Quality of Life Update

Hello all,

Today we have released a new update that includes improvements to the gunplay and various other aspects of the game. Let’s dig in!



We have improved the semi-automatic fire mode by increasing the predictability of your shots when firing slowly.

  • In semi-auto mode, the recoil now recovers back to the starting position faster after firing
  • The random jump of your aim direction when firing is now much lower when not spraying, but slightly higher when spraying
  • The algorithm used to calculate spraying penalties has been adjusted so that it no longer favors having a high rate of fire

These changes aims to balance the long range meta so that semi-automatic and burst weapons are preferred, while in close range spray-and-pray remains the better option.

Additionally we have done many balance changes to all weapon categories:

  • Armor penetration and block penetration are now identical between weapons with the same caliber
  • 5.56x45mm weapons now have increased damage at close quarters but sharper damage dropoff to simulate fragmenting rounds
  • Assault rifles of 5.56mm or similar caliber now have increased backup ammo to ~120 rounds (some magazine modifications might now have inconsistent backup ammo; we will fix them in the next update)
  • SMGs now have increased damage but reduced block penetration
  • Many SMGs have increased price
  • Medium machine guns in general have received a damage buff to match rifles of the same caliber
  • Battle rifles have increased block penetration to match snipers, but less backup ammo
  • Many weapon-specific balance changes were made
    • There are too many to list but notably the MG3 ammo capacity has been reduced to 50 rounds


Added Domination and King of the Hill layouts to many more maps, including Normandy, St. Marc, Shipment, etc.


Zombie Changes:

  • One zombie is now the Alpha Zombie. The Alpha Zombie has 5 rows of hearts instead of 3, and can use a ranged attack similar to the bouncy slimeball in Mob-Arena.
  • Zombies now have Speed I

Wolf Changes:

  • Wolves now use the Dog Bite as their weapon, which is weaker than the knife because it can not backstab
  • Wolves now have Jump Boost I
  • Wolves now properly have a small hitbox to weapons
    • This means that they are harder for zombies to hit, and less likely to block humans’ bullets

Human Changes:

  • Humans can now buy weapons anywhere
  • Humans and Wolves now gain regeneration I when near spawn, but the passive regen has been removed otherwise (zombies still have passive regen)
  • Humans now have access to a different grenade selection that is more useful against zombies
  • The helmet was previously useless; it has been removed and replaced with Medishot (allows healing outside spawn)
  • Reward for killing a zombie has been reduced: it now earns you $1,500 for knife, $500 for most weapons, and $250 for LMGs and Shotguns.
  • Humans now earn $500 for surviving every minute.


Players who are AFK in PVP will now be auto-kicked after 3 minutes.

  • Moving or turning your view significantly will mark you as active
  • The anti AFK system is designed in a way where teleporting and being pushed around won’t easily mark the player as active.
  • Anti AFK methods including mods/scripts are not allowed


We have improved Mob-Arena loot to reduce occurrences of players’ inventory being filled up completely with healing items, alongside other balance changes,

  • Health Packs are now rarer, but give 2 absorption hearts in addition to the normal healing
  • Medishots are now much rarer, but give Regeneration II instead of I for a total regen of 10 hearts
  • SouthSeaForce nuke has been replaced by a mortar strike
  • You can now get a Nuke when you spawn if you use Nylon 66. Is it really worth it?
  • Enchanted bows on skeletons are now at most Power II (except randomized ones)
  • Enchanted bows in Endless now properly have Power I instead of Sharpness I
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders now drop impact grenades in addition to stuns


  • In Juggernaut mode, when a player dies by suicide or from the environment, they will no longer be able to become Juggernaut
  • The PVP spectate command (/ua spectate) can now be used without specifying an arena to spectate the current arena that you’re in
  • Players spectating an arena will no longer be moved to the lobby automatically
  • The PVP spectate command is now available to Level 90+ players and all donators, so hackers can be caught without staff online. It is not allowed to abuse this command to ghost for other players.
  • Removed Muzzle Boost from FMG-9 since it would bring the gun above 1200 RPM which would be useless, similar to the Vector


  • Fixed a glitch where the knockback code throws an error when damaging an enemy straight up/down
  • Fixed a glitch where in MA Endless Mode, boss minions do not spawn besides those summoned by a boss skill
  • Fixed a glitch where in Zombie Siege the game does not end even if an entire team leaves
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch where at long range, bullet block impact particles weren’t being played consistently
  • Fixed a glitch where cave spiders in Mob-Arena didn’t have any drops


Endless Update

Hello all,

We have added the long-requested MobArena endless mode, where you can farm XP compete to be the best survivor against huge and unforgiving hordes of mobs. There have also been other improvements particularly to sound effects and the death screen in PVP.


