Update 1.5.3: Mob-Arena Tweaks

Hello all,

This is a minor update designed to improve the server’s performance and address some balance issues in Mob-Arena.


Made a few changes and bug fixes to make Endless more difficult. Players should not be able to become immortal simply by getting blown up by a few Creepers!

  • Reduced the duration of Creeper explosion potion effects by half to 1-10 minutes instead of 2-20 minutes
  • Fixed a bug where there was a 10% chance of the Creeper effect being permanent rather than the stated 5%
  • Fixed a bug where Creepers could still receive Regeneration levels higher than 1 in Endless
  • Fixed a bug where mobs in Endless were not receiving Netherite equipment
  • When a mob has more than 20 armor points, any additional armor point now ignores weapon Armor Penetration and instead decreases weapon damage exponentially by a flat 30% per 10 armor points
    • As a result, weapons with armor penetration less than roughly 90% will now deal more damage than before to mobs with >20 armor points
    • This prevents low armor penetration weapons from becoming even more underpowered in Endless due to the addition of Netherite armor to mobs
    • Netherite equipment still counts as 1 more armor point than diamond per piece
    • Protection enchantment still counts as 1 armor point per piece (mobs will never have protection enchantment higher than level 1)
  • Increased the frequency of boss skills in Expert difficulty by roughly 20%
    • This helps make boss fights feel more like boss fights and less like hitting a bullet sponge over and over
    • Bosses are the hardest waves in Expert difficulty. Use your equipment and items from the Shop to aid you in boss fights!
  • The Hunger effect now sets players’ hunger to 6
    • This means that sprinting and regenerating health is disabled
    • This makes Husks more dangerous instead of just a reskin of the Zombie


  • Changed some old methods to use new weapon stat accessors to greatly improve performance
  • Improved the performance of applying multiple modifications on weapon stats of “double” and “int” types
  • Fixed a performance issue where some data about PVP maps was not properly cached, causing constant MySQL querying
  • The current fire mode of a player is now cached and updated once per tick, increasing the performance of checking conditional modifiers when retrieving weapon stats
  • Various new caching methods were added to the weapon data system. This should dramatically increase performance throughout the gun system
    • Item NBT querying in weapon data is now cached. The NBT of the item is now only reloaded a single time per weapon data instance, as long as no setters in the weapon data class are called
    • The weapon data instance of an ItemStack is now stored in a thread-local cache and can be reused between different parts of the code that uses the same item
    • The weapon type of an item is now cached inside the weapon data object, making it much faster to find the weapon type


  • Increased the maximum RAM allocation of PVP and Competitive to 9GB temporarily until the memory leak is fixed. This should ensure that these servers no longer lag or crash due to the memory leak from now on


  • Fixed another memory leak bug on the PVP server due to the scoreboard system
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