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Rewarding Update

Hello all,

In this jumbo-sized quality of life update, we have added new experience rewards to all gamemodes as well as a new way to display them. Additionally, we have improved the quality of game messages and made all gun sounds much more realistic and audible from further away.


  • The total EXP earned from all recent actions (damage, kills, etc) is now shown on screen
    • This applies to all gamemodes including Mob-Arena
  • The boss bar no longer shows the XP earned by each individual award
  • The boss bar now shows the precise amount of damage dealt to enemies


  • XP from points (mob damage) has been reduced to 1 XP per 500 points (from 1 XP per 400 points)
  • Increased XP from boss minions (now gives 40% of a normal mob’s XP instead of 25%)
  • Added XP from killing a mob regardless of mob health
    • This addition is especially noticeable for swarmy mobs with low HP
  • Doubled weapon XP gain in Mob-Arena from x0.2 to x0.4 of player XP
  • Halved the percentage of extra weapon XP you gain from the Low Player Bonus
    • This means that the total amount of XP you gain from the bonus is the same as before


Note: some secret kill awards are intended as a surprise and are not listed below.

PVP + Comp

  • Headshot (+10XP): kill an enemy by a shot to the head.
  • Wallbang (+10XP): kill an enemy through a piece of cover or another player.
  • Revenge (+20XP in PVP, +40XP in Comp): kill the enemy who last killed you.
  • Knife Kill (+20XP): kill an enemy with a knife.
  • Grenade Kill (+20XP): kill an enemy with a grenade.
  • Savior Kill (+10XP in PVP, +30XP in Comp): kill an enemy who has damaged a teammate, but hasn’t killed anyone nor damaged you in the last 3 seconds
  • Point Blank (+10XP in PVP, +20XP in Comp): kill an enemy from less than 2m away.
  • Longshot (+10XP in PVP, +20XP in Comp): kill an enemy from 50-99m away.
  • Marksman (+15XP in PVP, +30XP in Comp): kill an enemy from 100-199m away. The distance will be shown in your boss bar.
  • Sniper (+20XP in PVP, +40XP in Comp): kill an enemy from more than 200m away. The distance will be shown in your boss bar.


  • Killstreak (+10XP for double kill, 5 more for each additional kill up to 60): kill 2 or more enemies without dying, and each kill must be within 5 seconds of the last kill.
  • Dominating (+20XP): kill the same enemy five times in a row without them killing you once.
  • Nemesis Kill (+60XP): kill an enemy dominating you.


Kill awards have been increased to 50XP in Elimination, 60XP in Demolition, and 80XP in Defusal

  • Killstreak (+20XP for triple kill, 10 more for each additional kill up to 100): kill 3 or more enemies in a single round.
  • Bomb Planted (+50XP): plant the bomb.
  • Bomb Defused (+100XP): defuse the bomb.


  • Sound attenuation has been tweaked to behave more realistically. Instead of volume dropping off linearly over distance, it now drops off close to quadratically (higher dropoff exponent for louder sounds).
    • This approximates the real life inverse square law much better than before while still allowing the sound to end at a finite distance
  • Gun and grenade sound effects now respect the speed of sound when at a distance above 34m
    • This means that you will be hit by a long ranged shot before hearing it
  • Sound effects can now be heard from much further away
    • Suppressed weapons are no longer Hollywood quiet and can be heard from up to 60-75m away
    • Other weapons and explosions can be heard from 250-400m away
  • The transition between the close range and distant sound effects is now much smoother and no longer has a volume spike
  • “Stereo” dual sound effects such as the one used by the ZH-29 are now played at a more frontal angle to prevent them from sounding too strange on surround sound setups


  • The killer notification when you die now shows gun level in the format of “Lv.1 M4A4” instead of “L. 1 M4A4”
  • Weapons in the inventory now show gun level in the format of “Lv.1 M4A4” instead of “Level 1 M4A4”
  • Weapons in the inventory now show their category in the lore (e.g. “Submachine Gun”)
  • The boss ability message has been simplified to be shorter and not block your screen as much
  • Removed the useless “hurry up and join the lobby arena” message
  • When you have no weapon, the map or paper item now shows e.g. “No Primary Weapon” instead of “Primary Weapon”
    • The name hasn’t been changed in the Mob-Arena pregame lobby to prevent misleading players into thinking that they have no weapon, when in fact they will receive one normally once the game starts
  • Weapons with unlimited ammo now display the infinity symbol for backup ammo, instead of “Unlimited”

  • If you die in PVP without a primary weapon, the game will now remind you to buy one in the shop
    • This only happens a maximum 3 times during one PVP match


  • Updated BungeeCord and updated upstream on the custom fork of ViaVersion plugin to add 1.15.2 support


  • EXP required to earn a crate has been increased by 25% to ensure that players earn the same amount of crates after this experience buf
  • Premium XP boost now shows the percentage of boost in the boss bar after a PVP match


  • Grenades can now collide with blocks outside arena boundaries, so you can now use walls outside the map to bounce them (thanks Arhippa)
  • Fixed a bug where picking up grenades when aiming down sights makes them appear as iron tools (thanks Rijam)
  • Fixed a bug where opening a crate removes your inventory filters, causing you to go to the inventory when opening a crate from the Crates NPC (thanks Rijam)
  • Fixed killstreak items disappearing when obtaining a new item in Arms Race (thanks pale1)
  • Fixed molotov and incendiary grenades lacking a distant detonation sound due to a typo
  • Fixed a glitch where the M4A1-S had a different recoil pattern after taking off the suppressor
  • Fixed a glitch where the M4A4 and M16A1 unsilenced did not have a distant sound
  • Reflecting a fireball to a ghast now only deals 75 damage instead of thousands (it’s still quite worth doing)

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