The saving grace.

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The saving grace.

Post by Asrielite » 2 months ago

For many agressive snipers, you probably would run into this situation a lot. Imagine this: Your team is pushing from T spawn in Dust PCG. You're in front with an AWP hoping to get someone by suprise. Then someone appears in front of you and you miss. You are screwed, no?

Not this time, because you pull out your trusty m9a1 and kill them in 4 shots.

Following this update we can still expect much of the same gameplay with 1 exception. M9a1 does not 1 tap heads anymore. However, since virtually all damage mods are removed, and accuracy mods are intorduced, this is beneficial for us since now you can consistently land more shots.
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Post by Turbo » 2 months ago

AWP is going to be complete jesus 1337 h4x0r god-tier weapon now with the update. Slap on a ACOG and you're good to go my boi
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