Winter Update

Hello all,

2019 has been a great year for GunColony- thank you all for playing on the server this year! We have prepared three new maps and many UI/UX improvements in our new Winter Update. Happy Holiday!


This map is inspired by Killhouse in COD4 and COD Mobile. Partake in tight CQB gunplay and practice your grenade throwing skills in this small yet open killing fest. Available in TDM, Arms Race, and Elimination.


An indoors CQB map from CS:GO, Agency is full of tight corners, sneaky bushes and verticality. While moving through any open corridor, always keep an eye on enemies preying on you from above. Available in TDM and Arms Race.


Train has received a complete remaster with more accurate dimensions and improved visuals. Check out this map in TDM and Defusal. A ShortTrain version is also available for Demolition.


This new GUI will allow you to view all weapons in the game, whether or not you have them unlocked. You can filter for weapon category and ammo caliber to find a weapon faster, and currently equipped weapons will be marked with an enchantment glint.

Access this GUI with /gun or /guns, or via the new updated Gun Inventory NPC at spawn.


These new tooltips will show for weapon items in both the new Weapon Inventory and the old Inventory screen.

  • Added detailed weapon type, such as “Suppressed SMG” or “Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle”
  • Updated display format of weapon level and XP
  • Added weapon caliber type, such as “5.56x45mm NATO”
  • Added new list of Pros and Cons for each weapon so that new players can know at a glimpse what to expect


  • You can now earn Tokens when leveling up
  • Save up tokens now to buy cool stuff when we add a Shop soon!


  • Crates will no longer grant weapons that you have not unlocked
    • Now they only grant XP to existing weapons
    • This is a stopgap feature – most type of crates will be removed in a future update in favor of increasing Weapon XP gain rate and direct item rewards after a match. For the holidays, though, enjoy the ability to earn both Crates and Tokens from playing!
    • The Special Vote Crate still has a 20% chance to ignore unlocks and give any weapon in the game, which has not been changed
  • Tech Trees have been simplified to only contain closely related weapons
    • When you level up a weapon in the Tech Tree you now immediately unlock the next weapon instead of having to unlock it in a crate


  • The [R-Click] tooltip for weapons has been changed to “Modify Weapon” instead of “Upgrade Weapon”
  • The test server’s restart message is now different from the main server in discord #server-chat to prevent confusion
  • Internal refactoring to for allow dynamic registration of inventory item filters instead of them being hard-coded
    • Compound filters are also supported, allowing the filtering of items that meet any or none of a list of criteria
  • Fixed a typo in the message shown when trying to equip a modification when you already have the max number equipped

Stealthy Update

Hello all,

We have added a few new stealth features for the server making it easier to go undetectable with your silenced weapons. We have also added support for new Minecraft versions and fixed a few notable bugs.



  • Bullets below 340 m/s (the speed of sound) will no longer make yellow trails
  • Bullets between 340 – 500 m/s will make less yellow bullet trails than normal
    • The above two changes work regardless of whether you have a suppressor or not
  • Bullets fired from a suppressed weapon will no longer make white bullet tracers
  • Bullets fired from a suppressed weapon at below 340 m/s will make no tracers at all
    • USP will make no tracers by default
    • MP5SD will need the new Subsonic Ammo modification to remove tracers
    • TMP, Vector, and XD can make no tracers with the regular Heavy Ammo modification
    • The M4A1-S and M16A1 have very fast velocity, so you can’t remove their bullet tracers


  • Added new Subsonic Ammo to the MP5SD, a special ammunition that reduces the velocity of the MP5SD below the speed of sound while giving slightly more positive effects than Heavy Ammo
  • Reduced Vector velocity by 1 m/s to allow its velocity with Heavy Ammo to go below 340 m/s
  • Suppressed weapons now make some smoke effects to avoid the feeling that you are shooting a nerf gun with the new reduced tracers on screen


