Atlantic Wall

D-Day 75th Special Update

Hello all,

75 years ago today, Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy to fight for freedom. To honor those brave soldiers, we have released a brand new map Atlantic Wall, as well as several remodels to our weapons and performance improvements. (description by pale1)



Fight on the beaches of the German Atlantic Wall in this new Wolfenstein-inspired map, now available for Team Deathmatch: Scenario Mode. With deep trenches and plenty of open areas, Atlantic Wall is a small but very diverse map suitable for all kinds of weapons.



Winchester Model 1912: U.S. shotgun with a bayonet attached. The bayonet has identical performance to the Knife’s left click attack. Now available in Normandy & Atlantic Wall.

Sawed-Off: New model.

NS 2000: New model

STG 44: New model.

FG 42: New model.

L86 LSW: New model.

Ithaca 37: Now available in Normandy and Atlantic Wall maps.



All SMGs and Pistols in WWII scenarios: Reduced damage dropoff to match the weapons’ regular counterparts.

M1 Carbine (Scenario Mode): Reduced damage per shot (now 4 hit kill); reduced bullet velocity to match realistic values; reduced price from $3,000 to $2,300.

FG-42 (Scenario Mode): Increased damage per shot and weapon recoil; increased price in Jungle (Vietnam scenario).

OTs-14 Groza: Reduced reload speed from 2.1s to 2.55s to match other bullpup weapons like the FAMAS; increased recoil by 10%.



  • Shotguns no longer forcibly zoom out during the pump animation.
  • Instead, the gun model simply bobs downward briefly while allowing the player to remain in ADS view.



  • Improved caching for bullet trajectory calculations. The game now caches all appropriate config values when the bullet is first fired to prevent lag when many bullets are being fired at once.
  • Added a max performance quota of 5ms to the anti-xray system. When the anti-xray system is using more than 5ms time per tick, the game will turn off anti-xray for higher-level players to ensure server performance. This is not expected to kick in unless around 20 players or more are in the same PVP lobby.
    • Moderators can use /antixray status to check what level (and above) players are currently being exempted from anti-xray



  • Fixed a bug where checking the level progression menu brings up the level 60 page even for players above level 60.
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