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Normandy: Scenario *overhaul*

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 2:02 am
by Steve_Happy_321
So take a look at this clip from "Saving Private Ryan":

In this clip, the Americans leave their landing crafts and charge along a stretch of mostly flat beach, littered with steel hedgehogs that the soldiers use as cover. After reaching the bottom of the slope, they take cover, just enough so that the machine guns are unable to consistently hit them. From here, the are brought bungalow torpedo, which they use to blow a hole in the machine gun nests and remove the barbed wire. Afterwards, they clear out the trenches and the bunkers.
Here are some suggestions i have for reworking the map and the scenario.

Map Fixes (note that these are adjusted from IRL Omaha to also account for map balance):
  • shorten the length of the beach (from machine gun nest, estimate 35 degrees downwards to the ground and that should be the shoreline)
  • move barbed wire (iron bars with cobwebs) back to the point where red players in the machine gunner positions are unable to see the blue team
  • remove fires, replace with irregularly shaped puddles 1 block deep
  • add more armored vehicles and hedgehogs as cover (provides more cover for TDM, increases timings for blue to rush the beach in scenario)
  • move red spawn to the heavy gun behind the first trench (because blue has more cover, they should be able to handle the machine guns earlier)
  • increase landing crafts to 3-4 to increase spawn points
  • extend the slope by 1 or 2 blocks, current slope angle is too steep
Scenario Changes:
  • add bungalow torpedo (fuse time is equal to HE grenade, damage is equal to tnt, place on the ground to prime)
  • add flamethrower
  • maybe add random tnt spawner that summons an explosion anywhere on the beach at random time? simulates artillery (dmg = 2/5 hearts)

Suggestions are just suggestions, these are just my view on a realistic and balanced Normandy scenario based on Omaha.

Re: Normandy: Scenario *overhaul*

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 12:10 pm
by Trexar
I totally agree, but I don't know about the random artillery. Maybe have a warning for, "WARNING, NEXT ARTILLERY STRIKE IN 10. FIND COVER" and it only affects the part of the beach where the Americans spawn or something.