Haunted Great War

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Today’s update adds the Mosin-Nagant to player loadouts, as well as a limited-time map, Haunted 2, available throughout the month of October. Grenade mechanics have also been improved – explosions are deadlier than ever – and some weapons have received balance changes.


Mosin-Nagant was previously a scenario-only weapon but it is now added to player loadouts! It is our first bolt-action sniper to come with iron-sights by default, intended to be a slow but cheap one-shot-kill option for those skilled enough to be up to the task! It can instantly kill armored players to the chest at up to 100m.

Because the new Mosin-Nagant is slightly weaker than the old version in scenario mode, the price of Mosin-Nagant in Scenario has been reduced by $150 for both variants.

The mosin unlocks at level 91; G11 has been moved to unlock at level 89.


Haunted II is a complete reimagining of last-year’s Haunted map. It offers much more verticality than the previous version as well as new outdoor areas for more varied aesthetics.


  • MP9: significantly increased base hip & ADS sway
  • TMP: reload time 1.35s -> 1.65s, slightly reduced damage dropoff
  • UMP-45: armor penetration 58 -> 57
  • MP5K A4: slightly increased recoil in auto/semi mode, reduced recoil in burst mode, burst mode now has a greater benefit to hipfire but less benefit to ADS
  • Shotguns: headshot damage 2.4x -> 1.8x
    • M1014: armor penetration 74 -> 76
    • Origin-12: armor penetration 64 -> 67
    • SPAS-12: armor penetration 60 -> 63
    • NS-2000: armor penetration 59 -> 64
    • Remington 887: damage 25 -> 28, armor penetration 73 -> 76, damage dropoff +11%, changed spread pattern so that pellets are more spread out
    • Honcho: increased recoil, reduced recoil recovery (recoil no longer resets completely between shots)
  • Mini-Nuke: now twice as powerful in PVP, somewhat more powerful in Mob-Arena


  • All optic modifications rebalanced – lower zoom optics increase ADS speed while higher zoom optics reduce sway. Sniper optics can reduce sway dramatically but may decrease ADS speed
  • Muzzle Boost description fixed – it increases rate of fire by 6%, but the previous description incorrectly said that it increased rate of fire by 5%
  • Thompson .30 CAR modkit: now counts as “Magazine” attachment


  • Looking downwards while throwing a grenade will now throw it at a slower speed, preventing it from bouncing back off the ground excessively
  • Molotov and Incendiary now do much more damage to enemies not at the center of their area of effect
  • All explosives have a new hit detection code and now more consistently do damage to enemies partially behind cover
    • Flashbangs are unaffected by this change and still only use the target’s eye location for hit detection
  • Fixed a glitch where simply standing near a block could reduce grenade damage
  • You will now take damage from your own throwables in team-based PVP modes
    • You will no longer get XP from damaging yourself in any mode
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