Vertigo and Dizzy

Map Update — Two New Maps!

I hope you like climbing stairs because this update brings two new maps; both set on the top of two buildings in a busy city. The unique thing about these two maps is that you can easily suicide by jumping off the side of the building.


Terrorists are planning on destroying this building that is under construction. The FBI is here to stop them. This map is available for Defusal and TDM Random Spawns.

Terrorists Spawn

Counter Terrorists Spawn

A Site

B Site


This map is available for Arms Race and Elimination. Both sides of the map are the same.


Terrorist Spawn. Counter Terrorists spawn on the opposite side of the map.

We hope you aren’t afraid of heights!



  • Tweaked sway system to greatly improve accuracy when burst firing or speed tapping with all weapons. Does not affect single shots or long sprays.
  • Reduced damage dropoff and added a proper minimum damage limit to the Dual Berettas.


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