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New Update: What happens now?

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 4:19 am
by Turbo
With the new and rather interesting update full of "increased first shot recoil" to basically almost every gun at this rate, I'd like to put a bit of my word to it regarding one of the biggest weapon balance patches I've seen so far. Note, I don't go over every gun because I'm only pointing out the guns with large buffs and nerfs (mostly) that could affect the meta.

Rifles - Common
The M14 could possibly be the most powerful common rarity weapon ever (surpassing pre-nerf Groza) with the rather questionable buff because the M14 was already powerful before the update. Despite having 20 rounds in the magazine, it already fires pretty fast and the recoil is manageable compared to a certain Belgian rifle with the recoil of a tank cannon. Looks like AVT is back... but with a twist.
(M14: damage 31 -> 35, armor penetration 85 -> 94)

Also, the Groza is nerfed.
(Groza: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 76 -> 85)

Rifles - Rare
The SCAR-L finally takes a massive hit in its performance with the rather large nerf. Perhaps is it time players found another gun to play with instead? Also, rip 30/120. That was quite nuts for a while.
(SCAR-Light: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 70 -> 79, ammo 30/120 -> 30/90, increased sway from firing, increased first shot recoil, recoil recovers slower)

The SR-25 and G11 both take a large buff in armor penetration, meaning this could be a good DPS factor for Mob-Arena with armored enemies.
(SR-25: armor penetration 85 -> 93)
(G11: damage 28 -> 25, armor penetration 78 -> 90, slightly increased first shot recoil)

Rifles - Epic
The AK-74M finally gets a more distinct identity with the fire rate buff even with a slight damage nerf. Perhaps it will be competing against the M4A4 a lot more now.
(AK-74M: damage 30 -> 27, rate of fire 600 -> 650, reduced sway from firing, increased first shot recoil)

Rifles - Legendary
The XM8 is often described a Tavor on steroids. The XM8 gets a damage rebalance but the 2900 price will be a small gamechanger after the nerf of the SCAR-L.
(XM8: damage 32 -> 30.5, armor penetration 80 -> 81.5, price 3000 -> 2900, increased first shot recoil)

SMG - Common
The UZI is kind of a junk weapon to most players who already use submachine guns, but this update might change it up a bit with the armor penetration buff the UZI receives.
(UZI: damage 31 -> 30, armor penetration 55 -> 62)

The MAC-10 seems like a M14 of common rarity submachine guns, but the damage is taken quite a notch.
(Mac-10: damage 26 -> 30.5)

The MP5 might feel more like an assault rifle for the next couple days considering it's rather large buff as well.
(MP5: damage 23 -> 27.5, armor penetration 49 -> 61, greatly increased first shot recoil and overall recoil)

SMG - Rare
The armor penetration values of the PPSh-41 have been greatly increased but the weapon is going to be a wild horse to deal with.
(PPSh-41: armor penetration 58 -> 72, greatly increased overall recoil (especially for first shot), slightly increased base sway and sway from firing)

The Vector gets a damage increase, but however, do people even use burst fire on the Vector?
(Vector: damage 25 -> 27, armor penetration 59 -> 60, greatly increased recoil (especially for first shot), slightly increased sway from firing, burst fire no longer increases recoil but also does not reduce sway as much as before)

SMG - Epic
Did the Tavor really need a buff? It's already good as it is but this one might be a bit too far.
(Tavor X95R: armor penetration 67 -> 81, increased first shot recoil)

SMG - Legendary
The MP5K might see more action in eco rounds where SMGs come plenty handy.
(MP5K A4: damage 26 -> 28.5, armor penetration 67.5 -> 64, increased overall recoil)

The AKS-74u once lacked armor penetration and it definitely will see more use.
(AKS-74u: armor penetration 73.5 -> 83, increased first shot recoil)

Shotguns -
No. We did not ask for this. Even if you lower the armor penetration that thing will kill everything at absurd ranges.
(Remington 887: damage 23 -> 26, armor penetration 82 -> 70)

This is a win for eco shotgun users despite movement penalties.
(MAG-7: price 2100 -> 1800, reload speed 3.95s -> 3.25s, slightly increased movement penalty)

Thank god that thing is getting a nerf because my RoF build is a bit too overpowered.
(XM1014: damage 20 -> 22, armor penetration 80 -> 74, rate of fire 220 -> 200)

Machine Gun - Common
I guess these bad bois are back on the menu.
(M1915: damage 47 -> 53, reduced sway from firing, slightly increased overall recoil)
(M60: armor penetration 82 -> 92, increased first shot recoil)

Machine Gun - Epic
I don't know if recoil exists for this gun, but I'm going expect Lewis Guns everywhere soon in large maps.
(Lewis Gun: armor penetration 79 -> 88, increased first shot recoil)

Machine Gun - Legendary
It's pretty rare to see a M1919A4 in any match, but would the lower rate of fire help it's already absurdly high recoil?
(M1919A4: armor penetration 75 -> 94, rate of fire 800 -> 600, increased sway from firing)

Sniper Rifles -
The auto snipers are going to be a lot more efficient and deadly as some of them have fire rate buffs.
(MSG90 A2: rate of fire 210 -> 230, slightly increased recoil recovery speed)
(SCAR-20: rate of fire 260 -> 280)
(G3SG/1: rate of fire 260 -> 280, reload time 3.5s -> 3.2s)
(SVD: reload time 3.0s -> 2.7s)
(SIG 550: reduced horizontal recoil)

Re: New Update: What happens now?

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 2:53 pm
by Trexar
The MSG90 is my new favorite sniper... With the new RPM and max ROF mods, it works as a DMR or an auto snooper

Re: New Update: What happens now?

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:18 am
by Turbo
Trexar wrote:
4 months ago
auto snooper
auto snooper - Trexar 2019