Speedy Update

Hello all!

This is a quick update that includes a new map, a price change to the Flamethrower, and the long awaited new staff.


NEW MAP – Speedball

Speedball is a new, compact map based off of the same map from the new Modern Warfare. It features close quarters combat as well as some medium distance engagements. This map is available for Arms Race and Elimination.



The flamethrower was reworked almost five months ago. This not only changed how the weapon worked, but it also made the Flamethrower a lot better than it previously was. In conjunction with community input, the price of the weapon has been adjusted. This now means you can no longer purchase a helmet and vest at the same time when using the Flamethrower in PVP.

  • Flamethrower: price $2400 -> $4500



We have promoted five new players to become a part of the GunColony staff.

  •  MontanaMob – Trial Builder
  •  appelpie – Trial Builder
  •  mvdhor – Trial Mod
  •  landerstrobbe – Trial Mod
  •  flamefire4 – Trial Mod

Congratulations to these five individuals! If you applied for staff and didn’t get accepted this time, don’t worry! Just because you didn’t make it this time, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance for the next round of staff hiring.

landerstrobbe and flamefire4, please message me (Rijam) on Discord so I can give your roles. If any of the new staff members have problems accessing anything, don’t be afraid to message me.


Follow-up update 11/26 by Hky


  • You can now equip two grenades instead of one!
    • You can’t equip two Flashbangs at once, unlike in Competitive.
  • Added Frag Grenade for $800
  • Added Incendiary Grenade for $1000
  • All pistols have had their price reduced by half – they are now the same price as in Competitive!


  • You are now able to buy/pick up the Molotov when you already have the Incendiary Grenade, and vice versa


  • Enabled FAWE’s dynamic view distance feature to reduce lag
    • After teleporting the server will now send you chunk packets over the period of about a second, instead of sending all chunks at once
    • This should eliminate almost all lag spikes when players join or teleport
    • You might still observe lag when an entire lobby teleport to a new location. (for example: you are playing MobArena and a new PVP game begins) I will add a teleport delay feature to PVP later which will fix this issue.
    • You might observe areas not loading after a teleport. /leave then joining again should fix it.


  • Fixed a glitch where swapping to a new kill streak item for the first time has no swap delay
    • The items should also no longer appear enchanted until you swap to them
  • Players should no longer drop more than 1 grenade on death
  • Fixed a glitch where picking up more than two flashbangs was possible in PVP mode
  • Fixed a glitch where 1.14 players could experience sneaking and sprinting at the same time, which counted as ADS but still had the sprint penalty applied making the weapon very inaccurate
  • Fixed a glitch where grenades on the ground disappear when you can’t pick them up
  • Fixed a glitch where Shortdust Elimination was not working properly


Hotfix 11/28


  • Bullets should no longer hit Structure Void
  • Bullets should no longer hit invisible armor stands
  • Removed dynamic view distance feature due to several glitches
  • Fixed another glitch where it was possible to pick up multiple of the same grenade

Balance Update


This is a minor balance update that contains some much requested changes to SMGs and shotguns, making them less effective at range and more skillful to use. We have also fixed certain issues regarding mob despawning.



