4/9-4/15 Devblog

Hello all,

This week we have released a new Tech Tree reward system, along with several new weapons and a new, huge round of balance changes. Check them out in-game now!


We have added several new weapons to the game - finally!

AK-103 - Rifle, Legendary
Designed by Kalashnikov, the AK-103 is a modernized version of the AK family with increased power and an attached 4x ACOG scope.

SR-3M - SMG, Common
A modern 9x39mm submachine gun developed in Russia, the SR-3M is extremely powerful but has a low muzzle velocity.

AKS-74u - SMG, Legendary
Short carbine version of the AK-74. Compared to a full sized rifle this weapon lacks range but allows for greater mobility.

KSG-15 - Shotgun, Legendary
Pump-action shotgun with a high ammo capacity of 14 rounds, for improved sustained combat capability.

Lewis Gun - LMG, Epic
Light machine gun used by Britain during World War I. The Lewis Gun has a sturdy design and slow fire rate which gives it a high accuracy in automatic fire.

All weapons have a unique 3D model and new sounds, and unique Mob-Arena kits (except the Lewis which shares the Trench kit with the M1915). The AK-103 also comes with a new scope visual:


Our new Tech Tree system is now finally live! Access it by following these steps:

1. Right click the book in your inventory at spawn, which reads "Progression & Rewards", which brings you to this new menu:

2. Click the Iron Horse Armor in the center that says "Tech Tree", which shows you all currently available tech trees:

3. Click on any weapon in the above menu to access the menu of its respective tech tree:

The Tech Tree system works by restricting your weapon unlocks by which weapons you already own. Weapons now have an unlock requirement: you must unlock the previous weapon and upgrade it to a certain level in order to reach the requirements for the next weapon. Once that requirement is reached, it is then possible to find the item in crates.

This way, weapons are no longer locked behind Player Level, and it is now possible to unlock a weapon you want much more quickly than before, by playing with the prerequisite weapon(s) and earning Weapon EXP for them in order to progress down the tech tree faster.


In addition to our new GUIs associated with the tech tree system, we have also tweaked the existing GUIs.

First of all, as you might have noticed above, the experience info and inventory viewer were moved to the Rewards menu. Therefore the loadout customization menu now only consists of three items to allow you to configure your loadout for our 3 different modes.

Second, we have revamped our level information GUI. Now you can not only view the size of crates in the crate tiers, but also the rewards you can get by reaching a new level. Yay!


Stunning visuals and dangerous ambushes await you in the Swamp, our new Mob-Arena map featuring a fast-paced gameplay with 40 waves and intermediate difficulty. The map also comes with 5 new boss fights, 3 new mob types, and 2 new boss skills!

Boss Skill: Seismic Slam
The boss jumps high into the sky and slams back at the ground. Damages and knocks back any players caught in the vicinity of the attack. On Hard difficulty, the radius of the damage effect increases.

Boss Skill: Speed
The boss throws a super speed potion at the sky, giving it and any nearby mobs a very high speed effect. On Hard difficulty it also makes the boss immune to knockback for a while.

New Mob: Miner Zombie
This zombie is better equipped and also faster than regular zombies, and will spawn in one of the boss fights on the new Swamp map.

New Mob: Knight Zombie
This zombie is better equipped and higher armored than regular zombies, and will spawn in one of the boss fights on the new Swamp map.

New Mob: Undead Horse
The undead horse is here to wreak havoc upon the arena! The horse has 50% more health and 25% more speed compared to a normal zombie, and its attacks also have a knockback effect. It will spawn in the final boss fight on the new Swamp map, but also appears as a mini-boss in an earlier boss fight.


We have remade the Townhall map so it is now much more open and offers a unique fighting experience. There are also a high number of spawns in the map which reduces camping and spreads out players more effectively.


We have released a huge round of new balance changes, especially taking a look at the SMGs, LMGs, and Snipers. Notably we have removed the aimpunch on most Snipers and increased recoil on SMGs and LMGs.

