Summer PVP Update

Hello all,

We have been focusing on the Mob-Arena for the last few updates, but it’s now time for PVP to get some love as well! Enjoy an all-new experience in PVP with a multitude of gunplay changes and balancing, as well as an improved map vote and team balance system. Don’t despair if you are a Mob-Arena player! We have also added new extended magazines so you can defeat more mobs without having to reload.


Added a rudimentary team balance system to PVP.

  • About 70% of the players in PVP will still be randomly assigned.
  • Afterwards, the rest 30% of players go through an algorithm to try to equalize the average player level in both teams
  • This should greatly reduce the probability of highly unbalanced teams with multiple high level players in one team and none in the other
  • There is a 49% chance that two players will both be randomly assigned (in large lobbies). Therefore there is a 24.5% chance that you are put into the same team as another player, even if the team balancer wants to put you against each other.


The chance of a map to appear in the map vote now depends on the player count in the VS and PVP lobbies.

  • Small maps and FFA are more likely with fewer players; large maps are more likely with more players.
  • Each map will also display a recommended player count.
  • It is exceedingly unlikely – but not impossible – for a very large map to show up with few players in the lobby, and vice versa.
  • The COMP and Legacy MA lobbies are unchanged, so you can still get into any map with any player count.


  • 5.56mm ammo conversion (SC-2009) for SC-2010
  • 50-round extended magazine for Sterling
  • 40-round extended magazine for all standard 5.56mm NATO weapons
  • 40-round extended magazine for AK-47, AK-103, and Groza
  • 40-round extended magazine for AK-74M, AKS-74u, and X95R
  • 40-round extended magazine for MP5, MP5K A4, MP5SD, and MP7
  • 50-round extended magazine for Galil AR and IMI Galil
  • 25-round extended magazine for SR-25
  • 24-round extended magazine for RFB (same as the one for FAL)
  • 20-round extended magazine for QSZ-92 (same stats as the one for P250)
  • 10-round extended magazine for WA2000 and ZH-29
  • 17-round short magazine for FMG-9 (same as the one for Vector)
  • 20-round short magazine for Thompson
  • 20-round short magazine for SR3M
  • 25-round short magazine for MP9 and TMP
  • 30-round short magazine for Spectre
  • 20-round short magazine for SIG 556xi and SIG 550
  • 5-round short magazine for Scout, SSG 08, AWM, M82, and CheyTac
  • 97-round drum magazine for Lewis Gun
  • 200-round ammo box for M249


We have overhauled the weapon recoil to be more intuitive and allow further differentiation between weapons.

  • Weapon recoil no longer completely re-centers after you stop shooting
    • For most weapons 80% of the recoil will still be reset, but there are exceptions
  • Weapon recoil now resets more quickly and realistically than before
  • Recoil pattern now takes more time to reset after you stop shooting
  • Recoil patterns are now based on a more realistic recoil force system instead of a strict position-based pattern
  • Recoil patterns have been added to DMRs
  • Recoil patterns on existing SMGs, Rifles, and LMGs have been redesigned to be easier to learn, which fits the server better since we have a lot of weapons
  • Similar weapons such as the MP5 family now also have similar recoil patterns


  • Vertical weapon sway while shooting has been halved across the board to make sway behave more like a horizontal recoil
  • Returned the older behavior of hip firing where bullets are generally grouped together more, which is less uniform and more realistic
    • This also makes the laser beam from Laser Sights more useful at guiding your aim


  • You will now receive flinch while aiming down sights with a sniper
    • Standing still will reduce the flinch significantly
    • Armor does not reduce flinch
    • All weapon modifications that reduce recoil will also reduce flinch; those that increase recoil will increase flinch
    • There is a limit on how much flinch you can have at once (so shotguns won’t send your aim into the sky)
  • Snipers have reduced sway
  • Snipers have improved hipfire accuracy
  • Snipers have faster aim down sights speed


  • All weapons will now have different aim down sight speeds
    • Previously all Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns and Handguns had the same ADS speed as each other
    • This change allows weapons to be balanced differently based on their ADS speed


