4/30-5/6 Devblog

Hello all,

This week we have added a new Mob-Arena map, complete with brand new mobs and bosses. We have also done some balance changes and bug fixes to help keep the game dynamic and bug-free.


Lab - Monsters are launching an invasion on an underground university laboratory, a high-value research center for advanced anti-monster weapons. Move in and defend the laboratory from mobs approaching above. Shoot through glass if you must. Fall back to the bottom floor for breathing room.

The Lab map features 35 waves (36 on Hard), 5 new and unique bosses, 5 new mini-bosses (2 of them spawn in regular waves), 5 new mob types, and a new mechanic called restricted zones. Restricted zones are areas where only monsters can move through, not players, and they are marked with a red boundary around the entrances of the zone.

The map is also unique in that more than half of the waves are custom-coded, meaning that there are unexpected ambushes and change in spawn locations throughout the game, so be sure to watch out for them. Also, since many monsters come from above, players have a period of relative safety where they can fire at the monsters through glass while they try to reach the entrances.


  • Rebalanced number of monsters spawned in regular (non-boss) waves. For most maps this means that FAR MORE monsters will spawn in regular waves, especially in the early waves. These changes are meant to keep the game challenging throughout the match.
  • Slightly reduced points gain from regular (non-boss) mobs so the rate of earning EXP does not become ridiculously high after the amount of mob spawns are increased
  • Replaced Infection Wave 71 boss (Unstable Sorcerer)'s Low Gravity skill with Seismic Slam


  • SR-3M: Armor penetration reduced by 3


  • Modified Red team spawn on Outpost
  • Changed Tablist aesthetics, now has 4 rows
  • Reduced animations in Tablist to reduce bandwidth usage (only animated parts left are the server name and time display)
  • Fixed a bug where name tags for teammates did not show properly
  • Fixed a bug where firing at a brewing stand causes console spam until the server is restarted

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