Variants and Variety!

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Variants and Variety!

Post by McMeme » 1 year ago

This is not in development by Hky or anyone else.

This is just my ideas for extra weapons, gamemodes, and mechanics.

Regular Guns for Extra Funs

Weapon Type - Pistol
Rarity - Legendary
Damage per shot - 7 damage per bullet
Headshot Damage - 10 damage per bullet
Penetration - It can't
Clip Size - 8 rounds
Reserve Ammo - 56 rounds
Fire Rate - 180 rounds per minute

This is basically the gun from the Hitman games.
Completely silenced black 45. pistol that looks freakin' cool.

Weapon Type - Assault Rifle
Rarity - Ebic (Like epic but with a b)
Damage per Shot - 3 damage per bullet
Headshot Damage - 6 damage per bullet
Penetration - Through 2 blocks over 40 blocks, drop off to one block at 120 blocks
Clip Size - 30 rounds
Reserve Ammo - 180 rounds
Fire Rate - 670 RPM
Fire Modes - Automatic, Burst

A scopeless, compact version of the G36.

M4A1 M203
Weapon Type - Assault Rifle/Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
Rarity - Epic
Damage per Shot and all the other stats - Same as M4A1-S
Fire Modes - Automatic, Semi, Grenade Launcher

How the grenade launcher works.
Damage per Shot - Instant Kill on Direct Hit, falls off to 5 blocks at 4.5 damage.
Travel Time - 40 blocks per second
Projectile Drop-off - None
Weapon Specific Attachments
Smoke 40mm - Acts as a smoke grenade launcher
Flashbang 40mm - Acts as a flashbang launcher
Incendiary 40mm - Launches a firebomb launcher
Frag 40mm - Default grenade launcher type, does exactly what you think.

This marks A, the first under barrel attachment on a weapon and B, the second launcher in the game.


Selectable Killstreaks

These could be selected in a menu for a possible new game mode!
You can select up to 3.

Extended Mags
Kills Required - 2
Gives you 10 extra rounds for AR and, SMGs and LMGs.
Gives 2 extra for shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols.
Does nothing for special weapons and kill streaks.

Ammo Drop
Kills Required - 3
Drops a crate of ammo that completely fills
reserve ammo for up to 3 players.

Body Armor
Kills Required - 3
Gives you 5 extra hearts of absorption.

Drone Scan
Kills Required - 4
Makes all enemies glowing for 10 seconds.

Rocket Launcher
Kills Required - 5
Gives you a SMAW rocket launcher that instant kills
from 8 blocks away.

Ballistic Plating
Kills Required - 5
Reduces damage from all sources by 30%

Machine Gun
Kills Required - 5
Gives you a stationary machine with unlimited ammo.

Anti-Materiel Rifle
Kills Required - 6
Gives you a three-round rifle that can penetrate any amount of blocks,
and kills in one shot. (Takes two for Ballistic Plating and Juggernaut)

Air Strike
Kills Required - 7
Gives you a marker to designate a bombing target.

Kills Required - 10
Gives 2 extra rows of hearts until you die, and an
M134 Minigun with unlimited ammo capacity.
Also reduces damage from all sources by 45%.

NEW GAMEMODE - Domination

2 teams, Red and Blu fight it out to capture three bases.
Each base generates 5 points per second.
The first team to reach 500 points wins.

The Specifics

Killstreaks would be implemented here.

Each base requires a team to be on it for five seconds
without the other team present.

If a given team has no points captured, kills give double kill streak credit.

Matches will last 8 minutes.

NEW Gamemode - Sabotage

2 teams run a bomb over to an enemy base without being killed.
The first team to successfully plant their bomb wins.

The Specifics

Killstreaks are present in this mode.

Planting a bomb takes 4 seconds, after which the
enemy team has 10-15 seconds to defuse.

Matches are 10 minutes long at the most.

NEW Gamemode - Hostage

A mode well known from the game Rainbow Six Siege,
one team must breach a fortified building and rescue
a hostage. The other must fortify the building and protect
the hostage.

The Specifics

No killstreaks.

Teams are 5v5 or 4v4.

Once you're killed, you don't respawn,
you go into spectator mode.

Attackers have 45 seconds to scope out the area in drones.
Defenders have 45 seconds to prepare and fortify their area.

Once the 45 seconds are up, the teams have 5 minutes to complete their objective.
If the hostage is successfully rescued or killed by defenders, the Attackers win.
If Attackers kill the hostage, or if time runs out, the defenders win.

If all players on one team are killed, the opposing team wins.

That's all for new gamemodes. Thanks for reading!
Comments and suggestions for new concepts would be greatly appreciated.
See ya!

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Post by Emitter » 1 year ago

M1911-S sounds like a suppressed M1911 clone and the stats are fictional, e.g M1911 can't have a 8 round mag.
Same with G36C that just sounds like less accurate, lighter G36 clone, G36C doesn't have a burst mode irl.
M4A1 M203, 2 issues: 1 - another m4a1 variant?? 2 - there's a reason grenade launchers aren't in normal pvp (Alpine is different cus of the open space).
Btw not many people like it when u suggest weapons since they require some1 to model them and modellers like 2 do their own thing.
Kill streak ideas aren't that bad but Juggernaut sounds too broken same with Machine Gun and Rocket Launcher (Unless it's single shot and no extra ammo), Airstrikes won't work since maps are mostly covered and Anti-material rifle just sounds like NTW-20.
Pretty sure a lot of people have suggested all these gamemodes before.

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