  • Improved Flash Hider modification: the one muzzle flash particle that it still draws is now always centered to the barrel and smaller in size
  • Light Bolt no longer reduces damage, but reduces damage range more than before
  • Refined Barrel now reduces Aim Down Sight speed by 5%


  • Added support for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.15.1
  • Fixed a glitch where pressing Q to reload would sometimes switch the weapon fire mode instead when using Minecraft 1.15


  • Upgraded network equipment for more bandwidth and stability
  • Reinstalled the server on a new hosting software to reduce network overhead, and to prevent staff members from sometimes being put into the StaffBuild server instead of the main server upon joining


  • Fixed a glitch where the Muzzle Flash is rendered at a slightly lower position than intended
  • Fixed a glitch where Greased Bolt increased the min damage of snipers instead of decreasing it
  • Fixed a glitch where holding knife while damaging enemies with explosives and fire grenades counts as a knife hit
  • Fixed a glitch where holding knife and right clicking prevents damage from explosives and fire grenades
  • Internal changes to bullet particle trails to allow for dynamic creation of trails instead of it being hard-coded (particle type, render range, etc. can all be changed without a restart)

Speedy Update

Hello all!

This is a quick update that includes a new map, a price change to the Flamethrower, and the long awaited new staff.


NEW MAP – Speedball

Speedball is a new, compact map based off of the same map from the new Modern Warfare. It features close quarters combat as well as some medium distance engagements. This map is available for Arms Race and Elimination.



The flamethrower was reworked almost five months ago. This not only changed how the weapon worked, but it also made the Flamethrower a lot better than it previously was. In conjunction with community input, the price of the weapon has been adjusted. This now means you can no longer purchase a helmet and vest at the same time when using the Flamethrower in PVP.

  • Flamethrower: price $2400 -> $4500



We have promoted five new players to become a part of the GunColony staff.

  •  MontanaMob – Trial Builder
  •  appelpie – Trial Builder
  •  mvdhor – Trial Mod
  •  landerstrobbe – Trial Mod
  •  flamefire4 – Trial Mod

Congratulations to these five individuals! If you applied for staff and didn’t get accepted this time, don’t worry! Just because you didn’t make it this time, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance for the next round of staff hiring.

landerstrobbe and flamefire4, please message me (Rijam) on Discord so I can give your roles. If any of the new staff members have problems accessing anything, don’t be afraid to message me.


Follow-up update 11/26 by Hky


  • You can now equip two grenades instead of one!
    • You can’t equip two Flashbangs at once, unlike in Competitive.
  • Added Frag Grenade for $800
  • Added Incendiary Grenade for $1000
  • All pistols have had their price reduced by half – they are now the same price as in Competitive!


  • You are now able to buy/pick up the Molotov when you already have the Incendiary Grenade, and vice versa


  • Enabled FAWE’s dynamic view distance feature to reduce lag
    • After teleporting the server will now send you chunk packets over the period of about a second, instead of sending all chunks at once
    • This should eliminate almost all lag spikes when players join or teleport
    • You might still observe lag when an entire lobby teleport to a new location. (for example: you are playing MobArena and a new PVP game begins) I will add a teleport delay feature to PVP later which will fix this issue.
    • You might observe areas not loading after a teleport. /leave then joining again should fix it.


  • Fixed a glitch where swapping to a new kill streak item for the first time has no swap delay
    • The items should also no longer appear enchanted until you swap to them
  • Players should no longer drop more than 1 grenade on death
  • Fixed a glitch where picking up more than two flashbangs was possible in PVP mode
  • Fixed a glitch where 1.14 players could experience sneaking and sprinting at the same time, which counted as ADS but still had the sprint penalty applied making the weapon very inaccurate
  • Fixed a glitch where grenades on the ground disappear when you can’t pick them up
  • Fixed a glitch where Shortdust Elimination was not working properly


Hotfix 11/28


  • Bullets should no longer hit Structure Void
  • Bullets should no longer hit invisible armor stands
  • Removed dynamic view distance feature due to several glitches
  • Fixed another glitch where it was possible to pick up multiple of the same grenade