Unlike normal Mob-Arena maps, the new Endless Mode goes on forever or until you lose!

In endless modes, each wave is randomly picked from the roster of waves that could spawn in the normal map. Every 10 waves (for most maps) there will be a boss wave.

This cycle repeats, but after every boss the game will get harder:

  • The amount of monsters increases by 30% (linearly, i.e. 1.0x -> 1.3x -> 1.6x…) until the mob cap is reached
  • The difficulty of boss skills increases by 1 half star
  • Bosses will use skills 10% faster (1.0x -> 1.1x -> 1.2x…)

Only 1 map will be playable in Endless at a time, which changes randomly every week. There is no extra requirement to play Endless besides reaching the normal unlock level of the map (only maps above level 8 will be eligible to not confuse new players).

The endless mode is guaranteed to test the limits of your skill. How far will you survive?


Added new weapon models for the M16A1, MG3, MG34, AA-12, ASh 12.7, and Scenario MG 42.


When you die in PVP, the death screen that displays has now been improved.

  • The subtitle now shows the number of times you and the enemy killed each other
  • You can now hover over the killer weapon message to see the weapon’s mods
  • Suicides will now say Killed in Action instead of Killed by Yourself


We have added new sound effects to the following events:

  • Boss skills: Spawn Creepers, Spawn Mites, Laser, Bomb Cannon, Slime Cannon, Flood, Creeper Cannon, Speed
  • Dying in Mob-Arena
  • Winning and losing in Mob-Arena


Capturing an objective in King of the Hill and Domination will now award +150 EXP.


  • Changed the skin of the Competitive NPC at spawn
  • Reduced the volume of the Minigun
  • Moderators no longer get moved to the main server when leaving PVP. Normal players are not affected
  • Added an option for moderators to spectate PVP directly
  • Auto-Restarting has been added to the PVP servers. They restart once a day and will move players into the main server before the restart.
  • Removed the unnecessary “You have joined the lobby* arena!” message when joining PVP


  • Fixed a glitch where player loadout was being reset to the starter weapons if they were set to newly obtained weapons
  • Fixed a glitch where the new player auto-equip system was putting P2000 into the second pistol slot even though it is a starter pistol
  • Fixed a glitch where new players’ data sometimes did not save due to an error when creating MySQL row
  • Fixed a long-standing console spam bug having to do with the minigame message system
  • Fixed a glitch where the M1919A4 model in ADS was sideways in 1.15+

Shooting Range Update

Hello all,

Hah, you thought that GunColony is going to get a shooting range? No way! Wait, eh… actually we just added one. It gives you daily XP, too.



We have added a new spawn to the server, with a new style inspired by Eastern European architecture. There are also a few tanks and jeeps around (remember Hostile?) to give it a military aesthetic.



Instead of having one NPC for every map in Mob-Arena, we now have a single NPC that allows you to choose which map to play. Convenient!

Newbies maps before level 8 will still have their own NPC.



The newbie spawn has been replaced with a shooting range! Targets have 300 hitpoints and give a total of 100 XP when cleared. Additionally they also give 100 XP to your weapon. They reset every day at 3:00 AM EST and thus function like a daily login award.

The first shooting range has ten targets and they are fairly close range. They are available to new players who first join the server.

The second shooting range has thirty targets which are up to 100m away. You will need to be Level 3 to enter this range.

Finally, the main spawn is still accessible at level 8 just like previously.



  • Donors (Recon & Specialist) can now add reactions to posts on Discord


Hotfix #1 8/14/20

  • Fixed a glitch where players would respawn alive in Competitive
  • Fixed a glitch where map NPCs would say “Keyword Not Found” right after a restart
  • Fixed NoobTubes scenario not working properly
  • Fixed a glitch where Quakecraft scenario produced a lot of chat spam
  • Attempted a fix on a glitch where killing someone would occasionally count as an assist