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Remaster Infected

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 3:17 pm
by Vexy
For those who have been on the server for ages, y'all know what Infected is. For those who don't, lemme explain. The game starts out on a map filled with hiding spots. Everyone finds their spot and the server randomly determines who is 'it'. 'It' has to run around and kill the other players with melee only. For every player killed by 'It', they are made into a lesser zombie class of their choosing (originally).

When comp was introduced by Hky, Infected was totally removed. Prior to Comp, Infected was inactive but by no means was it never played. I used to come on quite frequently during weekend mornings to see tons of people playing Infected (and raging about ProblazeX's use of the M3).

But let's face the facts: No one plays Comp. No one -wants- to play Comp, Comp isn't just inactive, it's a dead gamemode with not a single redeeming quality. MA at least has exp and crates to encourage players to play it (and gives an option for players to play on the server if PVP is inactive).

It's with that that I'd like to ask that we bring back Infected and remaster it. I've seen a ton of our vets wanting it to make a return and I know that a lot of new players would enjoy it too. We'd need to remaster a ton of things within that gamemode, update the maps and so on. I'm not trying to say that it wouldn't be a huge project. I am only saying that it would be a really good idea for us to bring that back. I was thinking that after we fix Hostile and MA (Two things that IK have been discussed on the Discord), we can work on that and really revitalize a part of GunColony that was just a whole lot of dumb fun.

For those who want it back or are skeptical, go ahead and put into the comments what you would want for Infected. It always helps when people contribute to making the server better in a respectful dialogue!

Re: Remaster Infected

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 1:10 am
by pale1
To say that no one wants to play comp is a pretty bold claim. I personally enjoy competitive a lot, its just hard to get a lobby going because people tend to jump into pvp by habit. When the pvp lobby gets too busy (on rare occasions), I just default to playing comp because I get the same enjoyable experience while lessening the load on the server machine.

I definitely agree with you though. I think it would be amazing if we could remaster infected, but right now it’s just a lot of work that the content team isn’t up for yet.

Re: Remaster Infected

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 11:53 am
by TotalyRosssome
Competitive is played and some people like it, but really no one plays it over Regular PVP unless that is very laggy. I’d like to see infected return as a new gamemode, partly in place of Competitive.

Some of the Elimination and practice games could be added to the pvp pool instead of being removed.

Re: Remaster Infected

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 3:52 pm
by Trexar
Infected was so fun. Sure there were a lot of bugs and issues with it, but the question is, does Hky want to use his time fixing Infected or updating the server?