  • SG 553: Vertical recoil reduced by 6%, recoil pattern increased by 25%
  • G36: Increased linear spread recovery to -0.16/s from -0.1/s to improve burst accuracy
  • STG-44: Vertical recoil increased by 5%
  • XM8: Increased linear spread recovery to -0.27/s from -0.2/s to improve burst accuracy, hipfire spread reduced by 10%
  • AR-57: Move penalty increased by 10%, jump penalty increased by 25%, spraying penalty on spread recovery reduced to 20% from 25%
  • M249: Damage -1 (31 from 32)
  • Vector, PPSh-41, Negev: Recoil pattern increased by 20%
  • Thompson: Recoil pattern increased by 33%
  • P90: Added linear spread recovery -0.14/s to improve overall accuracy, recoil pattern increased by 40%
  • Tavor X95-R: Vertical recoil decreased by 20%, recoil pattern increased by 50%
  • Mac-10, MP5, MP5KA4, MP7, MP9, P90, PP-Bizon, TMP, UZI: Recoil pattern increased by 50%
  • MG3: Horizontal recoil now starts much sooner
  • L86 LSW: Vertical recoil reduced by 18%, recoil pattern increased by 20%, time after moving before weapon becomes accurate increased by 11%
  • RPK: Recoil pattern increased by 13%
  • QBB-95: Movement penalty increased by 50%, spread increase increased by 20%
  • MSG90 A2, SIG 550, SSG-08: Bullet velocity increased by 10%
  • M24, M40A1, M82, SCAR-20: Bullet velocity increased by 11%
  • G3SG1, NTW-20, SVD: Bullet velocity increased by 12%
  • CheyTac, K98k: Bullet velocity increased by 13%
  • AWP, Scout: Bullet velocity increased by 14%
  • AWP, CheyTac, G3SG1, K98k, M24, M40A1, MSG90 A2, SCAR-20, SSG 08, SVD: Aimpunch completely removed (Only snipers left with aimpunch are M82, NTW-20, and SIG 550)
  • M82: Aimpunch can now be mitigated completely by standing still for 1.5s (previously this only prevented 80% of aimpunch not 100%)
  • Remington 887: Damage reduced by 18%, spread between pellets reduced by 25%, spread pattern size reduced by 25%, spread recovery reduced by 14%, flat spread recovery removed (previously -0.26/s), damage dropoff reduced by 10%, hipfire spread increased by 67%. Description changed to match new stats
  • M3: Hipfire spread increased by 11%
  • SPAS-12: Greatly reduced legacy type recoil so shots land closer to the crosshair in consecutive shots
  • Double Barrel: Vertical recoil increased by 100%, horizontal recoil increased by 100%, spread increase reduced by 50%
  • Walther PPK: Vertical recoil increased by 50%, horizontal recoil increased by 50%, spread increase reduced by 43%
  • R8 Revolver: Price reduced to $650 to match CS:GO, added linear spread recovery of -0.2/s to raise overall accuracy
  • Desert Eagle: Spray penalty on spread recovery increased from 15% to 20%
  • Tec-9: First shot spread reduced by 20%, exponential spread recovery reduced by 20%, linear spread recovery increased from -0.14/s to -0.16/s
  • Five-SeveN: Reload speed increased by 0.2s to fix the reload sound ending too early
  • Flamethrower: For now, no longer sets targets on fire and instead deals 50% more damage to undead mobs until I can figure out a better idea on how the flamethrower should work
  • M1911 (Scenario): Damage dropoff reduced by 10%
  • Maxim Gun (Scenario), M1919 (Scenario): Recoil significantly increased


  • The Mob-Arena game counter now shows the number of players in Mob-Arena games in addition to the number of matches.
  • The Mob-Arena game counter no longer counts maps in the pre-game lobby (in "Starting!" status) as in-game.
  • Slight further tweaks to the Infection Mob-Arena map to improve mob pathing and aesthetics (no layout changes)
  • Switched our Anti-Cheat plugin to Anti-Aura. This should reduce false-positives greatly and therefore allow for smoother movement compared to our old Anti-Cheat solution.
  • Greatly reduced the width of the Shockwave boss skill effect so it is now much easier to dodge
  • Greatly reduced the knockback from the Propel boss skill effect
  • Charge skill no longer gives the boss knockback resistance
  • Spawn Pumplings and Spawn Slimes boss skills now throws the mobs into the air instead of spawning them right on the boss
  • Removed the lines "New Weapons Unlocked!" from level up messages since leveling up the player EXP level does not unlock new weapons anymore
  • Added functionality to allow the adding or tweaking of weapons, maps, or inventory system settings without a server restart
  • Fixed a bug where the new spawn system did not function properly and still allowed players to spawn on top of each other in FFA and TDM Random Spawns
  • Fixed a bug where the Low Gravity boss skill causes players to jump extremely high and therefore suffer insane fall damage

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