Spooky October #2

Hello all,

Welcome to the second week of the spookiest October ever! I promise you’ll not be scared!



This week we are adding a brand new Tomb map to Mob-Arena, with a gray, symmetric, and somewhat uninteresting looks, as well as a close resemblance to Graveyard with identical wave count. It’s just 100 times more spooky, that’s all…

Seriously! We’ll give you a few in-game screenshots, but I carefully cherry-picked those to not spoil ANYTHING. All you get to know is that this map is powered by new integration with the popular MythicMobs plugin, the same plugin that powers virtually all RPG servers out there.

Watch out, since the surprise starts as soon as your game begins!

Oh, in case you really need one tip before you jump in, remember that most mobs will come from the little tunnels on the sides of the map.



  • Added latest MythicMobs plugin
  • Added full Mob-Arena integration with MythicMobs
    • Any MythicMobs can be spawned in Mob-Arena just as easily as regular, hard-coded mob types
    • MythicMobs can be bosses and can use regular Mob-Arena boss skills
    • MythicMobs can spawn other entities which will automatically be added to monsters in MobArena
    • Adding new mobs is now possible without a restart
  • Specifying wave type is no longer required – the wave type will be “default” if not specified. This saves space in config
  • The default monster number growth is now “none” instead of “old” – since almost all waves already use “none” this saves space in config
  • Added ability to give a name to a spawnpoint without adding it to the list of default spawns by prefixing the spawn name with “_”, which is much easier to use compared to specifying spawnpoints with coordinates
  • Added a few custom MythicMobs and corresponding skills
  • Added new boss skills
    • Wall of Blindness – same as the Wall skill, but inflicts 3 seconds of blindness and 10 seconds of nausea and does no damage
    • Spawn Mites – spawns silverfish on Easy mode, endermites on Hard mode
    • Spawn Creepers – spawns creepers from the boss
    • Spawn ??? – you’ll find out
  • Fixed an arena world griefing bug
  • Fixed a permission issue that prevented non-admin staff from punishing offline players

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