Shotgun Spread Update

Hello all!

If you’re an avid CS:GO player, you might have noticed their new update adding shotgun spread patterns – shotguns would fire pellets in a predictable pattern instead of randomly. Today’s update to GunColony replicates that addition with a few tweaks that makes it even more awesome!


Each shotgun now has a distinct, fixed spread pattern. It actually works quite similar to the recoil pattern – each pellet essentially has a spot where they’re supposed to land on, and the location of the pellet deviates only slightly per shot. This makes shotguns much more skillful to use, and also encourages using them while standing still in order to take full advantage of this update.


The new shotgun spread system allows us to fine tune the performance of each shotgun. We have done a couple other changes to them so they are more balanced and skillful to use.

  • Accuracy values fine-tuned for each shotgun, and generally higher than before
  • Movement penalty raised on some shotguns
  • Pellet count lowered on all shotguns; total damage is also lowered as a result
  • CS:GO shotguns now have damage and pellet count equal to their CS:GO counterparts (Nova still retains the extra armor penetration)
  • Remington 887 magazine capacity reduced to 7 for realism and balance


  • We have decided to nerf the starting pistols a bit, because they are currently too powerful for no cost and discourages players from buying better pistols. The USP-S and P2000 have had their armor penetration reduced to 58%, while the Glock and XD now have 55% armor penetration. These are still higher than CS:GO values but much lower than what they previously were (65% and 62%).
  • Sneaking now reduces 6% of recoil, down from 12%. We felt like players should take recoil into greater consideration when choosing and modifying weapons, and learn to compensate for the recoil pattern if they choose a weapon that has high recoil.
  • Fixed a bug where bolt/pump actions won’t auto reload after the last bullet is fired
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon display in action bar disappears after the last bullet is fired and a reload is not initiated
  • Fixed a bug where players remain scoped even when switching to a new weapon, if they had been firing the weapon when the switching occurs (happened in both Arms Race switching and manual switching)

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