5th Anniversary Update

Hello all,

GunColony turns five years old today! We have prepared a huge update to celebrate this special occasion with a new spawn, new weapons, loads of new features and improvements, a new newbie PVP lobby, and multiple new Mob-Arena maps!


First and foremost, GunColony has gotten a new spawn in this update!

Not only is the new spawn prettier and more spacious, Mob-Arena is also placed at the foremost importance to celebrate GunColony’s history, having started as a PVE server. Every Mob-Arena map now has its own NPC so it is easier to get into the map you want without commands. However, PVP players are not alienated: simply hop into the glowing lava portal to join the game.

In addition, new players below Level 10 will join into a special Beginner’s Spawn:

Being confined in a smaller space reduces the number of confusing options, allowing newbies to find and join a match more easily. With this dual-spawn system, the main spawn is able to be expanded to a larger size without alienating new players.


ASh-12.7 (Legendary Rifle)

The ASh-12.7 is a Russian selective-fire battle rifle firing a massive .50 subsonic round. It has very high damage and no bullet tracers, but shoots slowly and has very severe recoil.

QBU-88 (Common DMR)

The QBU-88 is a Chinese bullpup DMR. It fires the 5.8x42mm intermediate caliber and thus has a very low recoil. However, it has low damage and a small 10-round magazine.

Maxim-9 (Legendary Pistol)

The Maxim-9 is an integrally suppressed pistol. It uses a 17-round Glock magazine. It has a fast fire rate but high horizontal recoil making it rather difficult to control for a 9mm firearm.

We have also added six World War II scenario weapons into the main game!

  • Fedorov Avtomat (Rifle)
  • MP 40 (SMG)
  • M3 Grease Gun (SMG)
  • MP 18 (SMG)
  • M1918A2 BAR (LMG)
  • Gewehr 98 (Sniper)


We have added new laser sight modifications with visible laser beams!

  • 1mW Laser: reduces hipfire sway by 10%, and projects a laser dot onto blocks that only you can see. You can use the laser dot to aim to a certain extent, but there is still some random spread.
  • 5mW Laser: reduces hipfire sway by 25%, and projects a laser dot and particle line that both you and other players can see.
  • Tactical Laser: reduces hipfire sway by 28%, and projects a laser dot and particle line that is only visible when you are hipfiring. It reduces the swap and ADS speed of the weapon.


We have completely revamped the unlock levels of all of our weapons. Some hard to use weapons like Nylon 66 and M1915 CSRG were moved up in level, while most weapons were moved down in level. You can now unlock all non-Legendary weapons before Level 100; the last 40 levels will only unlock Legendary weapons periodically.

In addition, the new World War II weapons are unlockable at a low level for new players. They have a low fire rate and controllable recoil to help new players get used to the game mechanics. Additionally, the CheyTac M200 is available at the beginning to allow newbies to one-shot mobs consistently with their sniper. (We have also added the Gewehr 98 as a high level alternative to the CheyTac.)

Gone finally are the times of newbies futilely sniping mobs with SSG 08 and reloading all the time with a M16A1 while accidentally switching their SMGs to single fire and unlocking several pistols and useless weapons in a row.


We have added the Versus (VS) lobby for newer players to battle it out amongst themselves.

  • All casual gamemodes including PVP, FFA, Arms Race, and Scenario Mode are available.
  • Experience gain is slightly reduced compared to current PVP.
  • Veteran players can still use the VS lobby to try out new weapons, but using high level weapons in the VS lobby will result in a penalty.
    • Over level 30: 50% less weapon XP earned in VS
    • Over level 50: 75% less weapon XP earned in VS
    • Over level 70: No weapon XP earned in VS
  • The VS lobby will be unlocked at level 10

We have tweaked the PVP lobby as well to make it better suited for experienced players.

  • Removed Arms Race (it is only playable in VS)
  • Added Demolitions Mode with sprinting enabled
  • Added Dust II – Defusal scenario
  • Increased XP earned overall
  • PVP is now unlocked at level 20

We have tweaked the COMP lobby to make it better suited for organized games.

  • Added Practice Mode again, with sprinting disabled
  • The NPC is now rather hidden in spawn to reduce players unintentionally joining it and quitting/ruining 1v1s
  • Increased XP earned overall
  • Added XP gain at the end of each round
  • The XP gain at the end of a match now depends on the match length
  • COMP is now unlocked at level 30

The addition of the VS lobby and a higher level requirement for all PVP modes are mainly designed to increase player retention by preventing newbies from joining a PVP match against much more skilled and better equipped players. However, it will also help reduce cheating and trolling with alt accounts.