  • M14: will now have the M14 EBR recoil pattern (nerf), slightly increased spread per shot, greatly increased spray penalty
  • M14 EBR: will now have the M14 recoil pattern but scaled up a little (minor buff)
  • Galil AR: increased spread per shot (0.693 -> 0.75)
  • IMI Galil: slightly increased spread per shot (0.672 -> 0.7)
  • SCAR-Light: slightly reduced spread per shot (0.8 -> 0.775) (partial revert to previous nerf)
  • AK-74M: reduced recoil (-10%), reduced spread per shot (0.65 -> 0.6)
  • M4A4, M4A1S: slightly reduced penalty to spread recovery while moving (30% -> 24%)
  • FAD: swap speed 1.5s -> 0.75s, reload speed 2.8s -> 1.9s
  • G36: greatly increased recoil (+20%)
  • XM8: damage 30.5 -> 30, armor penetration 81.5 -> 82 (small nerf)
  • G11: auto/semi recoil -10%, burst recoil +10%, increased spread per shot (0.525 -> 0.6), fixed movement speed in ADS being too slow
  • M16A2: price $2600 -> 2700, reload time 2.7s -> 2.45s
  • M16A1: price $2600 -> 2800, reload time 2.7s -> 2.35s
  • SR-25: rate of fire +5%, meme.
  • RFB: slightly reduced recoil towards the end of the recoil pattern, removed penalty to spread recovery while moving (was 12%)
  • M1 Garand: sway jump when firing each bullet (ADS): 0.9 -> 0.95
  • SVT-40: sway jump when firing each bullet (ADS): 0.9 -> 0.85
  • Nylon 66: backup ammo 84 -> 168


  • All SMGs:
    • Sway jump when firing each bullet (hipfire): 1.6 -> 2.0 (most rifles = 1.8)
    • Sway jump when firing each bullet (ADS): 0.6 -> 1.2 (most rifles = 0.6)
  • PPSh-41: increased recoil (+16%), slightly reduced damage dropoff, increased minimum damage (realism)
  • PPD-40: slightly reduced damage dropoff, increased minimum damage (realism)
  • PP-Bizon: increased movement speed (94% -> 96% of knife)
  • UZI: slightly reduced minimum damage (now strict 5 shot kill to unarmored even to the chest)
  • P90: damage 23.5 -> 23, slightly increased damage dropoff rate
  • MP7: damage 23 -> 22.5, slightly increased damage dropoff rate
  • Tavor X95-R: added penalty to spread recovery while moving (0% -> 10%)
  • SR-3M: damage 25 -> 27
  • Mac-10: base spread 0.74 -> 0.76 (hip), 0.7 -> 0.75 (ADS), recoil +10%, slightly accelerated beginning of recoil pattern


  • All Shotguns:
    • ADS speed reduced (0.325s -> 0.375s)
    • ADS now tightens pellet grouping by 20%, but not the randomness of each pellet
      • Most shotguns will have tighter spread when ADS but wider spread in hipfire compared to before. This encourages skillful & tactical use
    • Damage dropoff increased by roughly 50% for all shotguns
  • Nova: base pellet spread +10%
  • Remington 887: base pellet spread +12%
  • Sawed-Off: base pellet spread +12%
  • MAG-7: base pellet spread +6%
  • NS-2000: base pellet spread +6%
  • XM1014: base pellet spread +11%
  • M3: base pellet spread +24%
  • Origin-12: base pellet spread +10%
  • SPAS-12: base pellet spread +10%
  • KSG-15: base pellet spread +4%
  • Ithaca 37: base pellet spread +10%
  • Honcho: base pellet spread +23%
  • AA-12: base pellet spread +11%
  • DP-12: base pellet spread +8%
  • Double Barrel: base pellet spread +19%


  • Scout: armor penetration 82.5% -> 77.5%
  • M24: movement penalty 2.2 -> 1.6
  • M40A1: movement penalty 3.96 -> 3.0
  • ZH-29: -10% base vertical recoil
  • USP-S,P2000,XD: price $200 -> 150
  • Glock-18: price $200 -> 150, burst rate of fire 150 -> 144 (effective 450 -> 432)


  • Increased entity-activation-range for animals to prevent wolves and llamas from becoming frozen when far from players.
  • Increased entity despawn ranges (soft: 64 -> 160, hard: 128 -> 240) to prevent far away enemies from despawning in Mob-Arena

Boss Update

Hello all,

We are proud to present our largest Mob-Arena update in 2019! This update completely changes how bosses target players and use their abilities. They are now much smarter and harder to cheese, can use 8 brand new boss skills, and the difficulty level of boss fights is now more consistent across different player counts. We also present many awesome additions to the PVP mode, including the addition of 4 new weapons, many new weapon remodels, and a global reduction in bullet stun which should discourage using CQB weapons at long range.

