Dead Silence

Hello all,

This is Part 2 of the 4202020 update containing a bunch of new weapons, balance changes and performance improvements! Defeat enemies silently with three new stealth weapons, or become the loudest and deadliest with our new double-barrel shotgun and anti-tank rifle!




A rare compact SMG unlocked at Level 13. It is cheap and very fast firing, but extremely inaccurate in full auto.

Lahti L-39

A epic semi-automatic anti-tank rifle unlocked at Level 134. Fires an extreme large round that deals massive damage, but is terribly unwieldy to handle and has a very long aim down sights time.

Mossberg Over/Under

A rare double barrel shotgun unlocked at Level 31. It has higher than average range and a tighter spread than the secondary Double Barrel, but slightly inferior handling and a longer reload.

Yeet Cannon 9

A common starter pistol unlocked at Level 52. It has high jumping accuracy for a pistol as well as good stability, but has lackluster magazine capacity compared to alternatives. A 10-round extended magazine is available as a modification.

AS Val

A rare rifle unlocked at Level 109. It has a high rate of fire, as well as an integral silencer and subsonic ammunition for a low sound footprint and no bullet tracers, but below-average performance at range.

Welrod Mk II

An epic pistol unlocked at Level 113. It is slow-firing due to its bolt action but is extremely quiet and makes no visible tracers. It can kill enemies in one headshot (only at close range for helmeted enemies).


A common special weapon unlocked at Level 104. It has an extremely slow bullet velocity but can one-hit kill enemies for a rather cheap price.


  • New model for:
    • Mac-10
    • M1911
    • AF2011
    • M4A1-S
    • Scout
    • M14 EBR
    • Fire Launcher
    • Flashbang
    • Decoy Grenade


  • Sterling: backup ammo 128 -> 136
  • Decoy Grenade: now only plays a sound 1/4 of the time in every tick. Better for your ears.
  • Double Barrel: burst mode no longer reduces sway
  • Auto Snipers: randomness of recoil increased 20%
    • On ZH-29 and M82, the increase was less than 20%
    • Added a new modification Cheek Pad on Auto Snipers and Auto Shotguns that reduces the random recoil by 20% but reduces ADS Speed by 20%. It unlocks at Level 55 on Auto Snipers and Level 43 on Auto Shotguns
  • Anti-Material Snipers: aim punch can now be avoided by standing still for 0.5s, down from 1.5s


We have done a lot of performance optimizations to our weapon code. Testing shows that the gun plugin should now run about 2-3x faster overall!

  • Added a performance profiling system to the gun plugin to try and locate performance issues
  • Made a few minor optimizations to the projectile flight code
  • Fixed an exception unintentionally being thrown and silently caught every time a bullet misses a mob, which could have been a major performance drain in Mob-Arena
  • Heavily optimized the weapon config loading system
    • Empty modifications are now completely skipped
    • The result of weapon config computations for heavily modded weapons (3 mods or more) is now cached, removing the need to repeatedly calculate the value every time it is requested
    • Weapon modifications are no longer permitted to modify each other (this was a performance-heavy feature that was not actually used anywhere in the weapon config)

Other optimizations:

  • Reduced render distance from 15 to 12 chunks in arena world, and 7 chunks in spawn world
    • You might notice more terrain pop-in on Alpine Trench, but this change has a major benefit on performance
  • Heavily optimized the weapon list GUI (/gun) – it will now only construct the items that it needs to draw on the current page, instead of constructing items of all pages in the GUI
  • In Redis data-write mode (currently only for the test server) the local cache now waits slightly before clearing to make fast consecutive GUI clicks less taxing on the server
  • Cut down on the length of the group inheritance chain to hopefully reduce lag especially when players join
  • Fixed a few memory leaks in the GUI system
  • The main database used to store player data is now properly indexed by UUID, making accessing player inventory and loadouts faster


  • When you are targeted by the Living Bomb boss skill, you are now sent a message telling you to get into water or explode
  • New shop appearance for PVP and COMP!
    • It is now called Equipment Tablet and is a different color depending on your team
  • Connected blocks has been re-enabled for all blocks
  • Added the PSO-1 scope from the SVD to a few other weapons as a modification


  • Micro Sight is available again
  • Modifications that affect damage range will now also affect the range before damage begins dropping off
  • Fixed a glitch where the FAMAS STANAG Conversion did not properly override the magazine capacity
  • Fixed a glitch where the MP5SD ammo type was “9x19mm” instead of “9x19mm Parabellum”
  • Fixed a glitch where the Heavy Bolt and Sawed Off Barrel were both Level 45 unlocks on shotguns (Heavy Bolt moved to Level 41)
  • Fixed a glitch where message sent when someone respawns in Mob-Arena always says that the recipient of the message has respawned
  • Fixed a glitch where movement sway is abnormally high after switching a weapon while sprint jumping
  • Fixed a glitch where the P2000/P250 extended magazine did not actually give you extra ammo
  • Fixed a glitch where the message sent when the item price changes as a result of equipping a mod had spacing errors
  • Fixed a glitch where the M4A1-S was sideways when aiming down sights in Minecraft 1.15
  • Fixed a glitch where the 4th vote link did not work

4202020 Update

Hello all,

Hope you all are staying home and staying safe! We have rolled out a new update with completely revamped scope reticles, new weapon remodels, and purchasing weapons and modifications with tokens. Also in the update is the ability to equip two more attachments on your weapons than before, at the penalty of a higher purchase price.



