PSA: Don't whine about campers...

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Re: PSA: Don't whine about campers...

Post by TotalyRosssome » 11 months ago

Turbo wrote:
11 months ago
TotalyRosssome wrote:
11 months ago
Ok do you have any refuting points to why spawncamping is toxic? thanks for your response, but please stay on topic here
I've been on topic this whole time...
Now at this rate you're pretty much like a troll and I'll have to throw out the largest explanation ever because your pea-sized brain for a staff member is malfunctioning and me having to cram a ton of words is probably the last thing I'll ever do to you.

1. We're just playing to win.
Your philosophy on spawnkilling is very flawed and invalid when the scoreboard gives us the straight hard facts. You believe your stupid morales are higher than the numbers on the scoreboard. Who cares about morales when a scoreboard's numbers matter more? If you think I'm being really disrespectful, too bad. I have no apology nor regret when I do my spawnkilling.

2. Have you even played early PvP?
You sound like you never did. You don't know anything about the time where spawnkilling legitimately couldn't get you out of spawn because you had unlimited ammo and no spawn invincibility back then.

3. Who the hell cares?
I don't see pale or Arhippa complaining about spawnkills unless they got a say.

4. If you can't trust any of my reasons, well blame the spawn system.
Well, who else could've made it so faulty to a point players are complaining. Hint, not us.
Ok so back on topic, youve disrespected me here which is not very nice but it's common for you.

1. My philosiphy on spawnkilling is that it's toxic and you're switching my words around. You are being disrespectful here, outside the game.

2. Iv'e played early pvp on Nuke where people would spam negevs w/o spawn protection. Thanks for asking.

3. Staff arent the only people who matter. The general player base plays more than all staff members combined. I'm just saying it's toxic.

4,"Blame the spawn system" I can respect that part because I know you are the MaStEr of taking over points. I'm just saying it's tpxic and I'm sure you can get around to that without being toxic yourself

Good day