In the future we plan on adding the ability to unlock all PVP modes regardless of level by linking a Discord account, so players who come to the server for the PVP action can join it straight away.


  • The round timer in Defusal has been reduced from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 1 minute 55 seconds.
  • You will now gain a weapon every kill in Arms Race, instead of every 2 kills.
    • The total number of weapons has been increased to 17 (from 12). The number of weapons in each category is the same as CS:GO except there are 2 machine guns instead of 1.
    • The total number of kills required to win has been reduced from 23 to 17. This should reduce the likelihood of the game ending from running out of time.
    • This change also means that knifing is less beneficial, since you can gain a level by using a gun just as easily as using a knife now.

We have increased the experience gained from the more elite PVP/COMP lobbies to differentiate them from the VS lobby.

  • Enemy Killed (respawn modes): 20xp -> 50xp (PVP/Comp), 20xp (VS)
  • Enemy Killed (Elimination): 50xp -> 80xp
  • Enemy Killed (Demolition): 80xp -> 100xp
  • Enemy Killed (Defusal): 100xp -> 100xp
  • Enemy Damaged Per Heart: 2xp -> 10xp (COMP), 5xp (PVP one life modes), 2xp (respawning modes)
  • Kill Assist: 10xp -> 20xp
  • Planting Bomb: 50xp -> 100xp
  • Defusing Bomb: 100xp -> 200xp
  • Win Round (one life modes): 0xp -> 60xp
  • Lose Round (one life modes): 0xp -> 40xp
  • Win Match: 200xp -> 300xp (PVP), 100 * Rounds Played (Comp), 150xp (VS)
  • Lose Match: 100xp -> 100xp (PVP & VS), 62.5 * Rounds Played (Comp)
  • Win Match (FFA): 140xp + 45 * Player Count -> 140xp + 80 * Player Count (PVP), 90xp + 30 * Player Count (VS)

Note that the new EXP gains for kills and damaging enemies will apply to Weapon XP as well.


We have buffed a few modifications that were previously underwhelming to give players more freedom when upgrading their weapons.

  • AP Ammo: now increases Block Penetration by 25%, rather than 20%
  • Sniper Ammo: no longer decreases damage, but now slightly increases recoil (reduces ADS speed instead on bolt snipers)
  • Heavy Ammo: now increases range by 15%, rather than 5%
  • Subsonic Ammo (MP5SD): now increases range by 15%, rather than 5%
  • Dart Ammo: now increases Entity Penetration by 100%, rather than 30% (increases damage of collaterals)
  • Flash Hider: now decreases the length of your bullet tracers making them harder to see. Also, it no longer decreases recoil but rather increases ADS Speed by 5%

Other balance changes:

  • Muzzle Brake: instead of increasing bullet spread, it now increases the random sway bounce after each shot. (Increases viability on DMRs while making it less strong on ARs, SMGs and LMGs)’
  • SSG 08: damage 90 -> 89 (will no longer one shot kill against unarmored at long range; armored one shot kill range is reduced significantly)
  • SC-2010: fixed some stats that were not consistent with other rifles (drag 7% -> 4%, move penalty to recoil recovery -3% -> -23%)
  • High Voltage Gloves: removed entity penetration (it is still massive DPS but no longer massive Splash DPS in MobArena)


We have added Mob-Arena versions of many existing Infected and PVP maps:

  • Castle
  • Museum
  • Shoots (level 0 newbie map)
  • Safehouse
  • Deserted


We have improved our Mob-Arena game mode to be closer to the original system in 2015, where you unlock new maps when you level up and can join each map individually rather than through a lobby. Also, you can join maps much faster than before with less waiting time.

  • Mob-Arena maps now require a certain level to join
  • The Mob-Arena lobby has been replaced with a Quick Join NPC
    • You can choose whether to join an existing match in progress or to start a new match
    • The removal of the lobby cuts the waiting time to start a game from 60 seconds down to 30
  • You can now join a game in progress faster.
    • When you join an arena for the first time, the waiting time before respawn is now 30 seconds instead of 120 seconds
    • If the arena has just started (Wave 0 or 1), then you can spawn in instantly
  • We have renamed Easy mode to “Normal”, and Hard mode to “Expert” so players don’t confuse the difficulty modes with the map difficulty rating.
  • Now the only choices when voting for map difficulty are Normal and Expert (corresponding to previous Easy/Hard)
    • The Hard mode (previous Normal mode) can be accessed by /mavote difficulty hard
  • When voting for map difficulty, the game now shows a map-specific difficulty rating for the two modes you can select

In a recent update we removed Damage Absorption for non-boss mobs, and this has caused mobs to become very quick to kill especially with headshots. We are happy with this for unarmored mobs, however we felt that armored mobs should be harder to kill if you don’t have the right weapons to defeat them.

