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Blizzard Update

Hello all,

We have released an update to GunColony that adds a new map, improves the weapon modifications system, speeds up weapon leveling, and fixes a few important bugs. Happy holidays!



Using the unfathomable power of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V we have now created a PVP version of Blizzard, which is now totally the smallest PVP map in the game.

This map is just for fun and for gathering some feedback on whether people enjoy these very small maps. It will be removed once more very small maps are added in the future.


These changes are intended to make it easier to level up a gun by using it in-game, but somewhat harder to fully kit it out with tokens (previously, grinding was often very slow to the point where it was faster to earn tokens with another weapon and just buy out the attachments you wanted!).

  • Weapons now unlock the vast majority of attachments at Level 65 instead of 70. Some exotic conversions or meme attachments may be unlocked above level 65.
    • Current unlock levels are placeholders- attachments above level 65 have simply been moved down to 65. This will be fixed in Part 2 of this update when new attachments are added.
  • Weapons under level 65 will now show the full level of the gun in your inventory, instead of showing the level divided by 10.
  • Weapons level 65 or higher will not show their level in your inventory.
  • Reduced the amount of XP required to level up Rare and Epic weapons to match Common weapons. Legendaries still require double the usual XP to level up.
  • Increased the price of buying modifications with tokens.


We have finally added a proper way to view weapon stats in the server! You can access this GUI with the same method as the old chat menu: right clicking the weapon on the top row of the upgrade menu.

This menu will display a wide variety of stats of a weapon, and if the weapon has attachments, it will show a comparison between the unmodified and modified versions of the weapon.

You can also compare two different weapons:


We have changed how some attachment effects work on weapons.

Hipfire Accuracy now also affects crosshair expansion when firing, not just the base crosshair size while stationary. This makes it overall more important than before.

Recoil Stabilization no longer impacts crosshair expansion when firing from the hip; it is now part of Hipfire Accuracy. Now it only affects aiming down sights, much like Recoil Control.

ADS Idle Sway has been renamed to Aiming Stability. It works the same way as before.

ADS Speed no longer impacts how fast movement inaccuracy recovers after you stop moving. This effect is now part of Sprint-out Speed. This change makes ADS Speed attachments less helpful in allowing you to fire accurately immediately after a sprint.

Sprint-out Speed is a new stat with two effects: first, it makes your accuracy return faster after you stop moving (both in base weapon spread and in the moving penalty to spread recovery), which was previously part of ADS Speed; also, for weapons that stop your sprint when fired, better sprint-out speed allows you to go back to sprint sooner after firing.

Aim Walking Speed is a new stat that changes the multiplier to movement speed while aiming down sights. Note that “Movement Speed” still changes movement speed both when hipfiring and aiming down sights. No stock or bullpup weapons have increased aim walking speed compared to normal weapons.

Aim Walking Steadiness is a new stat that affects the magnitude of how much your gun bounces up and down periodically when moving. This mainly affects aiming down sights; technically it has an effect on hipfire too, but it is unnoticeable except for when you have a laser sight equipped.

Weapon Spread Control is how much of your “spread increase” goes to recoil rather spread. Increasing this value slightly increases the random recoil that you experience when firing, but significantly cuts down on spread. Weapons without a stock naturally have low Weapon Spread Control, but you can improve it by attaching a stock. Note that this stat does not affect the first shot accuracy, only that of subsequent shots.

Finally, some perks will have a special effect on the weapon. This is explained below in the Perk section.


  • Greased Trigger nerfed from +15% to +10% movement accuracy
  • Lightweight Foregrip (previously Foregrip) recoil reduction reduced from 10% to 8%
  • Completely reworked/nerfed the RPM-increasing attachments
  • Completely reworked all existing stock attachments
  • SC-2010 5.56mm conversion now increases backup ammo
  • KS-23 slugs now penetrates one more entity
  • Rifled Choke nerfed on shotguns; the range and velocity benefits have been removed
  • The other chokes have been buffed slightly: Modified Choke now has 2% more spread reduction, and Full Choke now gives a small increase to damage range
  • 1mW and 5mW lasers have been reworked; notably the 1mW is now also visible to enemies but it is just a dot, not a full laser beam like the 5mW
  • Cheek Pad on DMRs now penalizes aim walking steadiness slightly
  • AP Ammo has been removed in favor of the FMJ perk
  • Many magazine attachments on ARs no longer impact backup ammo
  • Greased Bolt reworked to have more meaningful downsides on all sniper rifles


New attachments will come in the part 2 of this update! We just needed more time to draw all the new icons for them.


These changes are coming live in Part 2, except the FMJ Ammo perk which has already been added now.

A new Muzzle category has been added, separate from the Barrel category.

A Perk category has been added for weapon perks with unique special effects.

A Rear Grip category has been added with several grip tape attachments that affect weapon handling.

In total there are now 12 categories of attachments that can be used on weapons. Not all of them are available on every weapon, however.


  • Removed wireframe stock from the AUG and L86 since it doesn’t make sense
  • Removed extended stock from the MP5SD and added it to the MP5KA4 (typo fix)


  • Damage from Molotovs and Incendiary Grenades no longer stuns players in PVP
  • MP5K A4 has been renamed to the MP5KA4 (removed space)
  • AUG now has bullpup handling attributes instead of regular handling (typo fix)
  • Steyr Scout: increased damage range, reduced movement speed to 97% from 100% (you can now reach 100% with attachments, but not exceed it)


The movement inaccuracy code has been rewritten to make it feel more natural.

  • The movement inaccuracy applied now depends on your movement speed at the time
    • Moving slowly will barely trigger movement inaccuracy, allowing you to strafe left and right while shooting like in CS:GO. Still not very accurate, but can be useful when you are behind a 1.5 block head glitch
  • Movement inaccuracy now begins recovering immediately after you stop moving, instead of waiting 0.1-0.15 seconds
  • There is no longer a jagged effect where your movement inaccuracy appears to increase slightly after decreasing at first after you stop moving


  • Minimum player limit for TDM maps removed. This was due to feedback that Alpine Trench TDM was much rarer than players would like it to be. TDM Random Spawns and Domination still have a considerable minimum player limit to be playable.
  • OITC is now 33% rarer in the map vote
  • Hunters is now 4x rarer in the map vote
  • GhostGulag event has been removed


  • Fixed a glitch where T’s could plant the bomb anywhere on Dust II
  • Fixed a glitch where movement inaccuracy was being applied while the player is turning but not moving
  • Fixed a glitch where clicking certain slots in GUI causes your held weapon to play the swap animation again
  • Fixed a glitch where due to the async weapon firing system, players would be very rarely kicked from the server with the message “Internal Server Error”. Days were spent refactoring the gun plugin to work around this issue!
  • Fixed a glitch where you could drop lobby items
  • Fixed a glitch where the unscoped K98k and G98 in Scenario Mode had higher damage than intended

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