Applying for Tmod, again

Apply for a staff position here. Remember to read the rules and guidelines for applying for staff.
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Applying for Tmod, again

Post by MostAnoyingPlayer » 7 months ago

In-game Name: PakkiJr

Age: 15

In-Game Level: 78 and counting up

Why I want to be staff on this server: Other then being one of my favorite servers out of the bunch mainly because it would be better to have some staff online more often or not, I bring that up because I'm usually for hours on end. However I would be stoned if I left out the other reason I would like to be Tmod is because I would rather apply for tbuilder but I have no clue how to work imeger or whatever to get screenshots onto these things, so if you come across me building on the staff server its because I'm a cheapskate.

My strengths and how I will use them: I'm clever worded, have some simple building techniques, some simple worldedit commands.

Past staff experience: am currently Builder on Mantis's dead server, and hopefully staff on GC as well.

Online time each week: Varying, I'm tentative at best however its usually hours on end.

Thanks, PakkiJr

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Post by _VenoMs » 7 months ago

Always been respectful to me; not sure if thats the same story for everyone else, I dont recall, overall a trustworthy person with good intentions, looking forward to your review! +1

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