Random spawns in round based modes.

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Should the spawns system in round based modes be reverted to how it was before?

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Yes, completely.
Yes, but with some minor tweaks.
No, but with some minor tweaks.
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No, keep the system.
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Random spawns in round based modes.

Post by mr_hidden217 » 7 months ago

I have noticed that we have added random spawns to round based modes like Demolition and I have some personal opinions. Without any further nonsense, I will quote that this system may be the single most ridiculous addition to server and should be reverted immediately.

For me at least. The system feels extremely annoying and unfair when spawned at the back of the map when you could have spawned much closer to the fight, It affects outcomes in games and most importantly, makes it near impossible to time and predict attacks.

This system was only ment to be added to AR and TDM, but for whatever reason was also added to round based modes. It was meant to counter spawn camping and I get that, however that point is simple irrelevant in modes like Demolition where players spawn at the same time.

I highly hope this issue will be looked into and addressed as soon as possible.

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