  • Galil AR: rate of fire 666 -> 690, slightly increased recoil
  • IMI Galil: rate of fire 690 -> 630, damage 27 -> 27.5, bullet velocity increased
  • SVT-40: improved recoil stabilization
  • M4A4: muzzle velocity 910 -> 788 m/s; slightly nerfed recoil stabilization
  • M4A1-S: muzzle velocity 910 -> 810 m/s; nerfed recoil stabilization; buffed Classic Magazine modification
  • M14 EBR: rate of fire 600 -> 720, damage 34.5 -> 35, recoil in full auto greatly increased to make it more semi-auto oriented
  • G36: better stability and damage range; slower movement, slower swap and reload (more differentiation from the XM8)
  • SIG 556xi: now loads special FMJ ammo with higher armor penetration. Reduced damage range and slightly increased recoil and firing sway
  • RFB: price $3050 -> 2550 since it behaves like a SMG
  • ASH-12.7: increased recoil, damage 47 -> 45
  • Fedorov Avtomat: slightly reduced recoil, damage 36 -> 35, ammo 25/90 -> 25/100
  • UZI: reduced recoil
  • AS Val: increased recoil
  • MP5K A4: increased recoil
  • Vector: damage 26 -> 28, slightly reduced damage range, increased recoil
  • PPSh-41: armor penetration 72 -> 73, block penetration 1.9 -> 2.2, increased recoil
  • SR-3M: price $1600 -> 2000, increased recoil
  • PPD-40: block penetration 1.8 -> 2.2
  • M3 Grease Gun: reduced recoil
  • M1919A4: spread recovery improved significantly
  • MG34: increased block penetration, harder to control
  • MG3: increased block penetration and damage slightly, harder to control
  • SVD: reduced recoil
  • SIG 550: damage 46 -> 44, armor penetration 87 -> 90, slightly reduced recoil
  • SCAR-20: increased recoil, reduced sway from shooting
  • G3SG1: reduced recoil, increased sway from shooting
  • QBU-88: increased recoil
  • ZH-29, Mosin, G98: increased ADS speed
  • M9A1: damage 37 -> 36
  • AF2011: increased recoil
  • Crossbow: Low Tension String nerfed, High Tension String buffed
  • 1mW Laser: now draws a laser beam for yourself, and improves bullet grouping in hipfire a little bit. No longer reduces hipfire idle sway. It will not help you unless you actually use the laser beam to guide your aim.
  • 5mW Laser: reduced benefit on hipfire idle sway, but now improves bullet grouping in hipfire a little bit. Also, the laser is now more visible than before
  • Tactical Laser: reworked into Tac Laser which benefits a few ADS statistics similar to COD:MW. Laser is now shown when ADS instead of when hipfiring



  • When unlocking a new weapon, the game will no longer notify you that the weapon is now equipped in your PVP loadout if you can’t yet join PVP or VS
  • Changes to descriptions of various guns when viewed in /loadout stats
  • Fixed MP5SD subsonic ammo unlocking too early
  • All ammo conversion modifications now change the ammo type displayed on the weapon item in-game (but not in the inventory to not overcomplicate searching)
  • All weapon conversion kits now use the Magazine category instead of the Ammo category
  • Removed sawed-off barrel from guns where it really doesn’t make sense
  • Snipers now use the same muzzle brake as other weapons since recoil reduction is actually beneficial now
  • Renamed “Firing Sway Control” to “Recoil Stabilization” to be more intuitive to players
  • Cheek Pad is now available on bolt action snipers as well since it now has a minor benefit instead of being completely useless


  • The async GUI system now runs on only one thread to reduce overhead and prevent database connection leak
  • Fixed two memory leaks by purging player data in related portions of the code when they log off
  • Added an auto restart system twice a day to ensure memory leaks do not bog down performance
  • Added a Reconnect system so that players are no longer kicked during a restart


  • Fixed a glitch where the armor stands in Signal Hill were interactable
  • Fixed a glitch where burst firing rarely caused the player’s aim and view to glitch out, which made it impossible to hit enemies and would sometimes lead to the player being kicked
  • Fixed a glitch where a part of the sway system was not working properly, causing burst-firing guns to be more accurate than intended
  • Fixed some other internal glitches in the sway and recoil code
  • X95R now properly has the scoped version of the Improved Sights modification
  • M1915 now has its scope removed to reflect the new model change
  • Turned vanilla “kicked for flying” feature off since it would occasionally kick players if lagging or stunned by an attack or Root Target
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