Fabulous Update

Hello all,

In this update we are adding an optional feature to enable an upgraded crosshair and holographic sights to Minecraft 1.16 users. We have also introduced new hitmarker audio, a new weapon, the ability to drop items in Mob-Arena and MineSpades, and a few important bug fixes.


Fabulous mode is an optional toggle that adds dynamic crosshairs and better looking weapon optics to the game.

The new hipfire crosshairs will display your weapon spread and show your crosshair growing larger when you move, jump, or fire your weapon. The new reflex sight reticles are more realistic and glow in low light levels. This has never been done before by anyone else in vanilla Minecraft.

Here’s how to enable this optional feature:

  • Log into the server using Minecraft 1.16
  • Set your Graphics setting to “Fabulous!” in video settings
  • Type /settings
  • Click the Fabulous Mode button

Note that this feature is tested on NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards but is not yet tested on Intel. Also compatibility with shaders mods is not tested. If you are struggling with performance try using the Sodium mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/sodium

There are a few caveats because we had to use several workarounds to add custom UI to the game without any mods.

  • The crosshair can sometimes flash and disappear for a frame or two, which is especially noticeable if your game is running at low FPS
  • The crosshair may disappear if you move too fast (e.g. sprint jumping on ice, falling downwards), have high ping, looking at a solid block in close proximity, or with unstable internet connection
  • The crosshair will stretch if you are not using a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • The vanilla block selection boundary will appear abnormal on tile entities like Chests when using this feature

Months of work went into researching Minecraft resource pack mechanics to make this possible. I hope you try out the feature in 1.16 and tell us what you think!


We have added a new hitmarker sound from COD:MW into PVP modes. There are two different sounds that will play depending on whether the enemy is wearing armor.

You can turn this off in /settings and have the old hitmarker sound instead.


Last time we reworked the weapon sway we had gotten the values wrong. We noticed that the change made sway much more difficult to control, which negatively impacted weapon accuracy especially when tapping or burst firing.

We have reduced sway speed by 60% across the board to match the new sway values more accurately to the old sway.


We have added the AN-94 to an early access quest for a week! This unique Russian rifle has a 1800 RPM hyperburst which is realistically portrayed in game thanks to the recently-added async firing system. The AN-94 as well as the QBZ-03 will be officially added later this month.

This should be the last early access quest before Halloween quests kick off!


We have re-enabled Muzzle Boost attachment on Vector and FMG-9 now that weapons higher than 1200 RPM are supported. This is experimental and we might revert this if there are unintended inconsistencies with these higher than 1200 RPM weapons.


You can now drop items in Mob-Arena and MineSpades. This is technically a bug fix but warrants its own section in the patch notes. Note that in Mob-Arena you still can’t drop items that came with your starting kit.


  • Fixed a glitch where Melee Weapons could trigger the point blank kill award
  • Fixed a glitch where you couldn’t drop items in Mob-Arena and MineSpades even though you should’ve been able to
  • Fixed a glitch where some of the new weapons in the resource pack appear too small in third person
  • Fixed a glitch where the Weapon Upgrade GUI experience percentage showed as a decimal instead of an integer

Hotfix 10/14/20:

I forgot I’d left a half-working version of killstreak announcements in the game. It has been bug fixed and polished in this bugfix.

  • Fixed a glitch where the first kill counted as 0 killstreak instead of 1
  • Fixed a glitch where suicide did not reset your killstreak
  • MobArena wins are now counted both when the final boss dies and when you are removed from the arena on win (but only a maximum of once between the two sources)


Hello all,

In today’s update we have updated our Inferno map. We have also added a new resource pack update containing weapon remodels, new weapons, and a couple of fixes.


We have updated our Inferno map, which contains both a visual upgrade and a revamped layout to more closely match CS:GO’s new Inferno.


Updated weapon models for the IMI Galil, SR-25, MSG90 A2, PPD-38, PPD-40, PPSh-41, Suomi KP-31, and RPK-12.



Assault rifle with a conventional layout and good range. Since it’s made in China it’s also cheaper than most other 5.56mm assault rifles. It has less predictable handling than more expensive rifles but is otherwise a solid contender with good overall stats.

You can unlock QBZ-03 in an early access quest now!


We have added new chat prefixes that appear before a player’s name. They are color coded by gamemode and take up less space than our previous text prefixes.


  • Fixed K98k viewmodel being too small
  • Fixed Fedorov Avtomat viewmodel being too small
  • Reduced Nylon 66 XP multiplier from 2.5X to 2X. We wanted hardcore weapons to be a fun alternative and change of pace to regular weapons, not the fastest way to earn XP in the entire game.
    • We will add a 3X XP musket soon if you just like high multipliers.


