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Hello all,

Today we have released our largest update to Mob-Arena in MONTHS! It's way too hard to summarize all the changes here - you better try it out yourself. In addition there were also some quality of life changes and bug fixes to other parts of the server.


One thing from the earliest days of GunColony that I have always wanted back was the bundled weapons and classes. Mob-Arena classes used to each come with their own weapons, and this way it was much easier to balance them. Today I have done the best I can to recreate this mechanic. Now, the primary weapon you bring into battle decides your player class in Mob-Arena.

There are now over 30 unique Mob-Arena classes in the game, and some of them contain unique goods - Kit-PvP style healing mushroom soups, nausea-inflicting potions, and poison bows are just a few examples. Also, in general, better classes will come with worse weapons, so in order to get the fullest advantage out of these new gears, you might have to sacrifice some firepower.


The final two maps, Blackheart and Range, have been updated - now features like staggered spawn times and boss minions are finally available in every Mob-Arena map.

Oh, and if you're on Range, careful! There might be ambushes. Those monsters always find a way to get behind you. Mini-bosses can also spawn in regular waves now.


We have added eight new boss skills to the game, making boss fights much more exciting. They are:

  • Large Fireballs - the boss fires multiple large fireballs. The amount fired depends on amount of players and game difficulty. You can deflect these fireballs just like the ones from a ghast.
  • Wither Skulls - the boss fires wither skulls. The boss will fire much less wither skulls than fireballs, but you can not deflect them and they are more powerful and much harder to dodge.
  • Slime Cannon - the boss fires a slime at a nearby player. The slime is invulnerable to damage and knockback for 0.5 seconds. On Hard difficulty the slime is replaced with a magma cube.
  • Bomb Cannon - the boss fires a TNT at a nearby player. The TNT explodes much faster than the ones in Throw TNT, and even faster in Hard difficulty. However, there is only one bomb so it is somewhat easy to avoid.
  • Shockwave - the boss fires a shockwave of explosion particles. Any players hit will be dragged towards the boss, and the boss will target them.
  • Gas - the boss throws several lingering poison potions. The amount of potions depends on difficulty. Avoid the poison or you will easily take 5 hearts of damage.
  • Buff Pool - the boss throws several potions with positive effects. The potions affect both nearby monsters and players.
  • Back Leap - the boss jumps backwards away from nearby players.

We have also updated existing boss skills:

  • The creeper produced by the Wall skill now has its name display always on, and now has a 60% damage protection for 1 second so it is no longer possible to simply kill it by brute force before it explodes.
  • The laser produced by the Laser skill now travels faster and further, and has a bigger hitbox.
  • The Bombard boss skill now works again, and the amount of damage potions it throws has been reduced for balance.


  • The more boss minions on the map, the slower additional minions will now spawn
  • The more monsters on the map during regular waves, the slower the next wave will arrive
  • A sound is now played to notify players at the beginning of a boss wave.
  • Rebalanced weapon damage system: both mob health and gun damage have been cut in half. The reduction in mob health allows explosions (from boss skills or creepers) to be much more useful against mobs, and any healing (from witch potions, or Instant Damage potions on undead mobs) to be much more significant.
  • The Squad Leader boss in Blizzard no longer fires burning arrows
  • Since armor in the new classes are generally much lower, the quality of weapons of mobs has been decreased
  • TNT, wither skull, and charged creeper explosion damage to players reduced
  • Witch poison duration cut in 1/3
  • Added mooshrooms that drop milk buckets to witch rounds since milk is no longer included in classes
  • Fixed an issue that caused mini-bosses to sometimes stop using boss skills


  • Mob-Arena and Infected now use separate loadouts, and changing weapons in one mode no longer affects the other mode
  • Mob-Arena and Infected now have only 1 loadout each - we removed the extras because nobody really used them
  • In Team Death Match and Free For All, you no longer receive weapons from Loadout Presets at the beginning of a round
  • Added Boss Bar notice when gaining experience in Infected (just like the ones in PVP)
  • Entity penetration increased for M1 Garand: it can now penetrate mobs with more damage
  • Fixed a bug that prevented joining of Free For All matches in progress

You can't miss this update! (Screenshot taken at 2AM Eastern time!)

What are you waiting for? Check out Mob-Arena now!

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