Stability Improvements

Hello all,

First of all, I want to apologize for my lack of activity recently. I am currently limited by real-life obligations and might not have as much time to update the server. I will try to hand some more power to our higher staff members in the coming days so they can keep the server awesome while I more or less resign to a supportive developer and overseer role for the next few months.

For today, though, I would like to roll out some minor stability improvements, fixes to issues that were introduced in our rushed attempt to provide 1.13 support. This should fix the BungeeCord crashing bugs plaguing the server for the last few days (and demanding a manual restart each time it happens).

For the time being you still have to download a separate resource pack to play on the server using 1.13.

I used to provide a custom system that automatically installed the right resource pack version back in the 1.8-1.9 days, but now things are more complicated as we now have multiple underlying servers and have to send resource packs at the proxy level to ensure that switching servers does not require the full reloading of the pack. So you need to wait for now while we find an external source to solve the problem. (We still recommend using 1.12 if possible.)

  • Updated Bungeecord to latest Spigot build
  • Updated Viaversion to latest release so the 1.13 experience is more bearable
  • Updated Linux packages in server (including Apache webserver and MySQL database) to hopefully improve stability

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