Applying for Builder

Apply for a staff position here. Remember to read the rules and guidelines for applying for staff.
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Applying for Builder

Post by Anixuryn » 4 months ago

In game name: Anixuryn

Age: 17

In-game Level: 43

Reason for application: I build many miscellaneous build in my off time in many creative servers and my own world. Recently, I feel my build was getting ignored somehow from the world and I wanted to use this ability to do something quiet useful; In addition, This server is a friendly, creative, and mainly a growing server that I have felt recently. So, This is the reason why I would like to apply for a builder.

Past Staff Experience: Non

Online Time each week: To be honest it really depends. Sometimes I'll go heavy and sometimes when I have lots of work to do (well in real life) I get barely online times.

Builds: Pale1 have seen my build.

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Post by TotalyRosssome » 4 months ago

We need you to put screenshots in your post although pale may have seen them.

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