  • Mob armor is now more effective, especially against low Armor Penetration weapons.
    • If a mob has 10 Minecraft armor points, you will do 90% damage with a 100 AP weapon (down from 95%)
    • If a mob has 10 Minecraft armor points, you will do 50% damage with a 50 AP weapon (down from 62.5%)
      • Damage to armor is still on an exponential scale – if a mob has 20 armor, you will do 25% damage with a 50 AP weapon, etc.

We have adjusted/increased the experience gained from Mob-Arena, making EXP gained based more on survival rather than kills. A new player who gets all of their kills stolen by teammates will still earn XP.

  • Reduced EXP gained from damaging and killing mobs by roughly 50%.
  • All EXP gained from damaging and killing mobs now give 1x Weapon Experience gain rather than 0.4x.
    • This means that the overall amount of Weapon XP gained is increased by around 25%
  • Added EXP gain from clearing waves.
    • This nets around 500 XP when winning in the Starter arena (depending on difficulty), much more in longer arenas
    • If a wave is cleared while you are dead, you will not earn EXP to prevent AFK farming
  • Added EXP gain to all players from killing bosses.


  • Added “Weapon Specific” tag to the HE ammo mod on the NTW-20 and M82
  • The recoil recovery speed downside on the M82 HE ammo is now properly communicated
  • Changed the description of G36
  • Added the Light Frame modification to Crossbow
  • Changed the message sent when receiving a new weapon in Arms Race to make it sound less like you are leveling up
  • Changed the title of MobArena scoreboard to say “Wave x” instead of “LV.x”
  • Changed the holograms in spawn to display “1 Player” instead of “1 Players”
  • Changed the PVP holograms in spawn to display “Empty” instead of “Inactive”
  • The weapons in the MobArena equip GUI are now sorted by weapon rarity/name rather than Mob-Arena class name.
    • This solves the problem of it being very difficult to find one’s desired¬†weapon in the GUI
  • Removed message telling you remaining time when joining the Mob-Arena lobby
    • This cuts the number of messages sent when joining from 3 down to 2
  • Infected has been disabled
  • Removed the useless “Weapons in loadout #1 equipped!” message when spawning in in Mob-Arena
  • Added a message “The sun sets as night looms over the arena…” when starting a game in Expert mode
  • Nether Map: amount of boss minions significantly reduced/nerfed to fit the role of a Level 0 map


  • Optimized the grenade code to stop a path trace if the damage drops to zero, reducing unnecessary calculations
  • Optimized /gun once again by switching to more efficient data structures
  • Significantly reduced random lag spikes caused by saving player inventories
    • Removed some older debug code; saving inventory of a player no longer serializes and saves the inventory twice
    • Optimized the inventory verification process (list comparisons are no longer bruteforce O(n^2) and instead use HashSets)
  • Indexed the player inventory by item ID to make searching faster; this will slightly speed up spawning in Mob-Arena
  • Greatly improved the performance of /gun GUI by making the sorting comparison function faster


  • Fixed a glitch where the FAL could unlock a few modifications earlier than other rifles
  • Fixed a glitch where the muzzle flash and tracers were misaligned with the first person weapon model when sneaking
  • Fixed a glitch where the Heavy Bolt reduced range instead of increasing it
  • Fixed a glitch where some charged creepers in MobArena were unintentionally spawned as regular creepers instead
  • Fixed a glitch where if a player joins a MobArena after the first boss, the wrong respawn message was displayed
  • Fixed a glitch where players spawning into MobArena always had 0 levels, instead of the level reflecting the current wave
  • Fixed a glitch where the player could unequip modifications on a weapon to free up money for other items without updating the modifications on their weapon
  • Fixed a glitch where friendly fire attempts followed by a suicide could level up the player in Arms Race
  • Fixed a glitch where players would show up as level 0-4 in /list even when they are not actually low level
    • This is not fixed immediately, but rather automatically fixed the next time the player levels up
  • Fixed a glitch where the Refined Barrel ADS speed penalty was not being properly applied
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