App to become T-Builder

Apply for a staff position here. Remember to read the rules and guidelines for applying for staff.
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App to become T-Builder

Post by Nightmare_2471 » 6 months ago

In-game Name: Nightmare_2471

Age: 22

In-Game Level: 22

Why I want to be staff on this server:

I have not been part of this server very long but I have become very interested with it quickly due to it being a unique server that i find worth playing. I would love to help out the server by becoming a builder, making maps and doing any other kind of build work available.

My strengths and how I will use them:

I have some building skills which I'm sure will be useful for map making and i can either work on my own or work in a team if needed. I'm usually available most of the time so i can come on usually when needed. I have also played the Mob Arena and the PVP mode enough to also know what kind of areas to build on a map for each game mode to make matches interesting.

Past staff experience:

I am currently a mod/builder on a small zombie arena server called ZombieHorde. To be honest I haven't had much mod experience but when it comes to build work that's where i'm more experienced, I have worked on building an open world lobby with explorable builds and i have also worked on building zombie maps for the game mode itself. Our owner is called Butterontoast7 and he is also on discord if you would like a reference.

Online time each week:

I'm normally on a few hours a day at least, mostly at night time but I'm not 100% i have a solid estimate of my online time. I'm also from England so il have a different time zone but i can usually work around it as i do on ZombieHorde.


[img] ... .05.28.png [img]

[img] ... .07.50.png [img]

[img] ... .06.05.png [img]

[img] ... 042523.jpg [img]

[img] ... 042440.jpg [img]

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Post by Asrielite » 6 months ago

Heyyyy thats pretty good. GL
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Post by TotalyRosssome » 6 months ago

Your builds are really nice and you have good motive to become a builder on the server. Good Luck on getting accepted!

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