October Build Contest

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October Build Contest

Post by pale1 » 2 years ago

October Map Building Contest

My fellow gamers, it is with great pleasure that I will be announcing the first ever October Build Contest on Guncolony.com. This post will explain all of the rules and conditions, as well as some good tricks and tips for succeeding in this contest.

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching we are challenging you guys to build a spooky map for the mob arena gamemode. The creator of the best submission will have their map added into the official guncolony map pool, and win some awesome prizes. There will also be prizes for second and third place as well.

1. Build the best spooky mob arena map you can! Be creative!
2. Do not steal any other builds! You will be disqualified.
3. You are allowed to make maps from popular video games. If you do try this, you will be judged significantly on your ability to accurately reproduce the map in Minecraft.

Submission Details:
Submit photos of your builds in a forum post in the Map Submissions section of the forum. Title your post with the name of your map and "[October Contest]". Try to get pictures from as many angles as possible so we can judge better. Content submitted after 11:59pm EST on October 30th will not be accepted! Get your submissions in before then. You are allowed to work in pairs, just specify who your partner was in your post.

All the judging will be done by the staff. We will judge your maps on Aesthetics, The overall visual appeal of the map, and Layout. Layout will greatly impact how your map plays. Make sure to include spots where mobs are intended to spawn.

Tips and Tricks:
- I highly recommend you think of a theme or map design before you start building a map. Having a good plan of what you want to add before you start building makes it easier to be more flexible with your designs.
- Using the scene to tell a story can really enhance your map. For example if you are designing a mob arena map about explorers getting lost in the jungle, perhaps you could build their vehicles and supplies. If you are designing a map set in a zombie apocalypse, perhaps you could decorate the survivor's living space to tell a story.
- We recommend to keep your mob arena maps within a 20-40 length on all sizes of your build. This is usually a good size area for a mob arena map. We also recommend putting boundary blocks around your build so players cannot escape. You can still build outside these boundaries to decorate the background if you would like.
- Make sure to mark the locations where players are supposed to spawn, where mobs are supposed to spawn, etc.
- Try not to use too many tile entities. Things like chests, shulker boxes, etc. can cause lag when used excessively. Keep their usage to a minimum if possible.
- Sometimes it can be useful to build the layout first, then decorate it afterwards.
- Good maps have contrast in scenery. Try to make each room or location look different from the others (if it makes sense to do that). For example if your map takes place in a dungeon, try to make each room look different.
- Think before you build!

The contest ends at 11:59pm EST on October 30th so you better get started! Good luck and have fun!

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