We are still working on the new update…

Hello all,

Just an update regarding the status of the very large update that we are aiming for release by October 10th.

First of all, any long-time player of the server will know that our guns have been reliant on a standalone CrackShot plugin for a long time, and nowadays it serves more as a limitation than a help. We are working on integrating the CrackShot code into our own plugins right now, and even though core functions like shooting are still not working, we have gotten the plugin to successfully recognize weapons and display the spread indicator & play swap sounds correctly. We are also doing all of the tests on a local server instead of the server machine, so that your gameplay isn’t interrupted while we work on our code.

On Rijam’s part, he is working on many reworked gun models for weapons that do not look very good currently. Some weapons are getting new sounds, too. He posts sneak peeks on Discord quite often, so make sure to check them out. There will be a lot of new weapons being added, including a brand new semi-automatic shotgun; a precise, fast firing, high capacity, and 1-hit-headshot pistol; and a powerful sniper rifle firing a gigantic 20mm round. Stay tuned!

We are also planning to rework the weapons, and we are focusing on pistols in this update (adding modifications to pistols and changing their stats significantly). However, primary weapons will also receive balance changes. Some modifications will also be reworked so there will be more benefits and/or drawbacks to using them.

There will also be a game lobby system so you can vote for another map or mode in PVP once the game finishes. In Mob-Arena we will add the ability for you to quickly jump into another match when you die. We will also reduce waiting time between matches, so you can enjoy more of the action. Also, you will be able to join a game in just one click, making it easier for new players to hop into a match.

We are also adding some community and staff created maps for both Mob Arena and PVP.

If we have time we might also add more features like a HUD revamp (making guns no longer use the Actionbar and Title messages to simplify the screen), new UIs for inventory and loadout, a defusal mode rework, and maybe a whole new loadout system. It all depends on how much time I will have to spare on the server in the two weeks to come, though.

— Hky


And here are the parts that we need the community to decide. I have been thinking of renaming weapons so that they are more realistic – the M4A4 would be renamed the MK. 18, for example. However, I do not know if the community agree with this kind of renaming. Comment your thoughts on whether weapons should be renamed for more realism.

Also, we need a gorgeous name for this huge update! Suggest some names and if we use it, you might start to hear it all over the place!

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  1. Finnish Man

    – In my opinion, weapon names/textures can be change to their real lifer counterparts to be more realistic.

    – If we are going further away from CS:GO like gameplay/physics in the server and more towards making the server more like Arma or Battlefield. Why not go all the way and make all of the guns and physics copys from the real world.

    1. Hky

      We aren’t going away from our CS:GO roots. However, the server was originally set up to be based around (BF4-level) realism (we originally had every weapon able to zoom in, etc.), so we’re shifting the gameplay towards it a bit, but without forgetting our CS:GO roots and what makes that game great.

  2. Rijam

    There’s a lot of guns that would be renamed (especially the CS ones). Here’s a nice website that compares the ones in CS:GO to their equivalents in real life. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Counter-Strike:_Global_Offensive
    In my opinion, some things shouldn’t be renamed because they would create confusion.
    Examples: The Sawed-Off is a Remington 870. Renaming it to Remington 870 might be a little confusing with the Remington 887. The Dual Berettas are Beretta M9A1’s. Renaming them to Dual M9A1’s might be confusing with the M9A1.

    I’ll list the guns:
    P2000 – still P2000
    Glock-26 – Glock-18 can be renamed to Glock-26
    P250 Compact – keep P250
    Model 327 R8 – keep R8 Revolver
    Five-seveN – still Five-seven
    Desert Eagle Mark XIX – keep Desert Eagle
    M9A1 – keep Dual Berettas
    Taser x26 – Zeus x27 is fine
    TEC-9 – still Tec-9
    USP Tactical – keep USP-S or just USP
    CZ 75 Automatic – keep CZ75-Auto / CZ75-A
    MAC-10 – still Mac-10
    MP-9 – keep MP9
    PP-19 Bizon-2 – either keep PP-Bizon or PP(-)19 Bizon
    UMP45 – keep UMP-45
    P90 TR – keep P90
    MP7A1 – keep MP7 unless you want the A1. 40 round mag?
    Mk. 18 Mod 0 – maybe change it to M4 Mk18 or something because it still is an M4
    Colt Model 723 – keep M4A1-S or M4A1 and I can change the model to use the 20 round mag instead of 30.
    AKM – keep AK-47
    AUG A3 – keep AUG. 42 round mag?
    FAMAS G1 – keep FAMAS. you could make it have 30 bullets or I can change it to have the 25 one instead.
    Galil ACE – could keep Galil AR or change it to ACE, idc.
    SG556 – probably change it to SG556 instead of 553.
    AWM – rename it and I could add a real AWP (unless that is confusing)
    SSG 08 – same
    G3SG/1 – keep G3SG1
    SSR (Mk. 20 Mod 0) – could change it to SSR-20 or keep SCAR-20
    Nova Tactical – keep Nova and it’s 8 bullets.
    M4 Super 90 – could keep it as XM1014 or change it to Super 90
    Remington 870 – keep Sawed-Off or something similar
    MAG-7 – same
    M249-E2 SAW – keep M249
    Negev Commando – keep Negev

    1. Rijam

      Actually, for the XM1014, you can renmae it to M1014. ‘XM’ is used for guns that are still under development, and the M1014 isn’t anymore. (That’s why the XM8 is the ‘XM’8. The project was never finished.)

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