The Fundamental Update

Hello all,

Today I finished up moving the server to the new machine, and also worked on some gameplay changes. This update includes a new wallbang system and several important bug fixes.


The block penetration system has been totally redone to be more intuitive and consistent. Wallbang damage used to be calculated solely based on how many blocks the bullet went through (and the type of these blocks). This meant that barely clipping through a block by a corner had the same damage reduction as shooting a bullet through the entire block. It was unrealistic and also inconsistent. Our new system ensures that the bullets will penetrate blocks much more realistically, as it is now based on the distance the bullet has travelled inside the block as well.

We have also tweaked the penetration values of weapons and blocks so it is generally easier to penetrate stiff surfaces but harder against previously soft surfaces. This means that shooting around corners should now be viable no matter the type of block in the way (iron blocks and similar will still almost completely block bullets, of course).


I have done some adjustment to our shooting mechanics today, aiming at making them more balanced and also less buggy-feeling.

  • Shotgun spread is no longer reduced by 35% when ADS (this was unrealistic). Instead it is now reduced by 20% compared to before no matter whether you are aiming or hip firing. This means a wider spread than before in ADS, but a tighter spread in hipfire.
  • ADS recoil is now reduced by 25% instead of 35%. We felt that since all guns can aim down sights now, this bonus was a bit too much and made the recoil too low compared to before.
  • Shotguns no longer zoom out like a bolt-action rifle after firing a round. They're, after all, not snipers.
  • We felt like we could take some more liberties to make the damage mechanics more realistic. From now on, chest shots do 125% damage against players, and torso shots do the normal 100% damage. In return we have made the chest shot cutoff a bit higher so the chest is now smaller in relation to the torso.


Following recent discussions about Bolt-Action rifle damage in MA we investigated the system and spotted that the Mob-Arena damage modifiers were not working at all. Now they should work once again. Here are the new weapon damage multipliers in Mob-Arena:

  • Rifles: 1.0X
  • SMGs: 1.0X
  • LMGs: 0.8X
  • Semi-Auto Shotguns: 1.1X
  • Pump Shotguns: 1.25X
  • Semi-Auto Snipers: 1.25X
  • Bolt-Action Snipers: 1.75X
  • Pistols: 1.25X
  • Specials: 1.0X
  • Knife: 2.0X


We have done some tweaks to our special weapons in an effort to make them more useful.

  • Laser-451: Damage increased, no longer inflicts fire (was buggy)
  • HV Gloves: Reload/recharge speed doubled
  • Flamethrower: Damage increased


We have tweaked our particle effects so wounding an enemy is now more noticeable.
  • More blood particles spawn now
  • Blood particles now fly farther than before, especially for headshots
  • Changed blood particle of zombies to lily pad instead of cactus


  • Fixed rare occasions where blood particles would not spawn
  • Fixed the server not recognizing player votes due to moving the server to the web panel earlier today
  • Fixed a rare issue with excessive projectile velocities freezing/crashing the server by loading chunks - this should solve all server freezes and crashing issues

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