Apologies for the late update post. If you missed the chance to play the update early, don’t worry – the event map has been extended so it will now end next Sunday Nov. 17 instead of Nov. 10 as originally planned.


Haunted has been added as a limited-time Mob-Arena map with the most insane difficulty of any map so far! This map is best for 3-6 players.

Players must make an entrance into the Haunted House against its ferocious guards and inhabitants, and defend themselves from ambushes from monsters that reside in the upper floors. Once the house is cleared, players will be faced with a dangerous frontal attack filled with various special mobs. All of the bosses are greatly enhanced versions of the bosses on other maps!

This map has 12 Waves on Easy mode and 15 on Hard mode. We have made the map’s icon an Enchanted Golden Apple because the easy mode is still quite hard and deserves an enchantment glint in the map vote menu…

You can play this map as a limited event map until Sunday November 17th.



RFB Carbine

A semi-automatic bullpup carbine firing 7.62mm rounds. Battle rifle damage output with a low rate of fire and slow TTK, but due to its short barrel it is extremely maneuverable and has SMG-like mobile performance.


Fully-automatic shotgun with good range and high rate of fire. Very powerful at the trade off of an expensive price and extremely inconsistent recoil when firing full auto. Uses a stick magazine that holds 8 shells.


Modern pump-action shotgun with two barrels. Has a unique ability to fire two shells for every pump action performed, and a high ammo capacity of 14 rounds.

WA 2000

Semi-automatic sniper rifle firing .300 Winchester Magnum, which is much more powerful than conventional DMR cartridges. Has 1-shot-kill capability up to 50m to armored targets and can fire at a faster rate than bolt-action weapons. Has fairly poor handling similar to the AWM.



    • Weapons can now have a main magazine that is separated into multiple smaller magazines.
      • This is used by the DP-12, which can shoot two rounds for every pump action it performs.

      NEW MOBS

      We have created various new mobs for the new Haunted map.

      • Bhop Zombie: Baby zombies that keep on obnoxiously hopping towards you.
      • “Lawnmower”: Magma cubes that lunge themselves forward towards you instead of jumping. They come in both large and small varieties.
      • Glitch Zombie and Glitch Skeleton: Occasionally fling themselves in a random direction, making them harder to hit.
      • Dark Pumpling: Like a Pumpling but has more HP and Wither Skeleton’s wither.
      • Demon Pumpling: Like a Baby Pumpling but has more HP and the ability to hop, though much less frequent than the Bhop Zombie.
      • Lightning Silverfish and Endermite: Twice as fast as their regular versions and have the same HP and damage.
      • Lightning Bombones and Baby Bomber: Good luck.



      • Updated the appearance of:
        • M14
        • AUG
        • FAMAS
        • UZI
        • Flamethrower
        • Karabiner 98 Kurz
        • SSG 08
        • ZH-29
        • M40A1
        • M60
        • Glock-18
        • Galil AR
        • OTs-14 Groza
        • SPAS-12 (Small improvements)



      • Stun/tagging for all weapons reduced by 50% in PVP.
        • This means that slower killing weapons like shotguns, pistols and SMGs at long range struggle more to kill enemies before they get to cover.
      • Remington 887: damage 28 -> 27, pellet drag 7% -> 5% (due to firing larger gauge than other shotguns)
      • Ithaca 37: pellet drag 7% -> 9% (due to firing smaller gauge than other shotguns)
      • QSZ-92: rate of fire -5% (400 -> 380)
      • M60, QBB-95, M249, Negev, Lewis Gun, Ultimax 100: significantly improved accuracy in automatic fire
      • M249, Negev, Ultimax 100: reduced idle sway
      • MG3: fixed a sudden snap in the recoil pattern about 80 bullets in


      Bosses are now able to change targets on their own. Bosses prefer to target players nearby as well as players who are doing the most damage to them.
      • Players who are not the boss’s target can no longer stun the boss.
        • This prevents bosses from becoming perma-stunned in large lobbies.
        • If you want to help a fellow player out, you can damage the boss enough so that you become the target.



