Misc PVP Update

Hello all,

Today we have released a minor update that added new aesthetics update, tweaked the economy, and as introduced proper damage to Defusal bombs. We have also cleaned up some rather useless messages.

(You can still defuse the bomb in the last second)


Added a few new sound effects from CSGO to the PVP mode:

  • Bomb planted
  • Bomb beep
  • Bomb explosion
  • Bomb defused
  • CT (Blue) win
  • T (Red) win
  • Round draw
  • Player spawn


We have tweaked the game economy to make for a better experience in Elimination and Defusal modes.

  • Round end award has been reduced by $300 for losers and $200 for winners
  • Added a $300 award for planting the bomb
  • Added a $300 award for defusing the bomb
  • Added a $400 team award for losing while the bomb is planted on Red team, making the total award the same as the win award


Players now spawn with chestplate and helmet only, and they have much brighter colors. The new armor looks much better and is more aesthetically pleasing as well. If you didn’t catch the last update, the armor has also received new textures!


  • Added damage to Defusal bombs. Kill range is around 15m, and damage range is much higher.
  • Removed player join messages when switching between lobby and arena
  • Removed timer message in pre-round and post-round
  • Removed timer message when the bomb is planted, though you can still see the time in the EXP bar (for now)
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