Hoth 2019

May the 4th Event!

Hello all,

May the Force be with you! Today we have made many updates to Hoth, our Star Wars-inspired map. We also have a few new entrants to the staff team!


  • For the weekend of May 4-5, 2019, Hoth Scenario Mode will be 5 times as likely to appear in PVP matchmaking.
  • For the weekend of May 4-5, 2019, a Hoth TDM mode is available where you can fight on Hoth with your loadout weapons!


  • All energy weapons now have very low bullet velocity (160-200 m/s), but are much more accurate without aiming down sights, and have almost no damage dropoff
  • Moonraker has received the above treatment only in Hoth; it works normally in other modes
  • The Laser-451 has not been changed
  • The two sniper weapons now have increased bullet velocity of 1,000 m/s
  • Lightsabers now allow you to move much faster than before, and while swinging them you jump higher!
  • Lightsabers have slightly increased price and now take up the primary slot instead of secondary
  • The DP-23 energy shotgun now has a much wider spread, but 1 extra pellet
  • Pistols now fire slower but do more damage
  • The Falcon 2 Scoped has received a super high magnification scope (3X)
  • You can now sprint in Hoth


We have recruited a few new Trial Moderators into our staff team!

  • Vexy_Vex
  • TotallyRosssome
  • Trexar
  • Asrielite
  • NatePlayzMinecraft
  • Vernonon

Congratulations, and thanks everyone who applied!


  • Added a Scenario Mode variant to Alpine Trench that does not have Random Spawns
  • The changes to Falcon 2 Scoped in Hoth also apply to the Alpine Trench Scenario Mode
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