Spooky October #4

Hello all,

This week of October we’re bringing a new weapon, as well as a new Defusal map that is now temporarily available in the regular PVP lobby.



  • The MP5SD costs $1,500 in PVP modes, fits into the same slot as the MP7, and has an integrated suppressor and higher movement speed than the MP7
  • In return, it features lower armor penetration, bullet velocity, and moving accuracy
  • It is unlocked when reaching TMP Level 6


  • Added a new map: Umbraticam
  • Currently available for Team Deathmatch and Defusal, Mob-Arena version PLANNED
  • Based on a certain real-world location
  • Defusal mode is temporarily available in the regular PVP lobby in addition to competitive
  • I myself built like 85 percent of it


  • These images are again designed to not spoil ANYTHING, go in game to see what this is actually all about 🙂


  • The MP5 now requires MP5SD Level 5 to unlock instead of MP7 Level 5
  • The Tavor X95-R now requires MP7 Level 5 to unlock, down from Level 6
  • FAD, SR-25: Fixed scoped movement speed being slightly slower than intended
  • Fixed the issue where 1.13 players can not chat in the server
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