defusal into pvp?

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defusal into pvp?

Post by asdfpoo » 1 year ago

Lets be honest. No one really plays comp, unless someone asks for it. Everyone goes to pvp lobby, and the modes in comp are therefore forgotten. I want to make defusal maps but that's not really possible when my map will just be sent into the comp area, where people rarely play. Furthermore, it would be beneficial because then, you would have the same. this also goes hand in hand for other gamemodes like elimination.
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Post by Young_Man » 1 year ago

This is what I've been saying for the past year
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Post by pale1 » 1 year ago

Originally, Defusal and Elim were in the comp lobby, however because of the typically longer rounds and respawn times, some players (especially new ones) are not too fond of these modes. Unfortunately splitting up the lobby does mean those gamemodes get played less, but the game also becomes more friendly toward new players (which is key to growth). As the server grows, we will likely be able to fill up both lobbies.

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