Update 1.11: Spooky Seas

Hello all,

Halloween has always been a time of significant Mob-Arena updates, and this year is no different! In this update, we have added Nautilus, a Mob-Arena map set in an underwater base and possibly the most unique map yet, alongside a host of water-related tweaks to the gamemode. This update also brings a seasonal Halloween spawn and PVP map, Spukhaus, as well as two other interesting maps, including the fan-favorite Nostalgia Subway and the beautiful Cyberpunk map!


We have added a new seasonal spawn for the spooky season, built by MontanaMob! Explore the challenging parkour course in this spawn or earn some XP shooting at the pumpkin targets in the shooting range and elsewhere in this spawn.

These block-based targets in the new spawn also have the side benefit of allowing for much better FPS than the previous entity-based targets.

Only players level 8 and above will spawn in this seasonal spawn. New players will still use the newbie area of the normal spawn.


In Nautilus, your job is to defend an underwater base from the undead of the depths! Nautilus is the first GunColony map to fully take advantage of Minecraft’s new(-ish) water mechanics. You can traverse outside the base for temporary safety and relocating to different parts of the map, but beware of your oxygen gauge and the aquatic mobs that may lurk out there!

Nautilus was built by Hotline_101 and features 50 waves on Normal and 52 waves on Expert. The final boss fight on Expert mode is very unique and challenging, but I won’t spoil it!


Happy Halloween! To preempt your trick-or-treating this evening, we are bringing you a new Halloween seasonal map made by MontanaMob. This spooky house has many secrets and a unique layout focused on random spawns modes.


Cyberpunk is a futuristic PVP map built by Mohorowe. While the playable area is relatively small, the map offers a scenic view of the surrounding cyberpunk city, and players can expect a good mix of combat ranges and fast-paced gameplay. Do not fall into the toxic sludge around the map, or you will die!


Nostalgia Subway is a reimagining of the classic Subway map by Hotline_101. It is based on the same classic style and layout as the original Subway map from 2017, but using new blocks and features added to GunColony such as glass shattering. As one of the first original GunColony map layouts, old-timers in the server will certainly find this map to be a nostalgic experience!


  • Added Cyberpunk TDM
  • Added Cyberpunk FFA
  • Added Cyberpunk Arms Race
  • Added Cyberpunk Zombie Siege
  • Added Cyberpunk Domination
  • Added Cyberpunk Hoth Scenario
  • Added Cyberpunk GhostGulag Scenario (limited time)
  • Added Cyberpunk Overpowered Scenario Elytra KOTH (rare arcade scenario)
  • Added NostalgiaSubway TDM
  • Added NostalgiaSubway KOTH
  • Added NostalgiaSubway Domination
  • Added NostalgiaSubway Arms Race
  • Added NostalgiaSubway OITC
  • Added Spukhaus KOTH Random Spawns (limited time)
  • Added Spukhaus Domination Random Spawns (limited time)
  • Added Spukhaus FFA GhostGulag Scenario (limited time)
  • Added Skeld Zombie Siege
  • The October Fools event has ended: Overpowered event maps will now only appear very rarely (roughly 1/30 of the chance of normal maps)
  • Zombie Siege playlists have returned to their normal chance (1/4 of the chance of normal maps)


  • Added a new boss skill: Poison Wall
  • Increased the displayed difficulty of Range Mob-Arena map to better represent its actual in-game difficulty
  • Changed the GUI icon of the Haunted Mob-Arena map
  • The Twilight-styled Mob-Arena boss will now wear a cool Dripleaf hat
  • Damage from thrown tridents in Mob-Arena is decreased by 35%, similarly to arrows and wither skulls
  • When the player is inside water, damage from Guardians and Elder Guardians is now decreased by 20%
  • Hitting a Guardian will now sometimes interrupt its laser attack
  • Normal Guardians can now only attack players up to 25 blocks away. For Elder Guardians, the distance is 50 blocks.
  • Guardian damage is now decreased the further away the target (decreased by half per 25 blocks)
  • Guardians no longer damage players multiple times in quick succession
  • Endless mode maps in the map list GUI should now reliably show the infinity symbol as the total number of waves
  • Fixed certain instances where mobs spawn inside walls in Mineshaft
  • You can now directly join the Endless Mob-Arena server using the “/server endless” command instead of using the map selector (it will no longer kick you back into the lobby)
  • Pufferfish will now drop both the Pufferfish item and a milk bucket


The staff build system has received some improvements that increases the diversity of maps that will make it into both PVP and Mob-Arena!

  • Added the ability to change the shape of objectives. Previously, all objectives had to be spheres, but now objectives support multiple shapes, including a sphere; cylinder; cube; and World-Edit selections.
  • Added support for gameplay areas such as killzones, and areas that players cannot enter. The gameplay areas can similarly select from multiple shapes. This is used to add a killzone to the toxic sludge in Cyberpunk.


Nautilus, as well as any new Mob-Arena maps going forward, are built on a brand new Mob-Arena map system. The new map system for Mob-Arena brings about a host of improvements:

  • Staff members can now build the map on the StaffBuild server, and the map can be added in-game easily
  • The ability to easily specify mob spawns in-game, rather than a config file
  • The ability to give the same name to multiple mob spawns
  • The ability to set the Minecraft difficulty per-map

Currently, this comes at the cost of needing a few seconds to load a map, causing a short freeze for anyone playing on other arenas in the same server. We will aim to implement optimizations that decrease this performance impact in the future.


  • Changed the name and description of the Musket and Crossbow in the Overpowered Scenario
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