We have completely changed all sniper scopes in the game. They now have a larger, clearer field of view, and the reticles are much sharper than before and now have semi-accurate mil dot markings. The PM II scope (AWM & SCAR-20) has also received a new realistic reticle.

Additionally, the 10X and 12X scopes now have an especially large field of view to encourage their use.



  • You can now purchase weapons with tokens to get them early!
    • The prices range from 1000-2400 Tokens depending on the unlock level of the gun.
    • Legendary weapons are 2.5x more expensive and can cost up to 6000 Tokens
    • If you are close to unlocking a gun through leveling up, there will be a discount on its price
    • Reaching a weapon through the Tech Tree will give a 60% discount on its price!
  • You can now purchase modifications for your gun with tokens!
    • The purchase price decreases as you level up the weapon
    • Purchasing a level 70 modification on a level 1 weapon costs 485 tokens
    • Legendary weapons have the same modification prices as other weapons


Crates now drop far less frequently, but they are of higher quality and now give some Tokens when you open them.

  • Crates now drop much less frequently (the intention is that they will not drop every game)
  • The Wooden Crate has been removed, so when a crate does drop, it is guaranteed to at least be an Iron Crate
  • All Crates dropped after the update will give a small amount of Tokens
    • This includes Vote Crates, though they do not give particularly large sums of tokens
    • Higher tier crates earned at higher player levels will give more Tokens


You can now equip more modifications, but they will increase your weapon’s purchase price!

  • You can now equip 5 modifications on Primary Weapons, except Special Weapons
    • The first 3 modifications are free
    • 4th modification slot costs $100 on SMGs/Shotguns, $150 on Rifles/LMGs/Snipers
    • 5th modification slot costs $150 on SMGs/Shotguns, $200 on Rifles/LMGs/Snipers
  • You can now equip 4 modifications on Secondary Weapons, except Starter Pistols and Special Weapons
    • The first 2 modification are free
    • 3rd modification slot costs $50
    • 4th modification slot costs $100


  • Added the 7.62x51mm NATO to the AWM, turning it into the AWP with less damage but better handling
  • Added the .375 CheyTac ammo to the CheyTac, reducing damage but improving handling
  • Added a 20-round short magazine to the SR-3M
  • Added a 42-round extended magazine to the AUG
  • Added a 17-round short magazine to the M1915
  • Added a 40-round short magazine to the RPK
  • Added the Classic Magazine to the M4A1-S, which increases its rate of fire and handling but decreases ammo capacity to 20/40 rounds


We have fixed the Tech Tree system so it no longer spews out free legendaries like crazy.

  • The required level for parent weapons is much higher now that weapons have a max level of 100
  • Leveling up a weapon to its required level will no longer instantly unlock the next weapon down the tree
    • Instead, its purchase price is reduced by 60%, and it is now possible to find the weapon in crates

We will expand Tech Tree again to cover all weapons in the game very soon. Stay tuned!


  • Fire Launcher: swap time 1.1s -> 0.8s, Faster Burst attachment now penalizes recoil less than before
  • G36: scope field of view improved


  • If a grenade hits the top layer of snow on the side, it will still bounce upwards
    • If the grenade is already travelling upwards then the grenade will not change directions but will still get slowed down
  • An additional hitbox has been added for snow just below the top layer, so that grenades will never fall into the snow block due to the above change
  • The new flamethrower model is now visible to 1.13+ players
  • Improved weapon models for the Charger 22, Skorpion vz.61, Smoke Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, HE Grenade, and M60


  • Fixed a glitch where taking the suppressor off of weapons will prevent giving Weapon XP

New Maps!

Hello all,

We have released two new maps for GunColony. The new maps are Vostok and a Nuketown remake.
We have also had some changes to our staff team.


Vostok is a map set in Romania. The terrorists are trying to destroy a statue or the entrance to a cathedral.
This map is available for Defusal and TDM Random Spawns.


This is a remake of Nuketown which improves the visuals and makes the map more faithful to the source material. It is set in an American nuclear testing site.
Nuketown is available for Free For All, TDM, and Elimination.

Staff Changes

We have promotions and demotions:

  •  dcx has been promoted to Trial Content Team
  •  SilverFlaming has been demoted due to inactivity

A reminder to all staff who have been demoted from inactivity: you may apply again if you want to become staff again. You will not be a Trial staff member again if you were not a Trial staff member before your demotion.


More content is on its way!