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Update 1.3.1: Minor Content Update

Hello all,

Today we have added a weapon tweaking and content update to the server while we continue work on the 1.17 update.


A new staffbuild server has been added that runs on Spigot 1.17.

This server will use the SlimeWorldManager world system to allow each build to be in its own world, instead of our old plots system.

Expect some new Mob-Arena maps built with 1.17 blocks to appear on the 1.17 Mob-Arena test server soon.


  • All SMGs: increased headshot multiplier on semi-auto
    • We want to encourage situational use of the semi-auto firing mode on SMGs for ammo conservation or fighting at medium or longer ranges.
  • FAMAS: increased bullet velocity to reflect its real-world barrel length
  • G3A3: price reduced from 10 Supply to 9 Supply
    • The G3A3 was not a viable pick in most cases as a low RPM battle rifle, as most assault rifles at the 10 Supply range have faster handling and lower recoil and thus win out over the G3A3. Reducing its supply cost should improve its utility particularly when higher penetration is desired.


  • 7.62x39mm
    • Tula Civilian Ammo
    • 7N23 AP Ammo
    • M67 Ammo
    • 7N27 AP Ammo
  • .303 British
    • F1 AP Ammo
    • Mark VIIIz Ammo
    • 7.7x56mmR AP Ammo
    • Pomeroy II Explosive Ammo
    • Note that since sniper flinch scales with Recoil Control, these ammo types are NOT free upgrades on the Lee Enfield


We have brought back several assault rifles and LMGs which can take advantage of the new ammo types available for the intermediate calibers and .303 British. They have been rebalanced with unique attributes that are both interesting for gameplay and accurate to their real life counterparts.

FAD: A high-mobility assault rifle with lower rate of fire. In exchange for much greater horizontal recoil than comparable weapons like the SCAR-L, it gains improved mobility stats. For example, it has very low movement inaccuracy. In addition, its velocity has been slightly increased to reflect its barrel length. It now has higher price than before but still on the inexpensive side at 7 Supply. This weapon is available to newbies when starting the game, alongside the M4A1.

IMI Galil: A budget assault rifle. Its main strengths include a high magazine capacity and reload speed, as well as good damage range, but it lacks in rate of fire and mobility. It can exclusively be fitted with the Bipod modification to help tame its otherwise unpredictable recoil. Also, it can be used with 50, 65, and 75-Round magazine options to turn it into a budget LMG. Its price has been further reduced to 5 Supply, which is tied with the M1 Garand for being the cheapest in the Rifle category.

Galil ACE 22: Renamed from Galil AR. A mid-range assault rifle with a high capacity magazine and quick rate of fire of 790 RPM, as well as improved mobility thanks to polymer materials. However, it shares the poor recoil control of the IMI Galil, as well as a a shorter barrel leading to reduced range. It is available with the same magazine options as the IMI Galil, and costs 9 Supply.

Mk18 CQBR: Renamed from M4A4 CQBR. Close range cut-down carbine with a high rate of fire of 810 RPM, lightning-fast aim down sight speed, and high hipfire accuracy. It is formidable at close range while retaining more effectiveness at mid range compared to SMGs, at the cost of a much higher price tag of 12 Supply.

Lewis Gun: British light machine gun used in WWI and WWII. It has a heavy, water-cooled barrel which results in very consistent recoil in fully-automatic fire, making it great for suppressive fire at long ranges. Has good hipfire accuracy when stationary and is a good fit with the Point Shooting perk for utilizing taller cover. Can use unique ammo modifications that are only shared with the Lee Enfield. Costs 9 Supply.

Ultimax 100: Singaporean light machine gun with the best accuracy and stability in the LMG category due to its “constant recoil system”, held back by a low fire rate and intermediate caliber. This LMG is very effective at long ranges and can be used to suppress enemy snipers or hold down an angle for an extended period of time. Costs 13 Supply. This weapon now unlocks at Rank 13.

Fire Launcher: a burst fire semi-automatic weapon that fires burning fuel pellets. The weapon has fairly short range, but deals minor splash damage and can kill with a single headshot. Costs 2 Supply.


  • All weapon changes to the main server also apply to the 1.17 Test Server
  • Fixed some crash/freeze bugs on the 1.17 test server. We will continue to monitor the server for freezes and other issues

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