Bug Fixes & Improvements

Hello all,

As we begin the new year of 2020, we are rolling out a series of important bug fixes and general improvements to make the game more enjoyable and working as intended. We have also improved several mechanics to be higher quality and simpler to understand.



  • In Defusal Mode, you now only need to right click once to plant or defuse the bomb
    • Cancel by left click or by switching to another item
  • Added a countdown to bomb planting and defusing
  • In the Sci-Fi scenario, the Lightsaber now gives you jump boost as long as you are holding it
    • Previously you had to swing it to get a brief jump boost
  • Equipping items in PVP after you’ve left spawn now gives a new message to clearly inform that you will only get the weapon the next time you respawn
  • When you die in PVP/Competitive, you will fly much slower at first to prevent sinking into the ground when holding shift.
    • In Competitive, the fly speed returns to normal after 1.5 seconds, so you can still spectate normally


  • Buy zone radius in Competitive has been increased from 5 to 8 blocks to prevent players from spawning outside it
  • Fixed a glitch where cancelling a bomb plant or defuse disables your weapon from firing
  • Fixed a glitch where picking up a bomb would duplicate it
  • Fixed a glitch where you could not drop the bomb manually unless you move it to a specific slot in your inventory first
  • Fixed a glitch where leaving Competitive as the last man standing did not end the round


  • When you leave the game, you will now drop your weapons (including bomb in Defusal mode)
  • When you die in PVP via natural damage sources and no enemies recently damaged you, the death no longer counts as a kill for the enemy team
  • Fixed a glitch where retextured Silverfish Blocks were showing up as normal stone bricks to players in 1.13 and above
  • Fixed a glitch where damaging enemies with grenades would occasionally switch your current weapon’s fire mode
  • Fixed a glitch where damaging enemies with a bullet that took a long time to travel to the target would switch your weapon’s fire mode
  • Fixed a glitch where noise-emitting pressure plates in certain maps could not be actually triggered
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