Dead Silence

Hello all,

This is Part 2 of the 4202020 update containing a bunch of new weapons, balance changes and performance improvements! Defeat enemies silently with three new stealth weapons, or become the loudest and deadliest with our new double-barrel shotgun and anti-tank rifle!




A rare compact SMG unlocked at Level 13. It is cheap and very fast firing, but extremely inaccurate in full auto.

Lahti L-39

A epic semi-automatic anti-tank rifle unlocked at Level 134. Fires an extreme large round that deals massive damage, but is terribly unwieldy to handle and has a very long aim down sights time.

Mossberg Over/Under

A rare double barrel shotgun unlocked at Level 31. It has higher than average range and a tighter spread than the secondary Double Barrel, but slightly inferior handling and a longer reload.

Yeet Cannon 9

A common starter pistol unlocked at Level 52. It has high jumping accuracy for a pistol as well as good stability, but has lackluster magazine capacity compared to alternatives. A 10-round extended magazine is available as a modification.

AS Val

A rare rifle unlocked at Level 109. It has a high rate of fire, as well as an integral silencer and subsonic ammunition for a low sound footprint and no bullet tracers, but below-average performance at range.

Welrod Mk II

An epic pistol unlocked at Level 113. It is slow-firing due to its bolt action but is extremely quiet and makes no visible tracers. It can kill enemies in one headshot (only at close range for helmeted enemies).


A common special weapon unlocked at Level 104. It has an extremely slow bullet velocity but can one-hit kill enemies for a rather cheap price.


  • New model for:
    • Mac-10
    • M1911
    • AF2011
    • M4A1-S
    • Scout
    • M14 EBR
    • Fire Launcher
    • Flashbang
    • Decoy Grenade


  • Sterling: backup ammo 128 -> 136
  • Decoy Grenade: now only plays a sound 1/4 of the time in every tick. Better for your ears.
  • Double Barrel: burst mode no longer reduces sway
  • Auto Snipers: randomness of recoil increased 20%
    • On ZH-29 and M82, the increase was less than 20%
    • Added a new modification Cheek Pad on Auto Snipers and Auto Shotguns that reduces the random recoil by 20% but reduces ADS Speed by 20%. It unlocks at Level 55 on Auto Snipers and Level 43 on Auto Shotguns
  • Anti-Material Snipers: aim punch can now be avoided by standing still for 0.5s, down from 1.5s


We have done a lot of performance optimizations to our weapon code. Testing shows that the gun plugin should now run about 2-3x faster overall!

  • Added a performance profiling system to the gun plugin to try and locate performance issues
  • Made a few minor optimizations to the projectile flight code
  • Fixed an exception unintentionally being thrown and silently caught every time a bullet misses a mob, which could have been a major performance drain in Mob-Arena
  • Heavily optimized the weapon config loading system
    • Empty modifications are now completely skipped
    • The result of weapon config computations for heavily modded weapons (3 mods or more) is now cached, removing the need to repeatedly calculate the value every time it is requested
    • Weapon modifications are no longer permitted to modify each other (this was a performance-heavy feature that was not actually used anywhere in the weapon config)

Other optimizations:

  • Reduced render distance from 15 to 12 chunks in arena world, and 7 chunks in spawn world
    • You might notice more terrain pop-in on Alpine Trench, but this change has a major benefit on performance
  • Heavily optimized the weapon list GUI (/gun) – it will now only construct the items that it needs to draw on the current page, instead of constructing items of all pages in the GUI
  • In Redis data-write mode (currently only for the test server) the local cache now waits slightly before clearing to make fast consecutive GUI clicks less taxing on the server
  • Cut down on the length of the group inheritance chain to hopefully reduce lag especially when players join
  • Fixed a few memory leaks in the GUI system
  • The main database used to store player data is now properly indexed by UUID, making accessing player inventory and loadouts faster


  • When you are targeted by the Living Bomb boss skill, you are now sent a message telling you to get into water or explode
  • New shop appearance for PVP and COMP!
    • It is now called Equipment Tablet and is a different color depending on your team
  • Connected blocks has been re-enabled for all blocks
  • Added the PSO-1 scope from the SVD to a few other weapons as a modification


  • Micro Sight is available again
  • Modifications that affect damage range will now also affect the range before damage begins dropping off
  • Fixed a glitch where the FAMAS STANAG Conversion did not properly override the magazine capacity
  • Fixed a glitch where the MP5SD ammo type was “9x19mm” instead of “9x19mm Parabellum”
  • Fixed a glitch where the Heavy Bolt and Sawed Off Barrel were both Level 45 unlocks on shotguns (Heavy Bolt moved to Level 41)
  • Fixed a glitch where message sent when someone respawns in Mob-Arena always says that the recipient of the message has respawned
  • Fixed a glitch where movement sway is abnormally high after switching a weapon while sprint jumping
  • Fixed a glitch where the P2000/P250 extended magazine did not actually give you extra ammo
  • Fixed a glitch where the message sent when the item price changes as a result of equipping a mod had spacing errors
  • Fixed a glitch where the M4A1-S was sideways when aiming down sights in Minecraft 1.15
  • Fixed a glitch where the 4th vote link did not work
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