[9/8 – 9/9 Update] 2 New Maps and Event Guns

Hello all. That's how I start one of these posts right? Welcome to my (Rijam) first ever update post.

New maps:
- Mannerheim

Mannerheim, made by Arhippa, is for TDM Scenario. It takes place durring the Winter War (1939-1940). Blue team in Finland, Red team is Russia (Soviet Union). It also features new event guns.

- SteamTunnels

SteamTunnels, made by pale1, is for demolition. It takes place in the middle of a city.

New event guns:
- New event guns are L-35, P38, KP-31, AVT-40, PPD-38, PPD-40, MP-28, G98, and M1918 BAR.
All of them except the M1918 BAR is available in Mannerheim. The G98 and M1918 BAR are available in Normandy.
Finally blue team has an automatic rifle in Normandy.

Other map changes:
- Aztec is now available for TDM.
- Outpost, Sparity, and Bureau are now available for defusal.
- Slight subway rework. Moved spawns back down, and added a train in the middle. (Credits to pale1)

Gun changes:
Minor gun changes
- Suppressed guns no longer have any muzzle flash.
- New swap sounds for: SPAS-12, M1919A4, RBB-451, High Voltage Gloves, and Flamer.
- Changed the pump sound of the Remington.
- NS2000 reload is different. It's now slighty shorter, but the mag ready time is longer. Also there is a pump sound while shooting.
- Added new explosion sounds to the grenades (still WIP).
- Added knife swoosh sound when back stabbing.
- Gold knife now has a different kill icon.
- Made MP5k reload and swap sounds slightly higher pitch to differentiate with the MP5.

Misc. Changes:
- /join now has Competitive and Hostile. Infected has been removed from it.
- /rules now displays the rules and a link to the rules page.
- Fixed one of the missing holograms in Hostile. (Credit Breaks for this one.)

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