Fixed the “Quest Glitch” that gave some players trouble completing recent quests.

  • The Mob-Arena win stat now tracks when the final boss dies, instead of when the arena ends
  • Fixed a glitch where XP for defeating bosses was not being given to all players
    • The player who struck the final blow still earns more XP compared to other players

Other bug fixes:

  • Fixed a glitch where the humans left counter in Zombie Siege included zombie amount as well
  • Fixed a glitch where the join message when staff members joined the lobby was not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a glitch where in the Classic Offensive scenario, the sniper rifle scope glitches out when firing while scoped in
  • In the past few days we have fixed the PVP joining glitch and a lag glitch, caused by two separate database-related issues.

Hotfix 10/12/20:

  • Improved the reliability of the database system, with the goal of avoiding data loss issues as much as possible
    • When your data failed to load from the database, the game will now kick you to preserve your data
    • When the server can’t find any data in your database row, and it is not a lobby server (so you can’t be a new player), the game will now kick you to preserve your data
    • Saving data is now cancelled if the data failed to load from the database in the first place, this prevents stats and quest progress from being reset in the event of an error saving them
    • Added some additional logging and safeguards in various other places in the database system to help catch future issues
  • Mineshaft has been reworked to have just one arena like other Mob-Arena maps
    • This fixes the Endless Mode
    • In the future if we want to make an arena with multiple playable areas we will explore other methods than chaining multiple arenas together

Modernization Update

Hello all,

With changing times comes changing standards, and in today’s minor update/hotfix we’re modernizing a familiar rifle in GunColony, while also updating various internals of the server to deliver a higher quality experience.


The M16A2 has been updated to the M16A4! This variant of the rifle is more commonly used today by various militaries, and it also looks more distinct from the M16A1. No in-game stats were changed.


We needed more modern maps where old Call of Duty maps won’t cut it! Enter ShootHouse – looks familiar?


We have improved our gun system once again to make our weapons more intuitive and enjoyable to use!

  • You will no longer get a sudden snap/shift in viewing angle when aiming in and out of sights
    • The feature was particularly disorienting on sniper rifles, so this could be seen as a sniper buff
  • Sway has been reworked to be more continuous and no longer restricted to a narrow cone
  • Jumping accuracy penalty has been reduced greatly for all weapons
    • For most weapons this was a 2x reduction, for LMGs ~2.3x, and for pistols 3x
    • This fixes the jarring issue where some guns like snipers and LMGs are insanely inaccurate while sprint jumping, to the point where bullets shoot outside of your screen
    • This also accommodates for faster paced gamemodes such as MineSpades


  • Groza: all-around nerf to handling
  • Tavor X95: slight nerf to handling
  • NTW-20: increased aim down sights speed


  • The amount of maps in the map vote has been raised back to 14
  • In MineSpades, when you die, you will now drop all vanilla items excluding cobblestone


Nylon 66 is fun, but it’s time to learn more Hardcore Weapons if you want to become a memelord!

  • Charger 22: 1.5x XP multiplier
  • Welrod: 2x XP multiplier


We have reduced the lag caused by our new lighting propagation system.

  • The full lighting pass is done when the map is first loaded
  • When the first round begins the map reset is completely skipped as it was unnecessary
  • When subsequent rounds begin in COMP, the map reset is performed but without a lighting reset. This should result in minimal lighting glitches since COMP doesn’t have much if any non-transparent blocks being destructible.
  • When the map ends, the game now waits half a second before resetting the map; players will have already teleported to the lobby by then, thereby avoiding unnecessary lag and network traffic
  • The map reset and lighting operation is now async to minimize server lag


We have added a new Redis system to sync data across servers. Compared to our old method of using BungeeCord plugin messaging, the new system still works when there are no players on the lobby server. This should fix the glitches where a map is shown as being in-game according to the lobby server, when it’s in fact not.


Previously, some mob types (those powered by MythicMobs) did not properly get upgraded by Mob-Arena endless. Now this bug has been fixed, so get ready to see armored ghosts and Ledoots with speed effects in your endless match!

This is just a bug fix, but given how much it affects the difficulty of endless it deserves its own section in the patch notes.


