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2021 Bugfix Update

Hello all,

This update doesn’t have much in the name of flashy additions, but it fixes up a lot of bugs and inconsistencies in the game, and adds a few quality-of-life changes. The next update will have more substantial content and features added to the game!



Since you asked for it, the early access quests are coming back! We are planning to expand them to more new additions than just weapons, but for now we’ve added the IWI Carmel which you can obtain early by completing the new quest.

The IWI Carmel is an Israeli assault rifle first displayed in 2019. With a high rate of fire and integrated reflex sight, the IWI Carmel is quite efficient at close to medium ranges. Aim for the chest to get a fast time-to-kill considering the weapon’s $2750 price tag.


  • To make the upgrade menu less confusing to newer players, all modifications more than 5 modifications away from being unlocked will now display as a gunpowder icon. You can still see their effects and purchase them normally.
  • When purchasing a new modification, it will now be automatically equipped unless you already have 5 modifications equipped.


The quest notification for weekly and daily quests has been adjusted to only give a chat message if they have refreshed since the last time you joined, and not a toast message / sound effect.


  • Improved the way the map’s difficulty displays in the message broadcast when completing Mob-Arena
  • The message broadcast when an Endless arena ends is now different depending on the wave that the players reached


  • SCAR-20 vertical recoil slightly decreased, and G3SG1 vertical recoil slightly increased to bring the two guns a bit closer together (SCAR-20 still has twice the vert. recoil than G3SG1)
  • Scenario M1903: backup ammo decreased from 60 to 45 for consistency with the K98k, since it fires a similar caliber


The linking instructions on the Discord have been edited and should now be correct.


  • NTW-20 backup ammo adjusted from 25 to 24 to be a multiple of the magazine capacity
  • The server list message now says 1.12-1.16.5 instead of 1.12-1.16.4 (the new version was network-compatible, so no actual server update to support it was needed)
  • It is now possible to use /settings during a match
  • Container, item frame, and armor stand interaction is no longer allowed outside of Mine-Spades (Thanks sheepguard)


  • Fixed a major bug where objectives could not be captured in Mine-Spades
  • The weapon stat GUI no longer shows the default 999999999 XP requirement for non-inventory weapons
  • Fixed a bug where the Zeus x27 in Hoth scenario had no display name in the Equipment Tablet (Thanks pale1)
  • Fixed a map escape by breaking glass on Townhall (PVP)
  • Fixed a console error that occasionally happens when a player fails to join a game server
  • Fixed a bug where the Mob-Arena spawn selection algorithm used the lobby region instead of arena region when calculating the minimum spawn distance of mobs from players (it was not a big deal since for most maps the two regions were the same)
  • Fixed a bug where the Mob-Arena spawn selection algorithm could fail to calculate the spawn distance for two different reasons, which causes the entire Mob-Arena map to stop spawning (Thanks Hotline_101)
  • Fixed a bug where if there are no single-occurring waves left in a Mob-Arena match, an error will occur that causes the map to stop spawning waves (Thanks Hotline_101)
  • Regenerated the anti-cheat config to hopefully fix Speed check false-positives and spawning under the map in Mob-Arena

HOTFIX JAN. 18, 2021

  • Mob-Arena boss skills that do not respond to the difficulty level will no longer display difficulty stars next to their name in chat
  • Removed the vanilla “anti-cheat” (turned on allow-flight) in Mob-Arena servers to prevent false kicks
  • The Pull Distant and Pull Target skills no longer pull players ridiculously far to prevent tripping up the anti-cheat
  • The Evade skill now plays the teleport sound at the old location before the boss teleports, instead of the new location after the teleport
  • The Speed skill can no longer grant knockback resistance for longer than the Speed effect at difficulty > 6
  • The Teleport to Player skill now has a minimum delay of 6 ticks at difficulty >= 8, rather than instant at difficulty >= 10
  • Added a barrier ceiling to Deserted (MA) to prevent Shock Aura from sometimes booting the player out of the game
  • Updated LightCleaner and BKCommonLib to hopefully fix a bug where barriers block light to neighboring blocks erroneously
  • Removed the unnecessary “You have no new mail.” message from Essentials
  • Added keepalive packets to the database to fix a bug where players needed two tries to join a game server that no one has joined for a while, and the first try would print an error message

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