Supply cost reduced from 1 to 0 (it is still not a starting pistol in Competitive)
  • Scenario K98k Sniper: No longer has ridiculously high damage (bugfix)
  • Scenario K98k Infantry: No longer has ridiculously high hipfire accuracy, but still much better than other bolt-action rifles (bugfix)
  • Scenario G98: Now has the same stats as the regular G98
  • Scenario BAR: Now has the same stats as the regular BAR
  • Scenario Dual Villar Perosas: Now has increased price and decreased accuracy compared to before
  • Note: The balance of scenario mode has now been shifted overall now that body armor is no longer available.


  • Changed the loadout configure GUI to allow equipping a loadout with right click
    • Now the only difference between the configure GUI and the in-game equip GUI is that the mouse buttons are swapped
  • Allowed the five default loadouts to be equipped in the loadout configure GUI
    • You can equip them as your active loadout by either left click or right click
  • Disabled the daily quest unlocked messages on join
    • They could get spammy really quickly…
    • Seasonal and event quests will still show a message


  • Fixed a bug where crates could give the player “upgrades” for Perks
  • Fixed a bug where the crate menu could not progress to the next item unless clicking the empty spaces

Update 6/6/2022: Added more scenarios to the new system!

  • Added Mannerheim Winter War scenario
  • Added the Hoth sci-fi scenario
    • The Lightsaber is now in the Melee weapon slot
  • Added the DustPCG CS 1.6 scenario
    • Note that the old scenario system will still be used in Competitive
  • Added the Archives Goldeneye scenario
  • Added the Jungle Vietnam War scenario
    • A few new weapons were added to this scenario, such as the Skorpion
  • Added the AtlanticWall alternate history scenario
    • Major additions were made to both the German and Allied loadouts for this scenario
  • New scenario: Mannerheim Continuation. Fight as either the German-supplied Finns or the Soviets during the Continuation War of 1941.
  • New scenario: Nuketown. Fight as the NATO or Warsaw Pact in this cold-war-turn-hot scenario set in the 1990’s.
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