  • If you earn zero XP the server will no longer bother to send you a message saying “+0 experience”.
  • After leaving a Mob-Arena match, you will now get a clickable message to Quick Join another game.
  • When dying in PVP, the two lines that are displayed have been condensed into one, like “You were killed by <killer> with <gun>”
  • When dying in PVP, the killer weapon will now show the name of any skins equipped on it
  • When dying in PVP, the killer weapon’s level is no longer displayed in the message; instead you can see it when hovering over the weapon name
  • In Discord #server-chat, removed the message for server started and stopped except for the main server (it was too spammy)


  • Another attempt at fixing the very long-standing glitch in COMP where the first round ends instantly
  • Fixed a glitch where staff could not use staff chat while in a game
  • Fixed a glitch where in MineSpades, if a block was broken with a knife or shotgun and another block was placed at the same position, it would sometimes have zero HP and break instantly
  • Fixed a glitch where if you join an empty game server, you got spammed with a lot of messages of past game results


  • Fixed a glitch where temporary MySQL database interruptions could cause server freezes
  • Fixed a glitch where grenades in MineSpades dealt the full damage to blocks regardless of distance, causing the damage to be much greater than intended

Hotfix #2 10/3/20:

  • Fixed a glitch where right clicking caused lag in Essentials/LuckPerms which accounted for most server lag experienced in the past few weeks!
    • This should be give an awesome boost in server performance!
    • Thanks people from the LuckPerms discord for helping me figure this out.
  • Schematic system no longer recalculates lighting in the beginning or middle of a match. It only updates lighting at the end of the match when players have already left the arena.
    • This removes the lag problem from the lighting system completely!
    • There may now be *minor* lighting glitches again but nothing to write home about, since they will not accumulate over time unlike before – remember the lighting is still getting recalculated after every match
  • Actually tested everything to make sure that MythicMobs are affected by buffs properly in Endless

Hotfix #3:

  • Fixed a glitch where in PVP modes other than MineSpades, destroying glass dropped cobblestone
  • Removed glitched playlist Hardhat KOTH, because Hardhat is a FFA map
  • Fixed a glitch where in MineSpades, you could build outside the normal playable area such that the builds would not be reset at the end of the round
  • HE Grenade rebalanced in MineSpades: damage to blocks +170%, radius of block damage -50%
    • This change makes HE more distinct from frag grenades. HE can now break cobblestone in one hit even with the HP buff, making it better at making holes in player-made bases
  • The game duration in MineSpades KOTH is now normal instead of doubled, so there is less time to completely destroy the map; in Domination it still remains doubled
  • Cobblestone HP in MineSpades has been increased from 160 to 250 to make it more worthwhile to build structures. (Normal stone is 200 HP, so cobblestone being slightly higher makes sense since in vanilla it takes longer to break)
  • Cobblestone dropped in MineSpades now lasts 45 seconds before disappearing instead of 5 minutes to reduce lag

Hotfix #4:

  • Tried to fix the glitch where you are unable to join PVP when there are already a few players in it
    • Reverted Redis messaging system specifically for PVP servers, as well as other internals, to the state it was in a week before
    • Disabled “disallow proxy connections” option on the PVP servers that was somehow enabled by default on the admin panel; maybe it was thinking that too many players were connecting from the same IP (the proxy)?
  • Fixed not being able to fire weapon when looking at some other mobs including donkeys, mules, and llamas
  • Fixed a glitch where players could edit blocks in the minigame lobby area

Minor update Oct 4, 2020:

  • Fixed glitched/stuck spots on Mob-Arena Graveyard
  • Greatly improved the responsiveness of the gun system
    • Gun firing is now async from the main thread and runs at 120 Hz: your gun will fire less than 8 milliseconds after receiving your right click packet, resulting in near-optimal latency
      • Expect response times to be around 70 milliseconds faster than previously
    • Gun sounds and muzzle flash are now played at regular intervals making them much more realistic
    • The rate of fire of your gun is no longer affected by lag. This takes the server’s gameplay fluidity to another level!
    • The delay of reload sounds is now much more accurate when scaled by magazine modifications (accurate to 1/120 of a second instead of 1/20)
    • The realistic speed of sound delay of sounds is now much more accurate
  • Another attempted fix at the PVP join glitch
  • Removed MCCore from game servers since it is a dependency which is no longer used, and it added significant lag upon player joining
  • /gamerule setMobSpawning false lol

Hotfix Oct 6, 2020:

  • Prevented DiscordSRV from using the MySQL database from game servers, this fixes a large lag glitch that plagued MobArena and sometimes PVP as well
    • It will also reduce the number of MySQL connections to help alleviate the PVP join glitch
  • More attempted fixes at the PVP join glitch
    • Increased MySQL thread pool of custom plugin from 4 to 9 (one thread is now dedicated to global data)
    • Reduced MySQL timeout from 10 to 2 seconds (in the event that a packet loss happens, it won’t lock up the thread as much)
  • Added debug logging to help fix the PVP join glitch
  • Added debug logging to help fix quests tracking issues