Appliance for Tmod

Apply for a staff position here. Remember to read the rules and guidelines for applying for staff.
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Appliance for Tmod

Post by Pakkiforgotcode » 4 months ago

n-game Name:PakkiJr


In-Game Level:72

Why I want to be staff on this server:An easy reason being my time on this server since I believe to be 2015 when I joined the server, also some more better reasons being I'm online very often and often enough to be considered a regular player on the server, and due to the popularity of the server recently skyrocketing [not at the moment but sometimes its pretty populated] but mainly I want to apply for staff for 2 Big reasons being so I can do something other then ridicule hacking clients and rule breakers

My strengths and how I will use them:I'll use them in a just manner in a non selfish nor gain for myself and use the strengths for the good of the server

Online time each week: The Usual being around almost all the time for the weekends, and during the week from 2:50 to 6 or 7:00

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Post by Trexar » 4 months ago

Im not trying to hate, but I rarely see you online and it seems that you didn't put much effort into your application.

If you can do so try to be on more and edit your application (try looking at other applications to get an understanding)
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