      • Flood – knocks back all players near the boss for 5 seconds. Radius increases with difficulty.
      • Earthquake – knocks back and damages all players near the boss for 6 seconds. Radius is much smaller than Flood and increases with difficulty. Only activates while the boss is on the ground.
      • Creeper Cannon – shoots a creeper at the target. Does not scale based on difficulty.
      • Magic Carpet – causes the boss to ride a Vex. The Vex has increased health, but much less health than the Steed skill.
      • Chain Lightning, Lightning Aura – both previously unused default Mob-Arena skills. We have tweaked them so lightning no longer makes noise audible to the entire server, so they will be used in GunColony now.
        • Lightning damage is reduced by 60% in Mob-Arena regardless of difficulty
      • Arrow Barrage – launches an arrow at every player within 20 blocks of the boss, plus one extra arrow in the direction the boss is facing. Does not scale with difficulty.
      • Fireball Barrage – launches a fireball at every player within 20 blocks of the boss, plus one extra fireball in the direction the boss is facing. Does not scale with difficulty.



      • Seismic Slam – increased slam radius by 1 block (4 in Easy and 5 in Hard)
      • Nuke – TNT now detonates slightly faster at higher difficulties
      • Throw Nearby, Fetch Nearby, etc – Radius slightly reduced at difficulty 0 but now increases based on difficulty
      • Root Target – Duration slightly reduced at difficulty 0 but now increases based on difficulty
      • Disorient Target, Disorient Nearby, Disorient Distant – Overall effect nerfed, effect now increases based on difficulty (but even at high difficulties it is much weaker than before)
      • Propel – Propel strength now scales with difficulty a little bit
      • Reduce Taxes – Damage now scales with difficulty
      • Vex – Vex spawn amount scales less with difficulty
      • Spawn Creepers – Creeper spawn amount scales more with difficulty
      • Summon Minions – Now spawns much more at difficulty 0 (especially with higher player count) but scales much less with difficulty
      • Bomb Strike – Now shoots 12 instead of 10 bombs at difficulty 0 (Easy mode), still 20 bombs on Hard mode



      • Bosses no longer use skill in a specific order
        • They use skills randomly instead; the same skill can not be used twice in a row, with a few exceptions
      • Bosses now tend to use a skill more often if they think that the skill is suitable at the time (the criteria for being suitable depends on the skill)
      • Some boss skills are now cast at a higher difficulty level than normal
        • This is denoted by the number of stars after the skill name
      • Renamed & reworked some bosses
        • Deleted some skills from bosses that used to have too many types of skills
        • Notably, added Summon Minions back to the Nether Hard final boss to spawn more Withers
      • New skills added to the following existing bosses:
        • Arrow Barrage -> Starter Wave 10
        • Chain Lightning -> Suburb Wave 30
        • Fireball Barrage -> Infection Wave 30
        • Fireball Barrage -> Infection Wave 50
        • Earthquake -> Infection Wave 60
        • Flood -> Graveyard Wave 10
        • Arrow Barrage -> Blizzard Wave 40
        • Chain Lightning -> Abandon Wave 50
        • Magic Carpet -> Range Wave 13 (mini-boss)
        • Lightning Aura -> Lab Wave 20
        • Flood -> Volcanic Wave 5 (mini-boss)
        • Arrow Barrage -> Volcanic Wave 6
        • Fireball Barrage -> Volcanic Wave 25
      • Mini-bosses that spawn outside of a Boss Wave now show their health bars



      • Fixed a glitch where players were unable to unequip the Flashbang in PVP mode
      • Fixed two typos in the messages sent when unlocking a new weapon by leveling
      • Updated implementation of gun bobbing system (shotgun pump action animation) to prevent internal conflicts