The Spring Update

Hello all,

Welcome to the largest GunColony update yet in 2018! This is a comprehensive revamp to many of our game systems, and you will immediately notice the changes once you hop into your first game and fire your first shot - or even before that, because we have tweaked the lobbies themselves, and even the spawn!


Just in case you haven't caught on yet, we've had an Alpha test of an Infected mode for a few days. It's similar to the old school Infected but with a few significant changes. Go check it out!


In all lobbies, you will now receive hotbar items to quickly access the map vote and to change your loadout. We have also changed the map vote menu for the Mob-Arena lobby, adding an icon to all maps and showing an estimate of the map's difficulty level so you can choose accordingly. An update ago we have also added tips to the top of the screen when you are in a lobby.


This is a COMPLETE overhaul of our Mob-Arena system, and while it is easy to list all the changes, you should still try out each Mob-Arena map to see for yourself what is different (spoiler alert: a LOT is different!).

First of all, in the image you can see me shooting a cow - yes, a cow. We have added disguised mobs that look like animals, but are actually dangerous monsters that will pursue and hit you just like any other monster. On a side note, Wither Skeletons, Husks and the like are now displayed properly to players using MC1.11 and above.

Second, we have tweaked the way waves spawn in Mob-Arena. Now, instead of spawning all at once, monsters will spawn over a few seconds. Some waves are even broken down into smaller "sub-waves" that spawn different monsters at different locations and different times. In a boss wave, minions will spawn from all spawnpoints naturally and do not have to be summoned by boss abilities, but in return, all minions will now die when the boss itself dies.

Third, we have done a total makeover to our bosses. Boss skills have gotten new visuals, such as Fire Aura actually looking like a ball of fire, and the Wall actually looking like a stone wall approaching your way. Furthermore, we have fixed many issues in our boss skills, such as Wall skill hit detection. Finally, we have added a Laser skill where the boss will aim a laser at where/who it is facing, which is easy to avoid but can do a lot of damage if you aren't careful.

And last but not least, we have redone many of our Mob-Arena maps. Similar to the old days, now they all have different wave counts and time between waves. The Easy mode is also removed from lobby voting (though you can still pick it by manually joining a map), and the difference between Normal and Hard mode has also been reduced, so the challenge level of the game now depends more on the map than the difficulty. Hard mode, however, does have an extra boss in a unique and challenging final wave.


We worked on new visuals for guns that both improves performance and looks much prettier than before. The bullet tracer is now an entity that actually moves at the speed of your bullet, rather than a line of particles that flashes then disappears. This also means that less particles needs to be sent from the server to players, thus greatly reducing the bandwidth usage of the server and ensures that players with slower internet can still have a good connection. Also, the muzzle flash and impact particles now have a more vivid color, and we have added new sounds to aiming down sights.


This is the a very important change that represents a shift in direction in our development doctrine. Many of our players have recently been agreeing that gaining more new players is more important than keeping a high skill ceiling, since the two can not coexist, and popularity is what makes a server more fun in general. In response to this attitude we have rolled out a significant change to how our guns work, so the mechanics are now simpler, more familiar, and more easily understood by new players.

  • Sneaking now causes the player to aim down sights. This works with all weapons.
  • When not aiming down sights, the player is very inaccurate (except when using a SMG, pistol, or shotgun).
  • When aiming down sights, the accuracy penalty for automatic fire is greatly reduced.
  • Movement penalty and weapon recoil have been decreased.
  • The G11 can now use a burst-fire mode by left clicking, since the scope is now bound to the sneak key.
  • Various other balance changes.

Just note that this is still far from point-and-click like Call of Duty: the spread and recoil from shooting is still there, albeit lower, and by learning to control the recoil and limit the spread by burst firing, you can still gain a significant edge over your opponents. Also, we have decided not to bring back sprinting for now, though we might consider it again in the future to cater to new players even more.


Oh boy, you need 25,000 EXP to level up a gun now? Yes and no. Yes because the number is indeed 25,000, no because the old XP and new XP don't nearly mean the same thing.

Each weapon you find in a crate now gives you 10 XP for a common, 100 XP for a rare, 1000 for epic, and 10000 for legendary. The level-up XP requirements has been scaled up to accommodate this reward change. Your existing progress towards the next level will also be kept in the form of an EXP conversion.

We have chose to keep the last one or two levels about the same as before, but you may find the lower levels more challenging to attain. This is because we felt like the lower levels were too easy to progress through, causing most players to get stuck in the last few levels unable to advance.

Now, you have another way of earning that precious Weapon XP to get to your next level. You can now earn experience for a weapon simply by using it in game - one Weapon XP every 5,000 points in Mob-Arena, or 15 weapon XP every kill in PVP or Infected. Pick up your favorite weapon and level it up now!


We have changed the crate opening menu a slight bit. It now shows how many more weapons you need to find in crates in order to get a level up, and if a level up is available, it will show an emerald block to inform you so. It also notifies you with a new sound when you unlock a new weapon that you haven't had before.


We have updated signs in the server spawn to align with our recent updates. This includes changes to the holograms as well as the tips signs.


  • Brand new server list MOTD design
  • Updated the Resource Pack to improve performance and reduce download size
  • Updated Tec-9 model
  • Fixed a glitch where menus can fail to open right after a server restart
  • Note that WWII scenarios may be broken for now, expect a fix soon

Followup Update 3/6:
  • Fixed PVP mistakenly giving Weapon XP to the person you killed instead of yourself
  • New display scheme for items in the inventory GUI
  • Modified Volcanic for more cover and better aesthetics
  • Modified TheLastOfUs to make the fountain area easier to breach, but also to add one new camping spot
  • Modified Jungle to add a few more open areas
  • Modified Subway to change spawns so most players now spawn on the top floor (snipers can still fight out on the bottom if they want)
  • Modified Stalingrad to slightly restrict player movement and reduce the amount of surprise spots
  • Removed aimpunch for scoped rifles
  • Reduced aimpunch for sniper rifles
  • Raised price of AVT-40 to $2000 (from $1750)
  • Raised price of M14 EBR to $2450 (from $2150)
  • Changed the effects of many weapon modifications. For example, the Laser Sights now provides extra hipfire accuracy instead of moving accuracy
  • Fixed weapon statistics in Scenario Mode
  • Fixed a bug where players spawned with the wrong Mob-Arena kit

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