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Hello all,

To celebrate the arrival of 2021, we have brought forth a huge update! A number of new modifications and perks have been added to all weapons, enabling an unprecedented amount of customization to your arsenal. Also, we have added a new Mob-Arena map that should give even experienced players a challenge!



Cache is a challenging Mob-Arena map set in a nuclear wasteland (to aptly represent the world in 2020). The map is set up so that you can easily cheese most normal mobs through power positions, but beware of special waves and ambushes!

Bring a good weapon and memorize the mob types and location for each wave if you want to win consistently in this map.


We have brought back the Santa’s Workshop map for another winter of festive events! The only change to the map was the addition of some hay bales to make it easier to drop down from the second floor.


To accommodate all the new modifications and to ensure they all fit within 2 pages, the redundant bottom XP bar in the GUI has been removed to make room for another row of modifications.


We have added a lot of new weapon modifications to add more flexibility to your weapon builds! As with any large content update, there may be bugs or balance issues. Please report any issues to get them fixed sooner!


  • Lightweight Foregrip: similar to the old Foregrip.
  • Vertical Foregrip: stabilizes recoil, but slows you down.
  • Angled Foregrip: reduces recoil, but slows you down.
  • Folding Foregrip: increases hipfire accuracy and reduces recoil, but slows down ADS and swap time.
  • Skeleton Foregrip: improves ADS speed and slightly reduces recoil, but increases sway.
  • Wooden Foregrip: moderately stabilizes recoil at a minor cost to ADS speed; exclusive to certain weapons like the AK pattern rifles and Thompson M1A1.
  • Bipod: significantly reduces and stabilizes recoil but greatly reduces aim walking speed.
  • Bipod (Sniper): no flinch when standing still, but greatly reduces aim walking speed.
  • Bipod Foregrip (Sniper): no flinch when standing still and reduces sway, but greatly reduces ADS speed and aim walking speed.

Rear Grip

  • Granulated Grip Tape: reduces idle sway but reduces aim walking speed
  • Rubberized Grip Tape: reduces recoil but increases sway
  • Stippled Grip Tape: faster ADS and sprint out but increases sway
  • Hollow Rear Grip: improved jumping accuracy but worse moving accuracy; not available on weapons with their magazine inside the pistol grip
  • Veined Grip Tape: stabilizes recoil but less steady when aim walking


Extended Stock & Full Stock are available on no stock weapons and add a stock to the gun; all other stocks are only available on weapons that come with a stock.

  • Tactical Sling: faster weapon swap
  • Wood Stock: stabilizes recoil at the cost of hipfire; weapon exclusive
  • Tactical Stock: move faster while aiming
  • Recoil Pad: less sway and recoil but less steady when aim walking
  • Wireframe Stock: move faster but increases spread; not available on bullpup weapons
  • Heavy Stock: further decreases spread but move slower while aiming
  • No Stock: move much faster and improves hipfire, but greatly increases spread and idle sway; not available on bullpup weapons


  • FMJ: increases block penetration
  • Piercing Shot: penetrate 1 more entity than normal
  • Frangible: stun enemies more (increases knockback instead in Mob-Arena)
  • Mo’ Money: higher kill rewards (speeds up teammate respawning instead in Mob-Arena); not available on Starter Pistols
  • XP Boost: increases XP and Weapon XP by 20%
  • Sleight of Hand: increases reload speed
  • Lightweight: increases jumping accuracy
  • Run n’ Gun: increases sprinting accuracy
  • Focus: reduces flinch when getting shot, and flinch lasts shorter; exclusive to sniper rifles


  • Heavy Trigger: decreases fire rate for reduced sway and improved hipfire
  • Fast Pump: identical to Greased Bolt, but for pump shotguns
  • Compensator: minor increase to both recoil control and recoil stabilization with no downsides


We have added a lot more modifications to each of our special weapons! Also, they will unlock all modifications at an earlier level. Check them out in-game!


  • All Rifles: sprint is now stopped for only 0.3s rather than 0.4s after shooting. Shotguns and Snipers still have 0.4s because of their lower rate of fire (0.4s is required to disable sprinting consistently when firing at the max rate).
  • QBZ-03: price 2250 -> 2650; now fires 5.8x42mm by default instead of 5.56x45mm, making it a much more potent weapon at longer ranges. Stats changed accordingly.
  • RFB: now allows sprinting while shooting
  • BAR: price 3300 -> 3500; fast mode now increases vertical recoil by 15%
  • AWM, M24: Reduced hipfire accuracy to be closer to values before the last buff; scope-in after a shot has been delayed slightly. These two snipers are intended for longer ranges and both changes are intended to reduce the weapons’ effectiveness at close range. Quickscoping could still be viable, but being caught without time to fully scope in should now be more punishing.
  • UZI: greatly increased hipfire accuracy, increased recoil and spread/sway per shot, slightly increased movement speed
  • MP 40: reduced hipfire accuracy, slightly increased aiming stability, increased recoil recovery, increased damage range (brings the weapon more similar to the M3 Grease Gun and different from the UZI)
  • Yeet Cannon 9mm: increased damage range
  • High Voltage Gloves: now appears as a dual wield weapon; can now penetrate up to 2 entities behind the first one hit, dealing reduced damage but inflicts the full slowness effect

Weapon modification balance changes:

  • Optics: moderately reduced ADS speed bonus
  • Sight Calibration/Scope Calibration: now does the same thing as a sniper scope, reducing idle sway by 20% with no other benefit
  • Extended Stock/Full Stock: slightly reduced hipfire penalty
  • 1mW Laser: slightly reduced hipfire
  • Tac Laser: laser beam is now visible all the time but slightly less intense than the 5mW laser; reduced benefit to aiming stability and aim walking steadiness; no longer penalizes swap speed. This change was mainly made for realism and also makes the Tac Laser somewhat useful in hipfire since it still provides a visual indication of your targeting direction.

Zombie Siege balance changes:

  • The Alpha Zombie now has 3 rows of hearts like other zombies, instead of 5 rows
  • Zombies other than the Alpha Zombie no longer have Speed I effect
  • Increased the attack speed of wolf bite to be the same as the knife (wolves still can’t backstab, however)


We have increased the minimum distance from a player mobs can randomly spawn at for larger maps.

This will mean that mobs will no longer appear right in your face and it is easier to defend a position. This change does not apply to waves that have a non-standard spawnpoint, since they ignore distance to players.

Also, dying in Normal mode will now always play the Roblox oof sound, while dying in Expert and Endless mode will now always play the Minecraft oof sound.


  • Fixed a glitch where you could escape the spectator area on Haunted Mob-Arena
  • Fixed an exploit where flying out of the map when spectating in Competitive would respawn you
  • Fixed a glitch where your primary ammo was set to an incorrect value when a new rounds starts in Competitive and you survived the previous round
  • Fixed a glitch where players had finite backup ammo in Arms Race
  • Reduced the size of the hill on Carrier KOTH to prevent an unintended capturing spot for the Red Team
  • Fixed a glitch where the KS-23 incorrectly had 100% move speed
  • Fixed a glitch where the Light Bolt and Heavy Bolt did not affect movement speed
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