ABANDON Updated!

Hello all,

Introducing the new Fire Launcher, and the new Abandon map!


The Abandon map has received a new makeover. Now, it features 50 waves in Normal mode and 51 waves in Hard mode. Normal zombies and skeletons spawn in the earlier waves, but zombies will begin to spawn with armor in the later waves.

The new Abandon has all the new features that you'd expect from an updated map, such as mobs spawning over time, boss waves spawning other mobs, etc. But that's not all - the new map brings a brand new concept of Mini-Bosses, which I will elaborate on in the next section.

By the way, the new Abandon map tells the story of how players abandoned Mr. Volvo...


While fighting bosses in the new Abandon map you will encounter some mini-bosses. These elite monsters are summoned every once in a while in boss waves and provide an extra challenge. They have a lot more HP than regular mobs, and their HP also increases with the number of players in the map as well as the difficulty, much like normal bosses. In the image above, the Iron Golem is a mini-boss.

Mini-bosses are also able to use boss skills much like the regular boss, so you need to eliminate them quickly. The exact skills used depends on the type of the mini-boss encountered.

Currently, mini-bosses are present in Wave 30, 40, and 51 in the newly updated Abandon map. However, we do plan on adding them to other maps soon. Stay tuned!


The Fire Launcher has been totally revamped. Instead of creating a wildly inaccurate (and extremely buggy) bomb barrage, it now fires 3 projectiles in a triangular pattern every shot, with 4 rounds in each clip. If all 3 projectiles hit a player and at least one (most likely the topmost one) strikes either the head or the chest, it will result in an instant kill. The projectiles fired by this weapon travel very slowly, but in return it is much more accurate compared to shotguns and obviously occupies only the secondary slot. This weapon also has a Mob-Arena damage multiplier of 2X, so it can be used quite effectively as an emergency weapon against monsters.


We have added a new Discord chat channel called "#server-chat". This channel allows players in Discord and the server to chat with each other!
(The Discord #server-chat channel follows the same rules as the Minecraft server chat. Intentionally bypassing the in-game filter through Discord is NOT allowed.)


  • Added a new boss skill: the Invisibility skill, which turns the boss invisible for a few seconds and is used by the Wave 51 final boss in Abandon
  • The Laser boss skill now initiates faster in Hard difficulty, giving players less time to dodge the laser
  • The Teleport To Player boss skill now removes the boss's target temporarily, so the boss does not immediately hit the player that it teleported to
  • Blizzard arena reduced to 40 waves (41 in Hard).
  • Updated difficulty ratings for several arenas in the Mob-Arena lobby
  • Reduced the amount of mobs spawned in certain waves in Graveyard
  • Replaced the Heavy kit's Super Heal Potion with a golden apple
  • Replaced the Shooter kit's heal potions with 2 splash Regeneration potions plus the Super Heal Potion
  • Replaced the Hunter kit's Splash Weakness Potion with two 8-minute speed potions
  • Upgraded the SWAT kit's chestplate to Thorns VI instead of Thorns III
  • Added an extra 3-minute Strength potion to the Sprayer kit

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